“There’s something I need to tell you Rash” Eli said again but Rasheeda cut her short.

“ No Eli, I have to tell you something, I’ve greatly wronged you, as a friend, but if I may ask, who is more a best friend to you, Jason or I”?

Eli looked at her, it was definitely Jason, despite everything he had done, she still loved him. “ you are closer to me” she said to Rasheeda.

“I’ll tell you a secret, promise you won’t tell anyone, and promise you’ll not be mad”. Eli looked at her, she wasn’t one to easily care if one was mad or not, but asking this of her meant what she had done was terrible.

Eli nodded. “I’m really sorry, I….i don’t know how it happened, I….i went to see Fred about him saying you told him you were leaving, I don’t know how it happened, we….we…..”

“You had sex with him Rasheeda?” She nodded and looked away. “wow, I can’t believe this, Rasheeda, how could you do this, what kind of a friend are you?” “I’m sorry Eli, I don’t know what happened”. “so the pregnancy…..”

Rasheeda sniffed as the tears  flow down his cheeks.

“it’s Freds”. Eli rose angrily just as Kwesi entered the house.

“Oh what a day I’m having” she turned to Rasheeda “I need to go back to my daughter”.

As she walked back Kwesi called out to her.  This was Kwesi, her Kwesi, the one she loved like there was nothing  more important, but now she loved someone else more, Judith, her only sanity in the madness of the moment.

She spun around almost immediately and looked at him. He still loved her but right now it wasn’t enough, he had hurt her, much much more than she had, he hadn’t been fair to her.

“Eli, we need to talk, can we….can we go to my place so we can talk?”

“you get your sorry ass the hell away from my house, you are not allowed to talk to me, you know why i was at your house that day, the day you insulted and humiliated me, i’ll tell you, if you care to know, I never once slept with Fred when I was with you, i came to tell you that, now get out”.

Rasheeda walked towards them. “you… were with her?” Eli turned to her and answered.

“ Yes, he was with me, he loved me like crazy, still does, and he used you, in his time of pain, tried to use you to forget me, and it was so easy for him to get into your pants”.

As she walked away Kwesi called her back.

“ Eli, is…..the child I saw mine?” She turned to look at him, anger burning in her eyes.

“that is a very stupid question to ask of a whore, it’s Jacks’ you idiot”. Kwesi staggered.

“Eli, what the hell are you saying”.

“ I am saying…..i just used you, you were not even good enough for use, you suck in bed…with that thing in between your legs, I always had to fake, now leave my house, both of you, I have a child to see to”. She walked away from them leaving them shocked confused and trembling.

Now everything is in a mess, too many lies told, but we are going to see how it all turns out in the final season, SEASON 4…….

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