The Loverboys 2 – Episode 7


Kim’s Pov:

Mum’s eyes beamed as she listened curiously to the woman.

But…does she really know where Anna lives?

“I do know where she lives.” She said.

“I mean, when she parked out from the house that got burnt, I stayed in touch with her and knew of her new location. But, not anymore because sometime ago, I went to her new apartment to check up on her, but couldn’t find her there anymore. She moved out and I completely have no idea where she’s staying right now.”

Mum huffed and itched her head, overly disappointed.

So, she doesn’t even know where she’s staying presently?

“But…but, ma’am Sally; do you um..remember if she was having a little girl with her?” Mum asked.

“Oh! That little girl. She was your baby, right?” The woman asked and mum nodded immediately.

“Well, to be sincere with you, Lisa, you never should’ve left that baby behind for Anna. I mean, she went through hell in the hands of that woman.”

Mum’s curiosity had already increased, just like mine.

What was she talking about?

“First, there was a fire outbreak in Anna’s house which burnt down the house and that was the reason she moved out. And during the fire outbreak, it affected the poor baby who had been locked in a room and before Anna could get to her, it already burnt a part of her, creating a scar on her face.”

The woman said and paused to perhaps, give mum a break to shock over it.

But, what? The baby had a scar on her face?

“A..A…A scar?” Mum floundered helplessly.

“Yes. And permit to say she became ugly as a result of it.

“She grew up with it and received a lot of bullying from her peer mates and Anna didn’t do anything to help matters. She kept treating the little girl like a slave and didn’t care about her.

“Each time I went visiting, it was because I wanted to see if there was a way I could convince Anna to change. But she wouldn’t listen. She turned into a flirt and paid no attention to the kid. And one day, i went back to her to pay her a visit, but unfortunately, I was told she had relocated and I have no idea where.” She said in conclusion.

Tears were already rolling down mum’s cheeks as she covered her lips with her palm.

“My baby” she whimpered bitterly.

I drew closer and placed my hand on her shoulders.

“Mum” I called softly, but she didn’t look at me.

“How could Anna be so cruel? She promised she’d take good care of her. How could she do such a thing to my daughter?” She said tearfully and the woman also patted her on the shoulders.

“I’m so sorry dear. I understand how you feel. Don’t worry, I promise to ask around for her and as soon as I get the slightest information on her whereabouts, I promise to tell you about it” she said but mum kept crying and next, she huffed her.

I sighed and itched my forehead. This is quite crazy. So, my sister actually had a scar?

Jeanne’s Pov:

It was Monday morning and I sat in front of the mirror, primping myself up for school.

I stared at my pathetic image in the mirror that reflected back at me.

I had a lot of bruises on – a cut on my forehead, on my lips and behind my neck – and I felt a lot of pains. I really don’t wanna show up in school in such manner because it’d definitely arise suspicions, but Theo has already made it clear to me i wouldn’t be missing classes. And to make it worst, he was coming along to school.

I really don’t know what his reasons are for wanting to go back to school; but I have a feeling he’s trying to get back at Alex by showing up with me.

Oh, God! I really pray and hope he doesn’t show up in school today. I wouldn’t want him to see all these bruises on my face. I don’t know how he’d react towards it.

Alex’s Pov:

I climbed down the stairs to the sitting room and Immediately mum noticed me, she stood up from the dining where she was seated and rushed to me.

“Alex!” She called and tried holding my hands, but I resisted.

“T…Thank goodness you’ve finally left your room. You got me worried, Alex”.

I touched my forehead and walked past her, headed for the door.

“A…Alex” she stuttered my name.

“I have somewhere to go, mum” I cut her off and walked out of the house.

I went out to the lot and before I got there, my driver already opened one of the cars for me and I got In, sitting at the back seat.

“Take me to Alpha High” I told the driver who had also been already seated at the front seat and he nodded and took off.

Two extra cars followed us behind.

