Mind Tumor chapter 5



Patient ID: THE MALE
Diagnosis: Mind Tumor [ chapter 5]
Presciption: MindSurgery


Back in the days when i was much younger, everything around me as a male was competitive and we sought to score points out of it. It ranged from getting the nicest pretty lady to watching the latest movie or cartoons.

This phenomenon of events have sown seeds of competitve behaviour in our MINDS as men. Todays surgery is strictly on the male figure. Competition is good but when we fail to understand the principle and purpose of competition, it leads us to loose our true identity and become something else to score a point that may not last.

Why will a man bet with friends to get a lady into bed, back bite a close pal to get his lady or his customers, stand on pulpits and talk ill about his fellow pastor in ministry without evidence and promise Ghanaians to make their lives better on political platforms when he knows he cannot? Its COMPETITION! #YouSeeYourFace?

This same MINDSET sometimes makes us think God himself is competing with Satan and we hear believers buy into that. Where is the competition when he has already dealt with Satan? Renew your Mind.

Let me perform a quick surgery also with another misconception we may have bumped into. We are told competition of man started when the sperms were released. That’s true but that winning sperm was not a human being. It carries just one chromosome; an X or a Y. Until it fertilises the ovule, it is not man.

The point is, many of such competitive events have been created by us and gradually have become a MINDSET and so instead of seeing people around us as a tool to reach excellence, we see them through the spectacle of competition as ENEMIES. #YouSeeYourFace? An example is the story of Joseph in the BIBLE.

Don’t miss the next episode as we get unto the female side of unhealthy competitive drives, a symptom of the MIND TUMOR called IDENTITY CRISIS. Keep broadcasting and love you.

The MindSurgeon