The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 22


This day is a day to remember, a day I’ll never forget as its my first time of telling a girl ‘I Love U’ and as well the first time of asking a girl out in the proper way. Because back then, all what I do is to tell her that I like her and ask if she’d be my girlfriend. I guess I’m already becoming who I wanted to be or needed to be, whatever…. ——————————-

Me: Mirabel,,,, U are a new experience in my life, U are another chapter of my life, U are another person worth thinking about in my life, U are another moment that is worth remembering in life, U are my new found joy, source of happiness and U are my first love,,,, I love U

Mirabel… Will U be my lover?

Mirabel: Yes Victor! Yes!! I so love U

Me: I love U too Mirabel…. even more She jumped into my arms while I grabbed her butt as we kissed like real lovers. We kept kissing, she didn’t pull out neither did I stopped. One thing is that I love kissing, and her kisses was wow! She’s a great kisser and I love the taste of her kisses. She finally pulled out after the long kiss.

Mirabel: Victor…?

Me: Yes dear

Mirabel: Thank U

Me: Thank U too,,, buh what are U thanking me for?

Mirabel: For asking me Out,,, and what did U thank me for?

Me: Well uhmmm… for accepting to be my lover We kissed, kissed, kissed and kissed She starts buttoning and removing my shirt button slowly,,, she will button it, remove it, button it again continuously…

Mirabel: Baby….

Me: Yes babe? I really don’t like being called baby by a girl at all… I’d let her know if she calls me that again.

Mirabel: Hhmmmm….

Me: What is it dear?

Mirabel: Will U spend the night here with me? I really want to be under your arms, its kinda boring for me here

Me: I don’t think I can dear

Mirabel: But why? Please stay with me,,, I’m not testing U again I promise. I trust U with everything Victor, I want to be all yours… just stay with me love…

Me: Well,,, truth be told, I really fear that U might test me again. And another thing is that, I don’t sleep out from where I live

Mirabel: But this is different, I’m your girlfriend now, we can sleep over at each others place,,, there is nothing wrong with that.

Me: Yea that’s true, you’re right but the thing is that, I didn’t plan on sleeping over today. Maybe some other time…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…. woah… you’re a man of principles already. Mummy and Daddy did a great job in raising a husband material

Me: They did well truely (Its true o)

Mirabel: How about U by-pass this one for my sake

Me: Mirabel….

Mirabel: (seductively) I will prepare U fried rice and lots of chicken and as well as yoghurts… I noticed U love yoghurts

Me: Really??

Mirabel: Yep

Me: Well, on a second thought… I will stay for your sake

Mirabel: (Teasingly) And for the sake of the proposed food and yoghurt?

Me: They’re just additional dear

Mirabel: I hear U…. lets go in

Me: Alright

Mirabel: (paused) or would U like to swim?

Me: I would love to buh its getting late already, and I think U should start the cooking already

Mirabel: Hhmmm… the food-lover

Me: U know its normal to satisfy the worms in the stomach

Mirabel: Really?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Well, how about U feed them with beans and yam?

Me: Huh? No na they don’t like such, they need fried rice and chicken with yoghurt

Mirabel: **laughs** Alright, lets go in

Me: Go ahead, I’d just stay here to make some calls and look around

Mirabel: Alright…. love u (leaving)

Me: Love U too..

Great! now I got a splendid girlfriend, mehn… I really love her. I called Dad, spoke with Mom, called my Uncle and my only school friend, Promise.

Promise: U sound really happy whats up?

Me: Yea, ‘coz I’m happy… I have a girlfriend now

Promise: What?! I mean uhmmm… good good

Me: What’s wrong?

Promise: Nothing, I’m happy for U

Me: Are U sure?

Promise: If I am sure? of course I am,,, I mean why won’t I be

Me: Alright, thanks friend

Promise: So… who’s she?

Me: Someone U know, I’d let U meet her tomorrow

Promise: She attends our school?

Me: Yea, not only that she attends our school but also in our department

Promise: Oh, I see… what’s her name

Me: Don’t worry promzy, U shall meet her tomorrow

Promise: Ok, if U say so

Me: Yep, see U tomorrow

Promise: Ok bye

Me: Bye…

**I hung up**

Lola: Hhmmm…

I turned around to see Lola behind me wearing bikinis

Me: Lola hi, I didn’t hear U coming
Lola: Yea I know, just came for a swim

Me: Its good

Lola: So… I guess I really underestimated U

Me: I don’t get U

Lola: I never knew U were that energetic

Me: I dunno what you’re talking about

Lola: I saw how U grabbed Mirabel when U guys were kissing… and U got some sweet words that could melt the heart of any girl… I watch the scene from my tape

Me: I feel embarrass, U know its supposed to be our privacy,,, I mean, Mirabel and I

Lola: I know buh I couldn’t help it

Me: Thanks all the same

Lola: So,,, why don’t U join me in the pool?

Me: Huh?

Lola: Come on… It will be fun She said grabbing me to the pool. ☆☆☆

To Be Continued.