The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 6


I was set and ready before 7:30…
It was a beautiful Monday morning and I was well prepared to assume office …

Better to get to it.

I heard the car horn outside. .
A little anger swelled up inside me.
Remembering who has come to pick me.

“The good for nothing PA…”…I fumed.

“Just imagine…
Just a dent to my perfect day!!

I sighed.

I went outside locking my door.
With a straight face and a curt nod when I heard him say a greeting.

“I so was going to have him replaced …I really can’t deal with such a person as my PA….The more I saw him the more I got annoyed.”

“Madam I hope say you enjoy your weekend and you don’t sleep well well….
Plus you don have breakfast this morning so hungry no catch you??”..

He asked as he stared at me from the front mirror..

Obviously trying to make small conversation .

“Drive the car Mr Andrews. i am not in the mood for small talks”.
I took my files from my bag and perused through.
I felt him stare at me for a few more seconds before he mumbled a ..
“Er sorry ma!!” He says, his enthusiastic cheer level dropped from a 100 to a zero.
Good, I wasn’t his playing partner, he should know that.
I roll my eyes.
I miss Tina, why on earth can’t I have my PA from lagos brought to me?
And what’s this thing about order from higher superior ?
It didn’t make sense , I need to get that sorted out as soon as I get to the office.
I assure myself.
I turn away from my files and stare out the window taking the environment into sight.
I realise that it isn’t an exactly long drive from my apartment to the office, tops 15 minutes and we were pulling infront of a giant building.
It had the ” J.K Andrews Constuction And Housing Design Company” boldly written on it.
It wasn’t your usual construction company that always looked a mess, with lot of blocks, and planks and all other constuction tools lying about.
From the outside it looked like a corporate office firm. ..which indeed it was, people dressed as officelike as possible..
Even the contruction workers had a cute overall. ..and an helmet but within it they dressed as decently as possible. .
The architects weren’t different from the people who stayed behind the computers and had a desk infront of them..

The only difference was that they either had a pencil in their hair or behind their ear..So cliché of them.
But there was something cute about a guy with a rolled up sleeves..tucked in shirt and tie..looking all delicious being serious .
I smile
Atleast this is a less stucked-up place than my previous environs with a little of everything in one place; diverse culture and people.
Different fields of specialisation trying to make up on unit..what’s there not to love?
I mutter to myself as I alighted from the car and followed the annoying person infront of me as he led the way.
Atleast he had a good enough sense to carry my bag and files without me telling him.
“I’m still replacing your ass”… I mutter to myself
It was 10 minutes to 8am.
I was told introductions and briefing starts by 8am.
I walked into the reception area, sat down and waited.


*** Earlier ****
Brian wakes up, turning on his side , he groans when he sees that it is 7am already.
Sighing he gets up and heads to the shower, good thing the girl had left already, a nice tip gave her face a pretty smile when she woke up this morning.
He wished the weekend didn’t come to an end.
Yes .
He had a swell weekend.

Lots of booze and warm body or bodies… and the sex was……Hmmm
He laughs to himself.
One would think he would be totally wasted and sprawled on his sofa till sunrise a million years later.
But no.

He had a lot of energy to last a life time…
Well it doesn’t matter, today was Monday, nothing stops him from having fun anytime of the day whenever he wanted.
He strolls to the shower to bath, and then wiping his body dry he comes out, flinging the towel to the chair.
Good thing room service was still a thing, he wouldn’t be picking after himself. He never picks after himself..

When there were maids and things like room service??
He shakes his head, then he stops infront of the mirror and stares at his naked body .
He smiles.
He loved his body.

He always thanked the stars for such perfectness.

And most especially for the fact that despite his abs and sweet biceps..killer body and taut butts,

He was well endowed..
And he never let’s an opportunity pass to flaunt it to the chicks who were privelleged to view it.

He calls it.
“His Gift to women”
Especially when it was on full alert.

He liked that their eyes pops out of their socket when they stare at him.

It wasn’t that it was gigantic…lord that would be. ..Terrifying. if he were a girl he would run far away.
But No, it was that it was…above the average big and it was perfect and it was beautiful.
And he loved it. The ladies loved it.

