The Complete Woman Episode 27


I went into a three days dry fasting and praying for my husband to return home to me and God finally answered. On the third day, Isaiah came home. I have become so thin. When I heard a knock on the door, I thought it was one of the neighbours but I was surprised when I opened and I saw Isaiah walk into the house.

His beards were all grown and he was looking so rough, as I was about to smile and welcome him home when i noticed he was not alone. A girl was with him. I looked at her if she was someone I knew but this girl I have never seen her in my whole life. She was practically dressed like a full-time prostitute. I looked at my husband and allowed him come inside. He held her hands and pulled her in.

Me: welcome home Darling!

Isaiah: You wanted me home right? You went and called my mom and everybody in the world that I abandoned you. Well I am home now.

Me: Baby, its not like that, I didnt call mummy, I was admitted in the Hosp…

Isaiah: I dont care, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is am home now, you happy now?

I was silent because I really didnt know if I was happy to see him or not. I stood as I watched him drag a box inside the house, obviously the box belonged to the girl.

Isaiah: why are you standing there staring at me like an image, can’t you see I came home with a guest, instead of you to help me welcome her and bring her things inside the house you are there staring at me. My friend, come here and help me take this things to the room.

Me: Honey who is she please?

Isaiah: (he made to slap me but stopped half way) you are very lucky I’m in a good mood today. And also because I respect my mom so much and I’ve promised her not to beat you. But that does not mean you should provoke me. Now take that bag inside and dont you ask me stupid questions.

I didnt say anything I went and I carried the bag inside the visitors room. The girl was eyeing me up and down and chewing gum anyhow. I had not finished dropping the bags before I heard my husband shouting my name. I quickly rushed to him.

Isaiah: Please get me and my chi chi, some food to eat. She says she is hungry and I am too. I turned and looked at them again and without saying a word I went over to the kitchen and prepared the food and set the dinning. I watched as he held her hand and took her over to the dinning to eat. A bite of the delicious jollof rice and plantain with chicken that I made and she squeezed her face and shouted and then started coughing.

Isaiah: (rushing her a glass of water ) what is it? What is it? Are you okay?

Chi chi: Ah ah shay your wife will not kill me in this house o. See the pepper she put in this food. And it is very salty too.

Isaiah took a bite of the food and from his expression I could tell he liked the food, but because he wanted to please her he responded without thinking.

Isaiah: Daniella what is this? Do you want to kill us.

Me: Am sorry baby please forgive me.

Isaiah: is it that your rotten cry now that i will eat? This food is poison. You were the one crying I come home. I come now you want to poison me. From today I won’t eat your food. Thank God I am not alone in this house. Chi chi please be cooking for me in this house. I dont want to die yet OK?

Chi chi: no problem dear.

Without saying a word I left them and went to the room and I laid down on the bed to rest.

Few minutes later, my husband came into the room with the Chi chi girl.

Isaiah: what are you doing?

Me: (/the question was surprising to me) nothing am just resting.

Isaiah: where did you put the bags you brought in?

Me: They are in the visitors room.

Isaiah: are you mad? My friend go and bring them here jhoor.

Me: But baby this is our room na. Will she sleep here with us?

Isaiah: who is us? Come on go and bring the bag here before I land you a dirty slap.

Once again I stood up and went to bring the bags to our room. I dropped the bag then I climbed back on the bed.

Isaiah: what are you doing?

Me: honey am not feeling strong I just want to rest a bit.

Isaiah: my friend pack your things to the visitors room jare.

Me: what?/visitors room? This is our room, why should I go to the visitors room, she is the visitor she should go.

Isaiah: you are stupid. This is my house and I decide who and who not to sleep in the visitors room and now I am saying move to the visitors room.

I kept quiet for sometime, but eventually I picked a few of my things and moved out of my matrimonial room to the visitors room. I wanted to call mummy, but then I changed my mind. This is my cross and I will bear it until God decides to save me from it.