The Devil Who Loved Me ~Episode 3


​My mind kept capturing Timi’s face though I tried shutting it down, I had to focus on the meeting. Abayomi ordered for more drinks but I wasn’t interested. He even teased me with asun, it didn’t work.
It was Uche’s time to talk; I wondered what someone like him would want from us. I also didn’t like the fact that Abayomi wanted to make a deal with people like him.
Uche: We will support the campaign, make it hitch free, protect you the candidates..wetin we want dey small compared to what we are giving in return.
I liked the way he switched from pidgin to English without breaking a sweat..nice..
Me: and what do you want oga bros..
He didn’t laugh, mumu boy..
Uche: not me, I am here with respect to a client..
Me: like you are working for someone, a student or who?
Uche: he rather not disclose his identity now.
Me: we can’t work with shadowy individuals.
Abayomi kicked me with his legs beneath the table
Abayomi: what does you client want?
Uche: he wants all the video gaming rights in mini-campus, he wants all the compact-disc selling rights in mini-campus, he also wants to open a restaurant.
Me: he doesn’t want lecture halls too?
Nobody laughed, nobody got the joke…
Abayomi: your client doesn’t want any of his businesses in the main-campus? That place is more lucrative. Instead of the monopoly, it will be easier for us to allow him have some in the mini and main-campus. What if we have a difficult senate that doesn’t approve?
Uche: he is also ready to offer you 1.4million naira
I saw the greed in Abayomi’s eyes…
Abayomi: who is he?
Uche: I can’t say for now, dat one no necessary
Me: we can’t assure an unknown person that we will give him all the rights, million or no million. What if we are dealing with a devil?
Uche: why don’t you think about it, Abayomi, you get my number abi?, call me na.
Without further ado, the meeting finished.
Uche stood up and was about living when kofo stood up.
Kofo: Uche, are you passing by olopomerin?
Uche: yes
Kofo: you have a car right?
Uche: yes..
Kofo: can you drop me off at home?
Uche: sure
I had to give it to kofo, she played it well. She got back at Abayomi for leaving her hanging out to dry. That car thingy too was deep, Abayomi was carless.
Abayomi tried focusing on his Star lager, but I could see he wasn’t enjoying it.
Me: Abayomi, oya come and stop taxi for me lemme go home.
He hissed at me and kept looking at Uche and kofo’s direction. Uche turned back almost immediately and looked at us with a wicked smile on his face. Just as they got to his car, he gave Kofo’s bums a soft pat she didn’t seem to mind.
Abayomi: I don’t think we should accept this Uche’s client’s offer
Me: looooool..because he is taking kofo home?
Abayomi: you dey mad
Me: Ab, free kofo..lets talk about Timi, you know I can’t work with him
Abayomi: its too late sis, I already texted him and he replied, he said he is interested.
Me: you couldn’t wait for both of us to discuss
Abayomi: 600,000 naira baby, I know your father can give us
Me: ode..i hope Uche fucks kofo’s lungs out tonigt
Abayomi: wetin concern me.
Me: no be your chic?
Abayomi: your friend Toun is my chic, for your information I am sleeping in her house tonight.
Me: nope you will sleep alone..
Abayomi: you trust dis your witch-craft o, na you go sleep alone, better go beg Acho… go see na..
I picked my phone and dialed a number
Me: Toun…are you home, I broke up with Acho…I need your support. I am heartbroken.
After receiving sympathy from her, she hung up..
Abayomi’s phone rang..
Abayomi: baby what’s up…..
… are you serious?
……baby she is not heartbroken, she is drinking Gordon spark here, flexing…
… na…I need you tonight…
……Toun don’t do…
Toun hung up.
He looked at me and swore plenty in Yoruba.
Me: I guess you are sleeping alone?
Abayomi: demonic girl
Me: heheheheheheehehehe
Toun: I am so sorry about Acho, so that guy cheated on you?
Those were the first words she said I as entered her room. In as much as I wasn’t heartbroken, I wanted to talk to somebody about Timi. Toun like Abayomi had been friends with me since I was at 100L, they knew how it started, they also knew how it stopped happening.
I was sitting in class when noticed a boy was staring at me. I tried ignoring him but he didn’t stop, it seemed he was looking for my attention. I decided to steal bolder glances at the stranger. Whenever he caught my eyes, he blew kisses. After a while I started laughing, he was laughing too. Though I must admit that he looked easy in the eyes and Timi was fine mehnnnn. He had baby-like features. His afro was black and his shirt, chinos pants and loafers looked smooth. Suddenly students started moving to their sits, signaling the arrival of a lecturer.
Lecturer: Timi! What are you doing here, aint you an economics student?
Timi: mummy oh! I was missing you, that your sweet smile…I had to follow you from main campus to mini-campus.
He screamed back at her, she laughed so also most of the students in the auditorium. She evicted him from the class, I noticed a couple of girls winking at him as he walked out. He blew me one last kiss when he noticed I was still looking at him. Toun was sitting beside me and was very excited
Toun: that boy is fine o, babe don’t dull o..
Me: I don’t like fine boys, they have too much wahala.
Toun: commot dere, you dey fear heartbreak.
I am not sure I heard anything the lecturer said, the boy with the blowing kisses kept clouding my mind. After lectures as I strolled out with Toun, I saw him standing at the corridor. Fine as a button! The boy had been waiting for me. I felt good.
Timi: Fine girl, how was lectures?
Toun left me without as much as excuse me.
Me: fine
Timi: I am Timi by the way..
Me: hello Timi by the way
He laughed so loud, his voice, his dimples… were beautiful
Timi: what’s your name?
Me: Tana
By this time he was beside me, looking at me like he was searching for something. I liked the perfume he wore, and the way he licked his red lips when he spoke.
Timi: Oluwatana can I buy you lunch?
Me: I am Igbo
Timi: Tanachukwu can I buy you lunch?
I laughed, I was defenseless…my brain said “play hard to get”….
Me: No problem…
He took my hand and led me to the cafeteria like we didn’t just meet me some moments ago. After a while, I couldn’t stop myself from holding him too, first gently….then firmly….we fit effortlessly. I enjoyed the glances people threw at us. he didn’t need to ask me out, I believe we started dating during that walk to the cafeteria.
To be continued