The Complete Woman Episode 29


I soon became a slave in my own house. My own husband turned me into a slave. Apart from washing and cleaning the house for them. He sometimes invites me into the room to watch as he makes love to that strange woman. In all of this I remained calm and faithful and a good wife.

One evening, I heard them fighting.

Chi Chi: where do you think you are going? You think you will leave me now because she is back? You go no where.

Isaiah: You are stupid. I told you before all of this that my woman is not around and that once she is back our deal is over, didnt I tell you?

Chi Chi: and so what if you told me that. Listen you go no where, our deal is supposed to last for one more week. So if you think you are gonna leave me for one crazy b—h then you obviously dont know who I am.

Isaiah: listen I will pay you off. I never knew she would return a this early. I thought she would return next month, she was supposed to be away for six months but now that things are like this we have to reschedule.

Chi Chi: I dont even really care wether you go to her or not, but if you must go, you will pay me my full money as agreed. Dont you think because the deal ended you will cut my money no way.

Isaiah: Is that all? Dont worry I will pay you. But please pack up and leave. I must hurry to my baby.

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I just sat in my room and listened to all my husband was saying. Referring to another woman as baby. I know he was talking about Marvis. No wonder he came home, Marvis travelled. No wonder. I came out of the room and sat on the dining chair. I watched as Chi Chi packed her things from my bedroom. I watched my husband count a whooping sum of 70,000 naira for that girl.

Isaiah: I hope we are good now?

Chi Chi: (smiling) of course we are.

As she made way to leave she suddenly turned faced me.

Chi Chi: I apologise for everything that happened this last few months, you must understand that am only doing business, I need the money to survive, me and my younger ones. So whatever I did, do not take it to heart. Its part of the job. Sorry….

Then she turned to isaiah,

Chi Chi: I wonder what you saw in that girl, what’s her name again, is it Marvis or what? You have a good wife, a very good one at that, you have a great family, but you are destroying it with your hands. You better realize yourself fast and stop making this good woman suffer.

Isaiah: get out jhoor, have I not paid you? See this prostitute want to advice me. Idiot.

Chi Chi: I don talk finish o.

She turned and left. Not long, Isaiah picked some clothes and the car keys and also left.