The Missing Key Episode 17


Mum was very busy in the kitchen that she didn’t notice Dad standing at the door, and carefully observing her.

“How did it go?” Dad asked. Mum quickly looked behind her,

“Oh, you startled me,” it was not every day that Dad comes around to meet her in the kitchen.

“Well, the response was fine and I am glad I talked to her, I don’t really think she is pregnant, she is just anxious that all.”

“Wow, that would be a great relieve. I had a long talk with John. Hopefully if we play our parts right as parents from now, we will witness a positive change in them soonest.” He slowly walked up to her and held her by her waist,

“What are you preparing” he asked in a soft husky tone.

“Your favourite, do you want to join me?”

“Of course…” he looked at Mum deeply in the eyes “Do you remember when we used to cook together?”

“Yes, it was one of the memorable times of my life,” Mum replied as she chuckled and laughed out softly.

“Then the kids started coming. And we shifted focus from us to them.”

“We wanted to give them the best in life but we had to go through a lot of pressure to keep up our desire.” Mum added.

“As a result of this pressure we lost communications not only between the two of us but even between the kids.” Dad put in again.

“It’s about time we have a real family, you know,”

“Yes and thank you very much for coming back to us, I have missed you,” Mum whispered as they both shared a warm make up kiss.


I was sitting in my room, still wondering what I was going to do about the key in my possession. I was really scared and needed someone to talk to. The only person I could think of was sister Ada. I was sure they would get angry with me and blame me for causing them get into trouble with Dad, but I’d rather prefer making them angry than having dad mad at me, not even today. Beside if I could tell them, then automatically I wouldn’t be alone in this crime, we would all be in it together.

With the bunch in my hand, I hurried into Ada’s room. Wow, she looked different. There was just nothing to fear in those eyes. In fact from this new look of hers; I instantly knew I could confide in her. She just stared at me, expecting me to say something.

“The key is with me” I cried. Her eyes opened up wider in shock.

“You have been with the key all these while?” she asked, obviously trying to understand what I was up to.

“I didn’t know I was with it, I must have ‘sleep walked’ it into my bag last night before going to bed.” John must have heard me from his room, because he rushed out of the room to make further enquiries.

“Did I hear you say you have the keys with you?” he asked as soon as he approached me from behind.

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“Yes, I mistakenly put it in my bag while parking my books last night before going to bed.”

“But why didn’t you bring it out all day,” Ada asked.

“I found out when it was already too late and I was scared of letting anyone know.” Tears filled my eyes. But surprisingly they were staring at me thoughtfully, no mean face and no rude words.

“What do we do now?” John asked Ada.

‘We?’ I wasn’t sure I heard him right.

“Give it to me, Mum and Dad are in the kitchen right now and once they are through they will call us to eat. I will open up that I am with the key.” She looked at me and drew me closer,

“Stop crying, Dad is not going to be mad at you.”

I later went back to my room to lie down; feeling like a heavy burden had been taken away from me. I couldn’t believe Ada was going to take the blame on my behalf. I resolved that I wasn’t going to allow her to do it.

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