The One I Love Episode 5



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Previously On The One I Love.

“Sir, what’s the problem?” Tobi  asked.

“I almost hit a lady this morning which shocked me so much…. I’m still in shock and can’t go there like this.” He exhaled deeply.

“I’m sorry about that Sir. Don’t worry, I’m assuring you that everything is going to be fine, we shall win the contract.” He smiled.

“Thanks for your understanding.”

If she wouldn’t help, no other person would like to. If she’d only change his mind off drinking, she should at least help her. Stella was confused, she remembered the time the woman would give her tubers of yam, rice and other foodstuffs. She was also nice and a friend in need is a friend indeed.

“Alright ma.” She simply said but didn’t want to do it.

After she left, she told Favour about it and asked for her advice. “It won’t kill, moreover it’s not neccessary you marry him and remember all what this woman had done for us, help her.”

Stella sighed.


“This is the lady I promised you.” The woman addressed him.

“Lady…” he kept staring at Stella.

Stella had caught him about thrice, while glimpsing at him likewise.

“Granny, haven’t I told you?” He sounded ballistic.

“Hey! shut your mouth. I

She was getting serious, getting more annoyed with him. “Alright granny.”

“You’ve accepted?”

Tobi tried to smile. “Yes.” Within him, he was assuring himself he’d make Stella suffer

. “So she brought you right? You’re also happy?”

Stella chuckled and clapped her hands together. “What’s your name?”

“You should have a phone there, Google it out.” He hissed


Episode 5.

“I’m Stella. Firstly, I want to advise you on drinking. It’s a very bad habit that can result into Kidney damage.” She stopped, willing to know what he’d say.

“Carry on, story teller.” He hissed.

Stella shrugged. “You can call me by any name, but on a more serious not, drinking endangers one’s destiny and future. It has nothing good to offer when you drink everyday. Please stop!” She tried to be gentle and appealing.

Tobi hissed. “Are you even educated?”

Stella replied him and told him the name of the university she attended. He was shocked, he wasn’t expecting to hear such. It meant the Granny brought a civilized and educated lady to him but all the same, he still didn’t want.

“I’ll be coming here everyday to prepare you meal, I wish to know your place of work, likewise if I can be bringing food for you.” She said. She was just acting on what the Grandma had said, she didn’t like him either.

“See, don’t let me see you here!” He said softly because of the Grandma.

“I’ll tell Grandma.” She spoke the exact way he did, trying to mimic him.

Tobi was silent. He didn’t want her to tell Grandma anything whatsoever. “If you tell her, I’m going to kill you!” He continued speaking softly.

Stella laughed. “You’re a clown!”

Tobi chuckled. “It’s not funny.” He hissed, trying to be angry again.

“And you smiled?” She stood up and walked up to him. She picked a seat beside him. The scent she was wearing filled the air, she was gorgeous and smart. “Please, just hearken to grandma’s likes and give her peace. May you not experience anything bad.”

“You are actually not saying this because of Grandma, you’re already liking me? She told you I’m rich and you’ve come to spy so that you’d steal as much as you can?” He sounded insultive.

Stella was annoyed. She didn’t want to tell him she wasn’t interested in him likewise so he wouldn’t hold that as an excuse.


Stella eventually got back home, already tired and eager to see Favour so as to gist her about what happened. Not long after she sat, Favour came out,  smiling. “How was it?”

“The guy’s really mad oh…” she replied.

“Mad?” Favour sat quickly, ready to know what happened.

“Damn mad! If not for the kind of person this woman is, I wouldn’t have gone or, wouldn’t go there again but he was stubborn and I wish to change him.”

“You wish? Was he nice?”

“He wasn’t! He said I came to steal, he’d deal with me if I come to his house. His Grandma collected duplicates of the keys to his house from him and gave me in his presence. He didn’t look easy.”

“Temitope was here in the morning.” Favour changed the topic.

“That guy…” she smiled.

“I knew you’d be happy. I gave him your phone number, he said he’d call you.”

Stella smiled.


Tolani was in his room, couldn’t take Stella’s image off his mind. He had been emotional for hours, in his room. He was just imagining what might have happened to her or changed about her. He wished to at least see her that day but there was nowhere he could go to search for her.


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