He wiggled it as he danced to the music playing in the background..and laughed at his silliness.
He looks at the time ..7:15
He shrugs.
He picks out a black shirt and a brown chinos pants, He didnt bother with a tie.

He carried a brown jacket, wearing a brown loafers , picks up his Rolex, dapped a little male cologne , brushed his hair, Looked at his teeth and gave himself a thumbs up and smiled
“Gosh I love me”
He strolled out of the house..

The driver had been on standby since 7am
He was nearing the car when the call came in, he ignores the call.
“Goodmorning Sir !” The dude standing and opening the door wide for him greets him.

“Goodmorning Ikena, driver stroke personal bodyguard stroke my father’s spy , stroke buddy patrol stroke whatever else my father have you doing. I am sure if he pays you to spy on me boning some chick or pooping you wouldn’t mind right?”
The dude didn’t answer that question…but smiled, the dude probably figured he was being cynical.
“It is Ikechukwu sir” the man says
“Whatever , there is Ike in both so…what gives? ” Brian smiles standing close to the car
“Enjoyed your weekend? ”
“Oh most definitely Ike, most definitely ” Brian says looking at the phone as it rings again
It’s from the office. , the 10th call within 5 minutes .
He slips it back into his pocket ..
Whatever it is and whoever it is has to wait.
He was going to the office baa? What’s the piss about.
He should tell them never to call his personal line anymore.
More respect !!!
“Your fault father ” he sighs

Ikechukwu stares at his boss’s son from the mirror
Atleast today he was in a good mood, other days he throws insults at him as though every word he knew was of them.
The Boss’s son tries to get away from him during crowded places but ofcourse he doesn’t get that far.
He was smart but they were trained smarter.
They were about five bodyguards who were put in his detail when he came into Port harcourt and everyone was tasked to giving the Boss detailed reports on his son on a daily..
What he does and what he doesn’t do.
Personally their Boss knew his son was a womaniser ..whenever they told him about the girls he waves it away
“I don’t need to know about my son’s sexual innuendos , all I am comcerned about is his safety, his whereabouts, his company and his office activities to make sure he does what I ask him to and if he errs or goes against me is to inform me so I take the necessary action” The Boss had told them.
But his son Brian didn’t want bodyguards.
He told his father that he felt like a kid with nannies , well they all knew that he didn’t want them overcrowding his space or rather spilling to his father .
He heard him telling his Boss over the phone
“Pops, you alone said you don’t want anyone to know I am your son and bla bla bla, and that I must live a life of service bla bla bla and yet you give me five bodyguards? I don’t mind them but c’mon I’ll rather pick my own bodyguards so I know that they are loyal to me not your own loyal dogs you kept on my tail. Pull them back..i can drive myself.”
He could hear his Boss’s reach laughter through the phone
“Do you know your way around Port harcourt? Have you ever been there before?”
“No to both questions but still”
“But still you want to be on your own so that you can do all manner of things and I wouldn’t be able to keep a tab on you like say not show up at the office, go partying and God knows what other things young men your age do”
“Father we have fun, I think you need a lil bit of that”
“Stop it Brian,this is no time for jokes. I am not pulling them away, plus yes I don’t want people to know about you there because it would get into your head and I will not leave my wealth to some playboy, or an incompetent fool!!”
“Ouch father, that is harsh and low, even for you,you do know that I am neither of the two and I am your son, if I am these way maybe you were worse when you were younger. The able doesn’t fall far from the tree you know”
“With the way you are behaving I think you are much worse and I was never as bad, reckless and irresponsible as you”
“I don’t need your dogs father” Brian sighs
“You have no choice. Good thing that they won’t be on uniform and be very obvious. You can pretend to be friends with them,i am sure one or two of them can talk your language”
“Which is what father?”
“Girls,drink,parties ecetera” his father laughs
“Hahaha very funny father. Take them away”
“Five is two much”
“Fine, I’ll remove two, I’ll leave three, and there would take turns keeping you safe ”
“Don’t you mean spying on me and giving you reports”?
“Hmmm, that too.”
“Goodbye son”
“I guess you have eyes everywhere father so saying goodbye would be ironic”
His father laughs .
After Brian cuts the call, they had a call,two of them were taken away from his security detail…and the driver was removed as well so a bodyguard assumed the responsibility instead.
Ikechukwu knew that it sucked, working for his Boss wasn’t so bad but working for his Boss’s son was crazy.
He was a dickhead and a brat.

