The Loverboys 2 – Episode 36


Alex’s Pov:
My curiosity increased.
What does he want us to talk about Jeanne?

“You know, I love her, Alex” he said.
“She was my first love; despite the fact she was ugly. She was the reason I became a monster. It was all because of my love for her.”
He paused and turned to look at me.

“Neither of us planned for this to happen. But I want you to know, Alex, that I still love her” he added and my heart skipped. What?

I heard a loud bang in my head as conniption gripped me. This was exactly what I’ve been afraid of. This was the moment I’ve dreaded.

I bent my head and couldn’t say a word. The pains were staring.

“You loved her when she was Olivia” I finally spoke out, my eyes on the floor.

“Back then, she was yours and I never dragged her with you. But, right now, she’s Jeanne and I love her a lot. She’s pregnant for me, Theo; and I’m not ready to lose her. I’m sorry”.

He looked at me and scoffe, then turned to face the window.

“I don’t care about the baby, Alex; it doesn’t stop me from loving her.” He said and turned to look at me again.

“I decided to approach you this way to see if we could settle this amicably. We’ve been at loggerheads with each other for four years now and I really didn’t want us to continue that way. So, I’d suggest you think about it”. and with that, he walked away.

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Megan’s Pov:
I stood outside the hospital and kept staring in, like, I’d be able to get a glimpse of her.

I wanted to see her – Jeanne – but I felt so scared going in. What would her reaction be if she sees me? Together with the rest of the boys? My mother was the reason her life became a mess. She put her life at risk. She offended them all and I’m not sure she’d want to see me now.

I stared pathetically for a long time and decided to leave. It was so painful.

I sniffed and turned around to leave and discovered a black Suv which was about entering through the gate, suddenly stopped in front of me.

The back door opened and Malcolm came out.
Hah! Loverboy Malcolm.

I quickly wiped my eyes as he came towards me.
Why did he stop? And why’s he coming towards me?

“Hey” he called as he stood in front of me.
“aren’t you…you were one of the contestants, right?” He asked and I nodded.

“Good evening sir” I greeted nervously with a bow.

“Yeah. What re you doing here? And why were you crying?” He asked and I sniffed again.

“I…I came to see Jeanne” I replied.

“Jeanne? So, why re you here, then? Why didn’t you go in?” He asked and I shook my head.

“I…I can’t. She…” I stuttered and bent my head, not knowing what to say.

“Hold on; you’re Pen’s daughter, right?” He asked and it made me wonder how he knew.

“Yes” I replied almost inaudibly, staring at the floor. I didn’t hear him say anything for a while.

“So, you’re scared to see her?” He asked and I just nodded. I couldn’t speak freely with him. I mean; he was a loverboy.

“Come on; your mum’s the criminal here, not you. Besides, you should know Jeanne would never send you away. So, come on, let’s go in” he said and held my hand and it made me shiver.

I lifted my eyes to look at him and saw him staring back at me.

“Come on” he prodded me and I hesitantly followed him to the car where we proceeded to the hospital.

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Unknown’s Pov:
This whole thing’s becoming a mess. I can’t believe they’ve apprehended Pen. What if she exposes me?

I never wanted this to go far. I had my reasons. But now, it seems the whole thing’s getting out of hand already. I need to find a way out of this.