The Missing Key Episode 9



“I can see that you kids have decided to disgrace this household, but I will never allow it.” Dad was speaking to Ada and John. “I will not harbor a rogue and a prostitute in this house, never!!!” his voice was so loud that I could feel the vibration in my room.

“I dedicate my time and my life trying to ensure that you kids get the best in life. But how do you kids show your gratitude? You miss classes, come home with poor results, sleep around, smoke and get pregnant!! Tell me what father will have this knowledge about his kids and be happy?”

Ada raised her head in shock when Dad mentioned pregnancy. How in God’s name did he find out that she was under suspicion that she might be pregnant? It was then she realized that she was in a more serious problem with Dad. She had taught Dad was just going to complain about the cell phone and then the key and finally conclude by making them feel silly and everybody retires into their room. What did he see in her cell phone that made him aware of the situation? Perhaps Vivian replied the text she sent to her early this morning and Dad had seen it.

“Ada, how old are you?” Dad continued, “At such a tender age you think the best thing for you to do is to sleep around? Telling everybody that you lack home training? Disgracing the family? Embarrassing me?” They remain silent, both trembling in fear and almost wetting their pants.

“Look at you John, you are barely 14yrs” John looked up sharply, how could Dad say he was 13yrs? “And all you do is sleep around and smoke with vagabonds in town? No!! I won’t take this! Not while I am alive. Ada you are not going to have your b—–d baby in my house and you, John, I don’t breed thieves here so you can go and live with your trainers so that you can perfect in the act of smoking. I will not, I repeat, I will never spend my money on anyone who does not want it, neither will I house such a person.”

Mum had already appeared at his back. She had read the text message in Ada’s cell phone and confirmed what Dad had read. She had allowed the cell phone to drop from her because her shivery hand could hold it any longer. This was much more than she could handle.

She had suspected that Ada was already sexually active but didn’t know how to approach her on the issue. The mother-daughter relationship she had tried to build between them hadn’t worked out mainly because she had allowed herself to be carried away by Dad’s lack of attention towards her and the family generally. Now Ada was pregnant.

The whole world will blame her for being a bad mother. How could she face this shame? Her daughter was only eighteen. Now from the background she stared at Ada with a scornful look. Different emotions ran through her. She felt sad, afraid, disappointed, and angry.

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“Look at you Ada! You don’t know how to respect yourself, how can you make yourself so cheap for men? I am disappointed in the two of you.” Mum said as she broke down and started crying.

The air was so tense that both Ada and John felt like the earth should open up and swallow them, Ada felt worse.

“I will never take it! Once this key is found or once the door is broken down, the both of you should leave my house. You can go and practice your prostitution and thug life elsewhere. Now both should leave my presence, go to your room and get ready to leave my house!!”

Ada and John turned around and began to leave, while Mum continued to sob loudly behind Dad. But Dad wasn’t satisfied with his verdict, especially given the fact that they both didn’t show any sign of remorse, neither did they hesitate and beg.

“In fact, you will not take anything with you, I don’t care how you survive, you will leave this house with nothing because everything you own, I bought them with my money.” He added.

He had been so hurt with the new knowledge about Ada and John that the only thing he wanted to do was to hurt them back. How could they disregard him this way? To Dad, he had been insulted beyond a bearable limit. He felt really hurt that his heart ached; he felt so much psychological pain that his eyes were almost filled with tears.

Who Do You Think Should Be Blamed For This Disaster In The Family?

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