The Complete Woman Episode 9


I was constantly turning back to see if my Isaiah would walk into the church, but unfortunately he didnt. I was beginning to worry what might have gone wrong. All through the service there was not a moment where I concentrated. And so when it was over, I hurriedly left the church and went over to his house. When I got to his house I knocked and knocked but there was no response.

I would have sworn that he was inside because his shoes were still outside exactly where it was when I came in the morning, but surprisingly he was not responding. I thought he must have gone somewhere, and so I brought out my phone and tried to call him and then he started cutting my calls. I called and called and there was no response and so I stopped. I waited for about an hour, there was no call from him and he was not coming back and so i picked myself up and left.

I didnt hear from Isaiah for two days and I was worried sick and the next day. All I got was a text from him that reads. ” hey dear how are you? Had to travel for an urgent ministration out of town. Will be back by Friday”

Me: really? Friday?

Then I picked my phone and sent a text. ”Baby what’s up? For crying out loud, our wedding is Saturday. Why Friday.

And then he replied!

Dont worry by Friday I’d be back for our wedding.

I was surprised angry and shocked.