I looked through the window as we drove along the road.

I kept thinking of Jeanne. I needed to see her.

How was she? What could Theo possibly be doing with her?

I really hope he’s just keeping her there to make me jealous. I hope he hasn’t done any other thing to her.

I’m so sorry, Jeanne; that you had to go through this. This has always been my fears. but, I promise you, it’s all going to be over soon.

An expected call came Into my phone and I received it with relieve.

“Good morning, sir Alex” he said on the phone.

“What’s the update?” I asked, wanting him to go straight to the point.

“With the little informations we’ve gathered so far, she goes by the name Pen Williams and she was one of the agents of an illegal corporation called Wywapp. But, as it stands, the organisation had to move away from its original location and right now, we’re still making research to discover their new location” he replied and I groaned and touched my hair.

“And how long is that gonna take?” I asked.

“We…we’re working on it, sir and as soon as we have the slightest information on it, we’ll let you know. It won’t take long” he replied and I ended the call and held the phone angrily in my hands.

Pen! Pen! Pen!

I can’t wait to find that b***h.

Jeanne’s Pov:

Theo had driven with the car with I sitting at the front seat with him.

I looked through the window and stared at the umpteen students that filled the whole place.

What would their reaction be when they get to see Theo? And worst of all, with me. And thinking of the bruises on my face…gosh!

He parked the car by the side of the school and unlocked the doors. But, just when I was about opening mine, he gripped my hand in a hurtful way.

“Should incase Alex shows up, I wouldn’t want you to give as little as a stare to him. Is that understood?” He said huskily and I nodded immediately.

Then, he let go of my hand and we came out of the car together.

He was dressed in an exquisite way and looked really handsome. I can’t imagine what the student’s reactions would be. If only they knew the devil in him.

He brushed his fingers into his hair as we stood together and immediately, all eyes turned on us.

Oh, God!

We started walking into the building together and the angsty on the student’s faces became clear.

� Ahhhhh!

� Oh, my God! It’s Theo!!!

� Whaaaaat?

� Theo!

� Lover boy Theo is back?

� Oh, my God! Is this a dream? I’m staring at Theo!


� Theo and Jeanne???

� Theo’s back!

They kept screaming and talking and very soon, it pulled up a large crowd which started taking unlimited pictures and records with their phones.

Theo didn’t react to any of them and I wondered where he was taking me.

The crowd kept increasing as more students kept being attracted.

Well, Theo’s presence was strange and unexpected to them, the same way it has been for me.

But halfway, we ran into someone that made Theo and I stop walking.

Oh, my God! Are you kidding me?


What’s he doing here? I thought he only shows up in school on Tuesdays? Why’s he here today?

No, no, no. Alex can’t see me like this. What do I do? He’s already standing in front of us!

Alex’s Pov:

I was also attracted by the crowd and rumours about Theo being in school – with Jeanne and I didn’t hesitate to go to them. I just wanted to see her.

Luckily, I ran into them and they stopped walking.

But…hold on; is this Jeanne? Like…what the hell happened to her face?

I stood, gobsmacked, staring at her. I could see the fear in her eyes.

Did…Did Theo actually…

No; it’s not possible.

What has Theo being doing to her?

“Hey, Alex” he called in a tone of sadism, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Jeanne.

I felt my heart tearing apart.

Has Theo being laying his hands on her?

Jeanne’s Pov:

Fear was written all over me. Why did we have to bump into Alex? I never wanted him to see me this way.

Theo has warned me not to stare at him, but I couldn’t help it. His eyes were flaming.

“Hey, Alex” Theo called with a smirk and I bent my head and sniffed.

The students were still around, probably wondering what was happening or what was going to happen.

Alex turned around and sank his fingers into his hair.

Then, in one swift grunt, he turned back to face us.

“You animal!” He snarled and bounced on Theo, punching him to the floor.

All the students gasped.

Oh, my God!

What is he doing?