A huge one.
If he were his son he would have kicked him out to the streets to have some manners ..
But here he was taking bullshit from this young man.

Some days he would have loved to punch his face in and then walk away but the pay was good if not he wouldn’t mind making Brian eat the dirt, but he kept his cool.
Such dudes born with a silver spoon don’t know the first thing of responsibility, obedience and how to treat other lesser beings…

And Brian here was the worst of them . All he knew how to do was, party, women..booze and it went on and on like a vicious circle…
Ikechukwu shook his head.
This Brian was lucky he got a father who gave a shit about him.
If it were his father , his father will kick his ass to the curb and tell him “Go learn how to be a man..fend for yourself and put food on the table…then we can talk about how well of a man you are”
That would put the fear of God into him or any young man.
But here they have someone who just gets plastered with money and don’t really have to work shit to get it.

And the only condition here is just to PA and yet he don’t give a shit and acks like a boss around here?
He shook his head again but stopped.
Well technically, Brian is the boss’s son soo. .but no one is supposed to know that.
And their duty is to help Brian to keep a low profile.
But the fool of a boy, that’s not exactly what he is doing but being an asshole at work and practically getting away with everything.
The buzz around the office of who is he and the link to Mr Andrews is still uncertain and they intend to keep it that way.
Everyone pegs Brian for high profile person and the curiousity is over the roof His own phone has being buzzing all weekend from Mr Andrews
“Why in the world didn’t you make him go to the airport?
Why didn’t you make sure he had the files printed and sent to the new employer?
Ikechukwu, what is this i am hearing about the new employee wanting the PA replaced?
“If he doesn’t do his job I will have yours!!!
“I am paying you to guard my son and make sure he doesn’t run wild yet …

I see pictures of him having one to many naked women, too many drinks,

And what’s worse , people asking questions of who he is and all that.

Make it stop or else I will need your resignation letter”.
Mr J.K Andrews went on and on and on, and ofcourse not even wanting to listen to him speak.
Ikechukwu was angry.
“I am not his fucking nanny!! I am a security detail, not to wash his ass and make sure he eats and gets to work early. Who does that shit…..” he wanted to scream at his Boss .
but He sighs as his subconscious kicks him.
“But the pay is good. For the money bro, Just for the money.

Suck it up.


This dude don’t gat shit on you”…
“Er Ikechukwu ” Brian interrupts his thoughts.
” I know you would love to stand and admire how handsome I look but can you get to your driver duties?

I have a PA thingie to go to and make papa proud…”
Brian snickers mischievously as he wears his shades, closes his eyes and relaxes his head..
“Right away Sir!!”
Ikechukwu enters into the car puts it on drive and they were off..
He watches as Brian ignores the call again.

As they arrive, Brian alights from the car, enters into the building, and takes the elevator up to his floor, alighting he runs into John
The dude seem to not like him, he sensed the way he raises up his shoulders and turns up his nose at him.
It only meant one thing, the guy felt intimidated by him.
This small toad,what did he have that he could think he could rub shoulders with him?
Brian laughs as he eyes him.
Ever since he came here,while the ladies throw themselves at him and some of the guys wanted to be his friend., this John guy seemed to be forming a click of his own to tell everyone why they shouldn’t be mesmerised by a fine face and good body, that boys like him were bad.
He was bad alright, bad for John’s ego which seemed to be a deflated sag of balls.
Brian laughs..
“Didn’t you see my missed calls?” John stops infront of him
Brian raises an eyebrow “So you were the fool calling me??”
“Who are you calling a fool?”
“If the name fits why deny” Brian says.
“You are the one who looks more like a fool ” John sneers back
Brian stares at him, a slight anger rising. No one would dare talk to him this way no one, but because his father had said….”Don’t tell anyone who you are until I make the announcement myself ” he is now making him have to see people like these and not slap them “shut up” and bring them to their kneels to beg for his forgiveness
Breath Brian breath.
He tells himself.
“Do you mind getting out of my face Er John!”
John eyes him “if you think I am going to be like others falling on their feets for you you are mistaken. You are nothing but bad news Brian or whatever your name is,”
“Yes, i seem to ruffle your feathers”