The Missing Key Episode 5


Mum got angry at Dad’s accusations towards her. She told him that he wasnt the only one that’s suppose to go out that very day, that we the children are supposed to go to school too. I can’t remember if I have ever seen Mum this angry. Now this was even the first time she was talking back to Dad in such a way.

“And you can count me out when you decide to involve yourself in any problem solving activity. I won’t be part of it. I don’t care about your meeting and I don’t even care if you lose your job or not!! This is your house perhaps it’s high time you sit down here for once!” she walked out of the sitting room, into the bedroom.

“Okay, now you are gradually coming out with the truth, so you want me to sit here with you?” He replied. Ada also quickly left the sitting room leaving Dad all alone in the sitting room. i stayed behind. He seemed shock. He didn’t expect such outburst from Mum. He dialed a friend’s number

“Hello… yes, can you help me get someone who can help me break down my door? Yes, a welder or carpenter, but I think a welder will be better since the door is a metal door… okay, I will be waiting. Thank you.”

He dropped the call and looked at the wall clock, 8.45am. He was exhausted. He sat on the closest leather seat next to him, staring at his phone like his life depended on it. The cell phone rang ten minutes later, he quickly answered the call.


“The welder I know is not reachable at the moment. But I spoke with a friend who gave me another’s number but I called him and he said he is not in town but will forward me a friend’s number. I will send the number to you when he sends the number to me.” His friend said.

“Oh my God” Dad exclaimed, “please try and make him send the number immediately, the earlier the better.”

“I will try my best.”

“Okay, I will be waiting.” His cell phone rang again immediately he cut the call, it was his Boss again.

“What is going on Mr. Ikedi? Is there something you are not telling me? The guests are already arriving for the meeting and you are not yet here. I need you here with those documents right now.” How could Dad tell him that he was locked up in his own house? Dad hated sounding silly, maybe because he was fund of calling others silly.

“Sir, I will be there before nine, I promise. I will soon be there.”

“Where are you now?” his Boss asked

“I am on my way; I said I will soon be there Sir.”

“You better be, I won’t tolerate any late coming.” He cut the line before dad could reassure him again.

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Dad stood up and started walking from one place to the other within the sitting room. A text message entered his phone. A welder’s number. Dad quickly dialed the number.

“Hello, is that the welder?”

“Yes who be this?” replied the incautious voice.

“Please I need you to come to my house immediately and help me break down my bullet proof door.”

“Oga, I de busy now, I no sure say I fit come.” Came the reply.

“Please send me your boy or any other welder you know.” Dad pleaded.

“Ahh, all my boys de busy oo, I no get another welder number now. But give me two hours, I go come.”

“Two hours is too late, I need you now.”

“Okay, I go try, send me your address.”

“Thank you, please try and come immediately, I will pay you anything. I will send you the address now.” Dad dropped the call and quickly sent our house address via text message.

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