The One I Love Episode 3



Previously On The One I Love..

“Tolani!” Oladele shouted his son’s name so he could come and greet his friend and ‘the princess’ as she was termed.

Tolani rushed down the stairs.

“Wao! Tola has grown bigger!”

“Same as his so-called wife.” Oladele said, jokingly.

Prof. and Oladele were so close before they missed their contacts. Then, Tolani was always called Feyi’s husband.

“Do you know her?” His father pointed at Feyi.

“Not sure dad”

“I knew it, what of you, Feyi?” He asked her.

“I recognize him, I still know him.” She smiled.


“How was it?” Stella quickly asked

“Still the same..”

“Nawa oh.”

“See, I got to know there’s a vacancy at Diamond hotel while coming, let’s go and try that, early tomorrow.” Favour said.

“ ****

“For the time being, you’ll go and manage my Diamond Hotel. ” Prof. Olakunle addressed his daughter, Feyi..”

“Alright Dad.” Feyi smiled happily


Episode 3

It was 7:15 am when Stella left Favour for the Hotel. She had not been feeling good about the hotel, she didn’t wish to venture into that kind of work. It made her remember her father, how he did speak to her and how he was been tortured for uncommitted offence. She had prayed and hoped she’d be favoured.

Favour led the way as they were going, while Stella was behind, still brooding. It was like she was painting the image of her father in her memory until a vehicle almost collided with her.

At first, she thought she had been hit by the vehicle and fell instantly. The young guy who was heading to his own office ran down from the car and helped her up. She was already in shock, shivering. “She can’t be left this way…” he said to Favour and carried her into his car.

He was a gentle handsome guy. He was also aiming at getting to office so early when he almost hit her. He got her to the hospital for little treatments and advised her on brooding. He said he’d come and check on her by evening, since the Doctor said she wanted her to take a rest till evening.


Tolani entered into his office and sat heavily. It was such a nice nIght knowing well that his father wasn’t ready to force him into any relationship. He smiled and sat back. On turning his head to the left, he sighted Stella’s framed photograph. It made him remember the pasts again.

He deliberately put the frame there so that he wouldn’t forget her any hour. He took his eyes off the photograph, he had to complete his left over works.


Tobiloba was about leaving the house when his grandmother knocked at his door. He was provoked because he wasn’t expecting anyone and he wished to get to his place of work as early as he could.  Washing the car delayed him up to that time, he’d have left home early as usual.

Though he slept drunk but he always wake up early. “Who’s there?” He asked and picked his briefcase.

He heard his Grandmother’ s voice call his name. “This woman is here this morning again?” He was beginning to be inpatient. He unlocked the door and prostrated.

The woman in her late sixties smiled and prayed for him. She knew he wasn’t happy with her visit because it was written all over his face, but he had no choice.

Tobiloba was the only child given birth to, by his mother before she kicked the bucket. He was just in his 300 level in the university when the incident occurred. His mother  died of hypertension and left her mother behind, who had been taking care of Tobiloba since then.

He was handsome, but had a problem- drinking. He had just two friends who he did drink with, almost everyday. The woman; his grandmother had done all she could to abort that behaviour but he kept on drinking.

He worked as a Manager at David & sons, a company owned by Temitope Williams. “I came for an important discussion.” The grandmother walked in and left him by the door.

‘What discussion again?’ He stretched his hands angrily, muttering.

“Come in here and let’s discuss.” She kept on walking in.

Tobi shut the door and walked behind her slowly and indignantly. “I have to get to work early, grandma.” He said.

“Tell that your boss that I came to talk to my son.” She finally got to the living room.

It was small sitting room, well furnished and had a nice scent. It was neat and tidied up, perhaps because it was owned by a bachelor.

He sat down, staring at his grandmother from where he was.

“Please be fast as possible, there’s a contract we want to go and bid for, today.” Tobi said softly.

“I won’t waste your time and I don’t want you to waste mine. It has become an anthem that you should stop drinking but you’ve turned deaf ear to my words. Now, the advice I have for you is to get married or have someone that will be close to you..” she stopped, expecting him to pass a comment.

“Granny, we’ve discussed something like this before, I’ve told you that I don’t wish to get married, marriage is just like hell.” He uttered and dropped his briefcase.

“Who told you that! If you think you’ll be like this forever? You are merely joking because time isn’t your friend my son! Do you mean you have no one you are in a relationship with?” The pitch of her voice was getting higher.

“I don’t. From what i witnessed concerning my parents, I saw that there’s no love.” He said slowly, that horrible arguments and hatred between his parents had pissed his mind off marriage.

The time his father would be arguing with his mother, both had no unity. Though, his father had never raised his hands to beat his mother but they were always like cat and mouse till his mother died.

Aside that, he hated marriage and ladies naturally. His parents’ behaviour had made him believe again that love didn’t exist. He had even weighed the ladies out now, many of them just after money and at the end just jilt the guy. Many put on dresses that does expose their bodies, what else would he want in marriage again?

“I’ve always told you your parents won’t determine your own future, its your own wish that will come to pass. If you are patient enough and you hope and pray, yours won’t be like that of your parents.”

Tobiloba was still adamant. “I still don’t want any of them! Granny, I’m getting late.”

“Either you like it or not, you must marry and stop this your useless drinking with these friends of yours. I’m going to bring a lady to this place tomorrow, thank God tomorrow is Saturday.” She stood up.

A lady.. He repeated.


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