The Loverboys 2 – Episode 41 Final


Jeanne’s Pov:

Huh? Kim and Theo?

I watched In awe as they both started walking in after standing there for a short time.

Surprisingly, Kim’s hand was wrapped around his.

what’s going on?

“Hey, sis” she called with a smile as they both stood, facing us.

“Um…h-hi” I stuttered, taken abacked by the whole thing.

I didn’t plan on seeing Theo. I wasn’t ready to face him.

“Jeanne” he called and it sent shivers down my spine.

I slowly lifted my eyes to look at him.

He stared at Alex and took his eyes to me.

“I’m not here for trouble; just have something important to say” he said and took in a deep breath.

“Last night, about the abduction stuff and asking you to chose between Alex and I, it was all planned by us. I don’t know if Alex has told you about it already” he said and I flinched and looked at Alex.


“Yes. We had wanted to know whom you really loved between both of us. I had a feeling you didn’t really love me – at least, not anymore. So I brought it up and…It turned out my guess was right

“Well, one thing’s for sure, Jeanne; I really did love you in the past as Olivia. But things changed and I guess destiny never wanted us to be together. So, I’ve decided to accept my fate and move on. Besides,”

He paused and looked at Kim and they both smiled.

Okay, what’s going on?

“I’m so sorry, Jeanne, for all the pains I’ve caused you.

“And you, Alex; I guess mere apologies won’t be enough to tell how sorry I really am for everything I did to you. Yeah, you had a little fault, but I guess I shouldn’t have taken it that far. Nevertheless, I’m sorry for everything; I really am” he said in conclusion and silence took over.

Alex and I were both stunned, staring at him.

“Are we just going to keep quiet for the rest of the day?” Kim asked and I scoffed and that was when I realised I was actually crying.

“I um…” I paused and laughed dryly.

“I don’t even know what to say”

I tried saying more, but ended up in tears and Theo pulled me in a hug.

“Please Jeanne; crying isn’t good for the baby” he whispered into my ears and I chuckled ruefully.

“Thank you” I muttered and he patted me on the back.

And we unlocked from the hug.

Then, he stood and exchanged glances with Alex for a while and they finally went into each other’s arms.

They whispered something I couldn’t hear and next, they laughed and disentangled from the hug.

“Um…I wish you both a happy married life” Theo said and we all laughed.

I sniffed and wiped the tears off my face.

“I’ve gotten the news about Daniel’s betrayal. I’ll be going to see him at the station when I’m done from here” he said.

“I…I think we should all go together” Kim suggested, staring at me.

“What do you think?” She asked.


“Forget it; I’m not going” Alex cut in.

“Alex…” I called and sighed.

“I know what he did was pretty bad. But he’s full of regrets already. Besides, he was just blinded by greed and didn’t have any brutal intentions in mind. So please, let’s give him a chance”.

“Are you serious, Jeanne? You want us to forgive him?” He asked in an alarming tone.

“Come on, dude” Theo chipped in.

“We can talk about it when we get there”.

He held Kim’s hand and started walking out of the house and I looked at Alex and gave him a prodding look and he rolled his eyes and followed me out of the house as well.


   Authoress Chi’s Pov:

It was little Molly’s birthday and the entire family was there at the party.

“Come on, baby; make a wish” Jeanne said to her as they all stood around the birthday cake with litted candles around it.

“I wish to grow into a beautiful lady” Molly said and everyone laughed and she blew out the candles and cut the cake with the assistance of Jeanne and her mum.

“Happy birthday, baby” Jeanne said and pecked her cheek and so did the rest.


Hetty was standing with Carl when Theo walked up to her with a chastened look.

“Hi” he said, but she didn’t reply him as she kept staring at him with Carl.

“Do you need something?” Carl asked.

“I um…I just wanted to speak to Hetty.

“Hetty, I know you have every reason to be mad at me, but I just want you to know I’m sorry for what happened. Please, forgive me” he said in an appealing tone and she scoffed.

“Really? You want forgiveness?” She asked and chuckled.

“Well, let’s just say I might give it to you later; but for now, I’m not so sure” she replied and tired walking away, but was held back by Carl.

