Eli walked around the house totally lost in thought. It had been a month since Rasheeda died and she was still hurting, she had never lost anyone that close to her in her life and she had no idea it hurt this much.

Thinking about it she realized a lot of things, she had dated a guy with terrible anger issues, if she had decided to stay with him because he was a good guy, this might have been her fate in some time to come.

Rasheeda was said to have died of internal bleeding and sometimes she wondered if she could have made a difference if they had arrived earlier and called the ambulance earlier.

She had developed a deep seated hatred for Fred for taking her best friend from her, but the bastard had still not been caught, the police were however still investigating.

As her hatred for Fred grew, her anger against Kwesi reduced, she had chosen to understand why he did what he did, choosing to understand was the easiest way to handle it else she was never going to be able to forgive him.

She and Kwesi had gotten a bit close after Rasheeda’s death but she hadn’t told him the truth yet, he still thought Jack was Judith’s father.

She had thought deeply and believed it wasn’t worth it to tell him the truth. She wasn’t going to tell him.

She heard music and knew it was her phone, when she picked it up she saw it was Kwesi, since they had become friends again, he had taken her number and they chatted once in a while, always about general stuff, never about them.

When she answered all he said was ‘come up’ and cut the line. She looked up at the blue window and saw him staring down at her with a smile on his face.

How did this guy keep making her love him, it was surprising but the love she had for him was growing faster by the day.

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She stepped out and went to his house, when she entered he was sitting by a small box with love written on it, Eli’s countenance changed. After they had started talking again, they had never talked about themselves, it had always been other stuff.

Kwesi looked at the box and back at Eli. “oh forget the writing on it, I just wanted to show you a secret I have, open the box and look through it”. He laughed. “I wanted to share this with you a long time ago but I didn’t want you to think I was mushy”.

Eli smiled and sat a small distance away from him. When she opened the box her mouth dropped. There were images of her, taken from his room, of her on the phone in her house, of her walking around, of her stepping out….and each had writings behind them, reading the stuff behind each image made her realize how Kwesi saw her, he loved her, when she looked at him tears flowed down her cheeks .

She looked at him for a few seconds, rose and walked towards him, they looked at each other for a while and hugged as they apologized to each other, Kwesi tried very hard not to cry though his eyes looked blood shot.

They kissed and apologized over and over again. Eli cleared her throat and looked at him.

“Kwesi, there’s something I need to tell you”.

“Judith is my daughter, I know, I came to your house when you were not there and spoke to your mom, she seemed to need someone to talk to so she confided in me, she told me Judith’s father’s name was Kwesi but she didn’t know who the person was and you wouldn’t tell her, I decided to give you time to truly forgive me, whenever you go to town, I spend some time with Judith, but I made the poor girl keep a secret, hahaha, now I can see her in your presence, so we can be a family,  ”.

Eli stepped back and looked at him. “When you say be a family what do you mean?”

“I mean we are meant to be together, we survived this, we are going to survive everything”.

She looked at him and smiled. “yes we will, but the next time you do something like this to me I’ll kill you” Eli said with a glint in her eyes knowing he would never do anything like that to her ever again.

They both laughed. Kwesi looked at her again and kissed her passionately, it brought feelings rushing back….very fast. She giggled.

Kwesi heard his phone ring and answered. After a few seconds he returned to her. “That was Rasheeda’s mom, Fred has been arrested, will you come to the station with me?” She looked at him and smiled as they walked out of the house holding hands.


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