The Loverboys Episode 21


Jeanne’s Pov:

After a while, Mrs Tristan returned home.

Gosh! This woman’s so busy. No wonder she desperately needed a nanny for her daughter.

I had assisted Evans in making all the foods he needed to prepare and he had began arranging them on the dining.

I went to Molly’s room to check up on her and noticed she was awake and was playing games with her ipad.

I sat on the bed and waited for her to round up the game and when she was done, we left the room and went into the sitting room.


The lovergirls were here!

They’d arrived.

I didn’t even notice.

Oh, my God! They were looking so hot and classic and beautiful.

There were just five of them and Kim was looking outstanding.

She was putting on a crazy jeans trouser and a blue turtle neck shirt.

They were all laughing with the Loverboys – minus Alex- who were welcoming them into the house.

“Molly!” Kim called immediately she saw us.

She came forward and pulled Molly in a hug.

“Good evening, aunt Kim” molly said in her sweet tiny voice.

“Good evening sweetheart. Long time no see. And how’re you?” She asked with a smile.

Hm. She sounded so sweet. Too bad she has a two sided personality.

“I’m fine, aunt Kim” Molly replied and she touched her cheeks.

Then she looked up at me and our eyes interlocked at the moment. She rolled her eyes and stared away.

“Is dinner ready? I’m starving” she turned back to the Loverboys and asked.

Immediately, Mrs Tristan came in.

“Aunt!” She called excitedly and hurried to embrace her.

“Kim! oh my God! I had no idea you’d be coming” Mrs Tristan said as she responded to the hug and Kim chuckled.

“How’re you doing, Kim?” She asked.

“I’m fine, aunt”.

“Good evening, Mrs Tristan” the rest of the lovergirls greeted in unison.

“good evening lovelies. And how’re you?” She asked warmly.

“We’re fine Mrs Tristan”.

“Please, can we move over to the dining? I think there’s been enough drama already” Carl said and they laughed and proceeded to the dining.

Molly and I went along with them.

Mrs Tristan sat on the head of the table. Carl, Malcolm and Daniel sat on the same row at the left hand side. While the lovergirls sat on the same row as well, facing the lover boys.

Evans and two other boys came up and started serving the foods.

“Nanny, come and have a seat. I want you to feed me” Molly said just when I was about leaving.

I turned in surprise and noticed a disgruntled look on Kim’s face.

“Molly” she called and laughed dryly.

“Come on molly. You don’t need your nanny to feed you. You’re not a baby anymore”

“But I want her to do it. I want her to have dinner with us” Molly insisted.

“But, Molly…”

“Come on, Kim” Mrs Tristan cut in.

“It’s okay for Jeanne to have dinner with us. She’s my daughter’s nanny and that makes her part of the family.”

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Kim huffed immediately and looked furious, but tried to cover it up with a smile.

I gulped nervously and sat next to Molly.

If thoughts could kill, I’m pretty sure I’d have been dead by now because of how angry Kim was.

But what’s her problem, anyway?

Evans and the two boys were done serving the foods and we started eating.

I glanced at the lovergirls and noticed how stylish they were eating.

They were so beautiful and classic. Can I really be one of them?

“Hold on; where’s Alex?” Kim suddenly asked.

“Oh! He’s in his room. He made it clear he wouldn’t be joining us” Malcolm replied and she flinched.

“What? Hell no. I didn’t come all the way here to have dinner without him” she groused and stood on her feet.

“And where’s that room of his again?” She asked as she took the right staircase.

I watched in amusement. Was she really going to bring him out?

“How’s your training, Jeanne?” Mrs Tristan asked after a short while.

“It’s fine ma’am. Thanks a lot” I said with a smile and noticed one of the lovergirls scoffed.

“By the way, Daniel” one of the lovergirls said. “My sister sends her regards”.

“Well, you can tell her im sleeping” he replied and they chuckled.

Not long after, Kim returned to the dining with a frown.

“Hey, Kim. Where’s Alex?” Daniel asked as she took her seat but she didn’t reply.

It was obvious she didn’t have a good time with him. Maybe he had risen his voice on her.

We continued eating and after a short while, we heard someone climbing down the stairs.

We turned and noticed it was Alex.

Oh! He did come!




The love girls all greeted and waved excitedly as he approached the dining with Ambrose in his hands.

I looked at Kim and discovered she was now smiling.

Alex didn’t say a word as he walked into the dining and took a seat next to Daniel.

“Good evening mum” he said to Mrs Tristan.

“Good evening son” she replied with a smile.

Ambrose was still on his legs.

Then he looked up at the lovergirls.

“Welcome” he said simply, but it was obvious it meant a lot to them as they all started blushing.

Evans came up and served him his meal. Then he put some meat in a plate and kept it on the floor for Ambrose.

“Wow! We didn’t expect you’ll be coming down Alex” Malcolm said but he didn’t reply.

“Well, it’s a good thing Kim was able to bring him out” one of the lovergirls said and Kim blushed in a smile.


“Daniel” Alex suddenly called.

“Was it doctor Myers who attended to Ambrose?”

The sauce I was taking in suddenly choked me and I started coughing. Every body turned and looked at me.

“Nanny, are you alright?” Molly asked and I nodded and took in some water.

My head was sweating.

Why’s he asking about that now?

“Uh…I didn’t call anyone Alex’ Daniel replied.

“I’m sorry it escaped my mind. I got pretty hooked up”.

Alex pulled a fuddled face immediately.

“You mean, you didn’t call anyone?” He asked.

“No, I didn’t”.

Then, he turned to Carl and Malcolm.

“Did you do it?” He asked and Carl chuckled.

“Why would I do something I wasn’t assigned to?” Carl replied and Malcolm also shook his head.

Then, Alex scoffed.

“So…who treated Ambrose, then?” He asked.

“I mean, if none of you called a doctor, then who the hell treated him?”

Everybody kept silent, also puzzled over it.

My heart was beating rapidly.

Why’s he concerned about it? I thought he wouldn’t ask.

Oh, God; help me.

“Who the hell treated my dog?” He asked in a demanding tone and dropped his cutleries.

The whole place was still silent.

Hold on; is it that I’m not seeing properly? Or, am I just assuming Alex is staring directly at me?