He gave her a long stare and she sighed and went back to Theo, embracing him.

He smiled and rubbed her back.

“Thanks” he said calmly, still holding her.

“Hey, hey, hey, that’s enough” Carl cut in and pulled her away from the hug and they all laughed.

He wrapped his hand around her waist and kissed her and Theo shook  his head and walked away.


Megan was curious as Malcolm took her to a place which was away from the party.

“is…is there something wrong?” She asked as they finally stood facing each other, in front of the fountain falls.

Malcolm took in a deep breath and held her hand.

“Megan, there’s something important I’ve always wanted you to know” he said and her curiosity increased.

He dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and brought out a fashionable box and when he opened it, it was a ring.

Megan gasped.

“I really do like you, Megan; a lot. Will you please, be my date? Don’t say no” he said and Megan covered her mouth with her palm as a tear escaped her eye.

It was unbelievable! Being the girlfriend to lover boy. She thought she was all alone.

“Megan?” Malcolm called and she nodded tearfully.

Then, he smiled and inserted the ring into her finger.

“I love you” he said affectionately.

“I love you too” she replied with a rueful smile and they kissed.


Alex took Jeanne to the rooftop where they could have a clear view of everything.

Wow! Everywhere was beaming.

Theo was with Kim, Carl with Hetty and Malcolm with Megan.

She was so happy for Megan.

Well, they were already working on her mother’s case and were trying to make sure she serves a lesser penalty from the law – same with Daniel.

“What do you think?” Alex asked as they both sat, snuggled next to each other, staring at the party below.

“It’s beautiful” she replied with an elated expression.

“Every one’s happy. I just wish it stays this way.

“Will Theo return to the band?” She asked.

“Yeah. But I still remember the leader of the band. He doesn’t want it” Alex replied and wrapped his hand around her shoulder.

“And how’s my baby?” He asked and she couldn’t help but blush.

“Fine…I guess” she replied, picking at her nails.

“isn’t it time you begin um…how’s it called? Uncle-natal?” He asked and she laughed and hit him on the chest.

“it’s called Antenatal. And…well, I don’t know. I might have to register with a hospital soon” she replied and Alex smiled and pecked her on the hair.

“Would you want to give birth here in the country? Or, you’d want somewhere else?” He asked and at that moment, she felt her head becoming two.

“Well, I’d want it here. I mean; around everyone” she replied and Alex nodded.

“If it’s a boy,” he said.

“I’ll make every single lady on earth die for him. And if it’s a girl, I’ll make kings and rulers travel through the storm just to spend a second with her”.

Jeanne couldn’t help but laugh and this time around, her entire face turned pink.

“Wow! I just pray you don’t spoil my kids” she said with a light laughter because she was actually blushing.

“Um…Alex,” she called.

“in my condition, can I still be part of the lovergirls?” She asked and Alex laughed.

“And whoever said you were gonna be part of the lover girls? I can’t have the mother of my kids being under someone – most especially, her younger sister.

“I’ll make you independent, Jeanne. You’ll become a diva on your own and every other lady will have to bow to you. You’ll be on your own and explore”.

Jeanne gasped and stared at him in disbelieve. Was he for real?

She ran out of words and all she could do was cry.

“Hey, hey, hey, do you want my baby to drown?” He asked and she laughed and hid her face on his chest.

“Thank you, Alex” she whimpered.

“By the way, don’t you think you should start calling me something else? I’m thinking of babe, sweetheart, honeypie, sugar…what do you think?” He asked and she laughed and lifted her face from his chest.

“I love you, Alex; and I’ll always do till I die” she said with her hands on his cheeks.

“Well, no matter how much you do, you’re never gonna beat me to it cause I’ll love you even after death” he replied and more tears came running down her cheeks.

“Thanks” she muttered and they kissed for a long time.


During the period see was pregnant, she kept receiving unlimited proposals from modelling companies, mummies and kiddies commercial adverts, pregnancy shows.

Well, everyone wanted to have her on their platform because she was carrying the almighty Alexander’s child.

When she put to bed – a baby boy – Alex signed her into the music industry and she became independent.

They got married – of course – and in two years, she became the richest female idol in the country.


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