Good day beautiful people, this peacemaker goes to my men out there. There are lots of the men out there asking for discretion from their women for different reasons.
Yes, sometimes discretion is fun, especially watching clueless people try to figure out what’s going on. Now, this is something most men don’t know or understand.

When it comes to feelings, the most discreet girl can lose it. WOMEN TALK ABOUT WHAT MAKES THEM HAPPY. Trust me, with this it’s very few women who practice discretion, some tell their friends immediately, some after a while, but somehow it’ll come out. I had a friend who was very discreet, she’ll never tell you anything, she told me who her boyfriend was after a year of friendship but get this,  She had told me indirectly in like the third month of our friendship, how? She asked me once  ‘don’t you want to see my pics on my phone……’. I took the phone and after about every five pictures, the man’s picture was there. That was controlled discretion because she told me indirectly but we didn’t talk about it till after nine months. We always talked about something funny the man said, something he did within the year but never his name. Please, understand it, women have a way of dropping subtle hints to other women and even men about their men. She won’t answer you directly about the guy but she’ll leave it to you to figure out once she drops a hint so please, my dear gentlemen, when you get angry with your woman for being indiscreet, you are wasting your time because most of the time, as long as she’s happy with you, someone is bound to know about it. Have a beautiful day.