The Complete Woman Episode 7


That day was the last day Marvis came to church. So many people wondered why she stopped coming to church, but Isaiah and I knew exactly why. And though I was not happy that she had to stop church just to show me how much she was unhappy, there was nothing I could do.

Preparations for my wedding had already started and it was only few weeks left. One evening I was busy arranging the cards according to the persons I wanted to invite for my wedding, and then I hears the door bell ring. I stood to open and low and behind it was Marvis.

Marvis: Dani hi, (she said all full of smile)

Me: (was very shocked because I know how we parted the last time we saw.) Marvis, what are you doing here?

Marvis: Is that the welcome you are suppose to give a friend?

Me: am so sorry, please come in.

Marvis: thank you. (She comes in and takes her seat)

Me: Marvis where have you been? You just disappeared without any trace.

Marvis: Dani am so sorry about that. Infact it is the major reasons am here.

Me: really? I asked adjusting my seats.

Marvis: I came to apologise to you and brother Isaiah for my outburst the other day, It was uncalled for and I am so sorry. I owe you Dani my heartfelt apology. Please accept it.

Me: its okay Marvis, we don’t chose for our hearts who they chose to love. So its okay.

Marvis: you mean you no longer angry with me?

Me: No Marvis its ok.

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Marvis: wow Dani you are really an angel ( she rushes to me and gives me a tight hug, I felt like she would never let me go, but finally she did.) Am really so grateful to you. Where is brother Isaiah I need to apologise to him too

Me: oh he went out but will soon be back.

Marvis: in an hour will he be back?

Me: yes he should be back by then.

Marvis: okay I will check him up on my way out so I can tell him sorry too.

Me : that’s ok.

Marvis: I hope you are okay with it o,

Me: of course, no problem sister Marvis.

Marvis: And you ain’t scared that I will try to steal your man?

Me: No am not.

Marvis: why is that?

Me: because I trust my man.

Sister Marvis smiles and looked at me.

Marvis: its alright Dani, see you later.

Me: no problem Marvis. Bye

Marvis: bye

She greeted me and walks off and i stood as I pitied her.