The Loverboys 2 – Episode 34


Alex’s Pov:

I stood impatiently in the waiting room with the rest as we awaited some news regarding Jeanne’s state.

I was so restless. I mean,.she opened her eyes!

Yes she did. She was awake!

Oh, God!

I so much wanted this to be real. I wanted this not to be a dream. It was going to be the best thing ever if she finally wakes up.

Mum had tried persuading me to go back to bed, but I wouldn’t listen. There was no way I could be at peace, knowing Jeanne was probably awake.

We all waited anxiously and after a while, the doctor showed up and told us she was fully awake.

Jeanne’s Pov:

I sat on the bed as a nurse kept checking me with a stethoscope.

I still felt kind of weak and dizzy, but couldn’t think of falling asleep at that moment.

After the doctor left, the door opened and expectedly, they all came in.

My heart skipped at the sight of Theo and Alex. Oh, God! I can’t take this.

“Jeanne!” Hetty called and ran to me immediately, embracing me.

“Oh, my God! You scared the hell out of us, jen. How’re you feeling?” She asked worried.

“I’m…I’m fine now” I replied and looked at Mrs Percival – my…my mum?

I had overheard everything in my deep sleep. Her voice was part of the reason I had woken up.

But, could everything be true? Was she really my mothe?

“Jeanne” she called and moved closer to me, taking slow steps.

“You…You’re awake”.

I took my eyes to the floor as she came to the bed and sat in front of me.

She took my hand, but I withdrew it immediately. Was she really my mother? And Kim…my sister?

“Jeanne” she called tearfully.


“You’re my mother?” I cut her off and she looked at me in surprise.

She probably didn’t think I’d hear her.

“Is it true?” I asked and she started crying.

“I’m sorry” she whimpered.

“I’m sorry for leaving you behind. I never wanted to. Please dear, forgive me”.

She sobbed and tried holding my hand again and this time around, I couldn’t resist her.

But was this possible? Was Mrs Percival really my mother?

All these while…she was my mother? And Kim my sister?

Oh, God!

Kim of all people?

She wasn’t even here in the room.

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“Please baby, forgive me. I promise I’ll explain everything to you. But for now, I just want you to forgive me, please”.

She said and pulled me in a hug and I wept on her shoulders.

I’ve always dreamt of seeing my mum. She was the reason I couldn’t leave Anna to go with Theo back then . And that was because I had fate she was going to return.

But now, I’ve finally gotten to see her, I don’t know, but I feel so angry.

Why did she ever leave me in the first place?

Why did she let me go through so much pains?

And Kim…so, we’re sisters? The same person that hated me for no reason and bullied me cause I didn’t have a family? She’s my sister?

Kim’s Pov:

I sat quietly in the room, facing the window with Eva and Joyce behind me.

I had been crying the whole time and Eva and Joyce had been trying to console me.

“This is really unbelievable” Eva muttered with a lifted cigarette her hand.

“So, the nobody actually turned out to be your sister- your only sibling”.

“So, what re you gonna do, Kim? Are you ready to accept her?” Joyce asked and I took in a deep breath.

“My measure concern right now is how to reconcile with her. I’ve also been thinking about it.

“I don’t have any intentions of being an enemy to my only sister. But…considering the fact it’s Jeanne…and everything I’ve done to her” I paused and shook my head.

“I really don’t know, girls.”.

“And…If you really wanna reconcile with her, does that mean you’re going to give up on Alex?” Eva asked and my heart leapt immediately.

Give up on Alex? I can’t; I don’t want to. But…

Oh, heavens.

“Oh, my God!” Joyce suddenly shriek, looking into her phone.

Eva and I quickly turned to look at her.

“What’s wrong?” Eva asked curiously.

“My sister just sent a text to me. She said one of her friends is actually a nurse there at the Capitol hospital. And guess what she found? Jeanne’s pregnant”. She replied and I felt fireworks all over my body.

“What???” I screamed.

Jeanne’s Pov:

I pulled away from the hug and looked at her in the face.

“Do you forgive me?” She asked but I couldn’t say a word.

“Jeanne” she called tenderly and held my palm.

“Why did you ever leave me?” I asked soberly.

“Was I really such a burden that you had to leave me with an whore?”

She bent her head and busted into more tears and I felt my heart melting.

“Jeanne” Hettty called and placed her hand on my shoulder.

She gave me a prodding look and slowly, I embraced her – mum.

“I’m really sorry, Jeanne; please forgive me” she cried as we hugged.

I still felt angry, but somehow, I couldn’t just watch her cry.

I unlocked from the hug and cleaned off my own tears.

Alex and Theo were just silent the whole time, probably not knowing what to say.

“How’re you feeling, Jeanne?” Mrs Tristan asked and I sniffed.

“I’m fine.

“Um…Please”:I paused and took my eyes to the floor.

“if you wouldn’t mind, I’d want everyone to leave the room. I want to have a word with Theo and Alex in private”.