The New Girl Episode 2



Seriously I hate Korean folks, they’re so ugly and proud too.

I hope they’re ready for sky. I walked around the whole place till I found the principal’s office.

I Walk into the office without knocking, I sat down proudly and place my leg on his desk.

“What’s wrong with you miss? Kindly take your feet off my desk.” He groaned softly.

” Nice to meet you too.” I said chewing gum in annoyingly.

The principal is a middle-aged man with bald hair and big spectacle looking like an Australian cattle.

“Behave yourself miss Skyler or you gonna get yourself into some serious trouble.” He warned.

Well I have some tricks off my sleeve.

” Okay I’ll be of good behavior but how about I tell your wife how you’re sleeping with your neighbor’s daughter and also your staff? You know I want to repent from my sins and it won’t be good if I lie.” I said nonchalantly as his face went dry.

”” he stammered.

“Have got eyes everywhere.” I said proudly making him uncomfortable.

To be honest I don’t have eyes anywhere I just guessed it and it was actually true.

This is my lucky day. ???

“Please don’t tell my wife anything, she’ll kill me if she finds out.” He pleaded.

” Okay fine since am a good child of God I won’t tell her but you’ll have to make sure no one comes in my way in this school. Make me untouchable and we’re good to go.” I winked at him.

He took a tissue and wiped off his sweaty forehead.

” Okay fine I accept your offer just don’t tell her anything.” He said Calmly.

” I cross my heart and hope to die.” I smiled wickedly.

“H… here’s your textbooks and your map… have a nice day.” He faked a smile.

“Who needs a map when I can do whatever I want.” I stood up and walked outta his office.

My eyes caught sight of a fire extinguisher which gave me a brilliant idea.

One thing for sure I always go around with all my stuff’s. I opened my backpack and brought out a rope and a bibble glass.

I picked up the fire extinguisher and tied it just above the principal’s door.

I fixed the bibble glass by the door knob and tie the rope to it.

He won’t know what hit him.

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I Walked around and found my class which was B 13.

Immediately I stepped into the class all eyes were on me.

Turns out the math teacher was already in class, who cares tho.

I wanted started walking to a seat at the back when she stopped me,

“Hey you come back here!” She barked.

I turned to her direction and try to mimick her.

“Who me? I thought you were talking to your shadow.” I asked and walked closer to her as the class burst into laughter.

Some were murmuring things to themselves.

“You must be outta your mind. I guess you’re the new transfer student huh. Well you staying in detention class for the whole day.

While she was busy talking I stylishly stepped on her dress and acted like I was listening to her.

” Sorry miss I didn’t see anyone while entering the class.” I lied and the class started laughing again.

” You American bas***d! How dare you talk to to me in that manner.” She groaned and wanted walk away from me when her dress ripped off.

She fell to the ground in shame as the whole class roar with laughter.

“Oopies” I made a funny face.

She stood up and ran outta the class and the whole class started laughing so hard.

Well I didn’t do it for their entertainment.

I walked quietly to the back seat as folks kept saying stuffs I don’t care about.

I sat down and brought out a lollipop. I unwrap it and sneaked the plastic into the pocket of the dude seated in front of me.

“I won’t do that if I were you.” He mumbled without looking at me.

” Oops I thought that was a trash can.” I smirked playfully. There was still a bubble gum in my mouth. I removed it and placed it on his hair.

He turned and glared hard at me.

Oh it was the brother to the angry baboon at the parking lot.

“Behave yourself b***h!!” He spat with blood shot eyes.

“Nice to meet you ugly.” I smiled sheepishly.

He groaned and stood up walking through the back door. I placed my legs on the way.

He stumbled and fell down in the process.

The entire class gasps as they all became so silent.

What ? Why is everyone staring at me like a fish.

It’s not as if I killed someone.

He stood up slowly as he became even more angry.

What do you think is gonna happen? In one day she got into trouble with two brothers.

Sky is super troublesome.?