Good day beautiful people, what a beautiful day it is, today’s peacemaker goes for both sexes again. It’s an age long issue that has caused problems time without number but the peacemaker is here to give some solutions. The first sex I will address is the ladies. My dear beautiful ladies, remember how difficult it was in school to remember every date in history class, when you country did this and that?

Yes, that’s how difficult it is for men to remember the first time they saw you, the first time they smiled at you, the first time they kissed you, trust me, men don’t willingly decide to forget your birthday, it’s very few men who can keep those things in mind, it’s time we do those things ourselves because if we depend on the men to remember every date regarding something they have done with you or something that is important to you, the war will still be on all the time, you want peace right?

Ok, let’s do this, why don’t you do this based on how smart your man claims he is, it’ll be like a game, if he says he is very smart, give him at least a month ahead reminder. “Baby, you know May 21st is my birthday  right, since you are smart, if you forget I’ll know you are not as smart” and laugh over it, you know how men hate to be belittled or disrespected, he’ll try hard to remember. If your man is the calm type you wouldn’t want to tease about stuff like that, why don’t you remind him at least a week before, just pretend he forgot andf there’s nothing wrong with it, it will make things easier and peaceful, if he forgets within a week then the war is valid, lolz

Now to my dear gentlemen, trust me you don’t have excuses anymore, you can see your woman’s birthday on social media, you have a phone, set reminders for important days on it, use a calendar, do anything to remind you of those dates to keep you out of trouble, keep the peace, have a nice day people


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