The One I Love Episode 9



Previously On The One I Love.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

Tobi got to the hospital with Stella. He made sure he settled part of the bill and promised to come with the remaining in the evening. He just went to the ATM to withdraw some cash.

“Stella followed him outside, she was just appreciating his kind gestures.

“I just did this because it’s painful to see someone groaning in pain and there would be no help. No strings attached, I don’t love you oh!” He frowned.

“All the same, thanks.” Stella smiled.


Evening, 6:30pm.

. “Who’s it?”

“It’s Stella.” She replied.

Tobi opened the gate and took some steps backward. “Good evening.” Stella grinned.

Tobi shook his head and sighed. “What is it again?”

. “I came to appreciate what you did yesterday. Thanks so much, may God always bless you.” She prayed.

“You are welcome. Is that all?” He asked her.

“Since my mother died, I’ve found no joy rather than drinking, going out with friends. I’ve been down, I’ve hated ladies and everyone around me. Her death really hit me because I thought she wouldn’t die. She was the only precious jewel I could hold on to..” he continued weeping.

“It’s alright. But can you promise me one thing?”

“What?” He asked.

“That you are going to give up drinking.” She replied.

“I can’t… Don’t annoy me. Just get going…”

Stella exhaled deeply and stood up


Episode 9

Stella looked up, staring at the name of the company,  David and Co again. She exhaled and smiled. “Does he bear David as well?”  She asked within herself and entered into the company

She wasn’t patient enough to be late that first day. She and Favour woke  up as early as possible because it would be their first day in the office.

She was the second person to get to the office. She met the secretary of the company, perhaps she came to complete a work she had been battling with. She greeted her and smiled.

“Sit down.” Folake, the secretary told her.

“Thanks.” She sat with her.

Temitope Williams had called Tobiloba and told him he’d be the one to interview her. Tobi was looking forward to seeing the lady he’d interview. From the look of things, it seemed the boss- Temitope Williams had concluded she’d be given a space in Tobi’s big office.

“No problem, once she’s not annoying.” Tobi concluded within himself.

Temitope Williams walked into the secretary’s office and was surprised seeing Stella. It was so early and punctual of her. Some would still come late despite the fact it was their first day at work. And, first impression lasts longer. “How are you Miss Stella?” He smiled and shook her.

“I’m good sir.. Good Morning.” She grinned and stood up. She was looking beautiful in her black skirt suite and her glasses. She rarely used her glasses but she knew it would supplement her beauty, so she wore it.

“Good morning sir.” He was still shaking her when he noticed a big truck parked outside.  “I’ll be right back.” He smiled and faced Folake. “Give me the Key to Tobi’s office.”

Stella smiled. “Tobi..” she recapitulated. She started imagining things as she sat down. ‘I should just see Tobi enters as the manager that I’d be the assistant too… it’s another Tobi.’ She grinned.

Temitope opened Tobi’s office wide open and walked outside. It was the guys that brought Stella’s facilities. Her big and neat table, as well as a rigid chair. “Follow me.” Temitope said to the guys that carried the table and walkes into the company.

They arranged the table and three chairs for her desk. Her own chair and that which can be used by two visitors stood before her.

Not quite long after, Tobiloba got to the company.

He was putting on a cream shirt and a black tie with a black trouser and pair of italian shoes. He adjusted his tie as usual and walked into the office, only to meet Stella at the secretary’s office.


Tobi halted. He wiped his face twice and gazed at the lady sitting near the secretary. “Stella.” He called her name out.

Stella was also appalled. She stood and stared at him. Exactly what she was thinking of came out to be a reality. ‘Is he the manager?’ She asked herself in a low tone.

‘Hope this lady isn’t my assistant.’ Tobi also wondered.

Folake cleared her throat, to bring them back to normal. “Mr Tobi, you couldn’t add Mrs or Miss to her name, you just said Stella just like that.” Folake stared at him.

“I’m sorry… was… don’t even know.” He hissed and flagged his hand. “Where’s the boss?”

Folake pointed to Temitope’s office and faced the computer back.

Seeing that Folake wasn’t looking at him any longer, he gave Stella a scary glance and shook his head, as if he was pitying her because she’d suffer. He walked away, heading to Temitope’s office.


“I’ve been expecting you, sit down.” Temitope said to Tobi.

“Yes sir.” Tobi smiled and sat down.

“You must have seen the lady out there, please interview her in your office. And, her table and facilities has been packed into your office because that place is big and you guys will be able to discuss and share thoughts well there.” He addressed him.

“Alright sir, I’ll go do that now.” He smiled and stood up.

Interview? I go show you today…  Tobi thought and walked out, back to the secretary’s office.

Is it right for Tobi to take this too personal ?

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