“Who is at the door?” Afia asked in such a timid voice that she wondered if that voice truly belonged to her.

“Afia please open the door for me, hurry”. She heard Sedi’s voice and rushed to the door.

Sedi sat on the bed as Afia bolted the door.

She turned and watched Sedi as she wept, she didn’t really know what to say, how to comfort her for she didn’t really know what was going on here.

She walked towards Sedi and sat on the bed beside her but didn’t utter a word.

After a few minutes of silence and tears, Sedi rose.

“where are you going?” Afia asked her surprisingly and rose too.

“my room, why do you ask?”. Afia walked to her, held her hand and sat back down on the bed with her.

“what is going on?” Sedi looked at her and sniffed.

“nothing, I just had a nightmare and rushed here out of fear, please forgive me for disturbing your sleep”.

Afia stared at her quietly as she watched her walk to the door.

“I saw Patrick, I saw what happened, so why don’t you quit lying to me and be honest with me?”

Sedi froze and turned to look at Afia icily. “you… were spying on us, you were eavesdropping, what kind of lady does that”

Afia could see she was really offended, she had hoped no one would see what had happened but Afia had.

“I didn’t…..i didn’t eavesdrop or anything like that, I was in my room when I heard noises, I….i didn’t know what it was so …….i……I had to…..”.

Sedi walked towards her angrily and held herself in check. Afia knew exactly what Sedi would have done, she would have struck her, but she had held herself in check for some reason.

“Sedi, I thought we were friends, I thought you needed me here to be your friend, and you can’t talk to me?”

She saw a grin form on Sedi’s face as it turned into laughter.

“you thought I was your friend who will talk to you, is that how it works, that your secrets are more secretive and mine are to be easily bared?”



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Afia looked at her. What was she talking about, what did she mean she was keeping secrets from her?

“Sedi saw the surprised expression on her face and chuckled.

“Afia, have you ever been married?” she asked and stared carefully at Afia. Afia thought carefully.

If she said yes, Sedi would know she had lied to her the first time, she might ask who her husband was, where he was, why she wasn’t with him, too many questions.

If she said no, she might know she was lying, she wouldn’t confide in her though confiding in her might bring out the answers she needed.

She thought carefully. Sedi was patiently waiting for her, she knew Afia was married………or probably divorced, but whichever one it was had been very current because the mark of the ring was still on her ring finger.

“No, I have never been married” Afia said, carefully avoiding Sedi’s gaze.

She looked at her for almost a full minute and chuckled.  “ You know what my dear sweetheart, you are not a very good liar, you should probably get yourself a skin toner to tone that area on your ring finger that is fairer so no one notices that you were once married”.

Afia looked at her ring finger and noticed the mark, she was not one to care much for her skin, she effortlessly had good skin.

She had barely noticed the mark because it was really faint, she wondered how Sedi had seen it.

“ I’ll tell you a secret, Patrick is not an ordinary man,he is the son of one of the most important chiefs in the land, everyone knows him, i allowed you in because you were from far away and you probably didn’t know him, you really shouldn’t have spied on us”.

Sedi looked at her once and walked out. Afia sat on the bed and sighed. She wasn’t scared, she was just angry, she knew she was going to get over it.

Sedi pulled out her phone from her pocket as soon as she was away from Afia and out of earshot and made a call

“We have a problem……no not that…well yes,it’s that but someone saw him…….yes………she lives with me…………no, why do you ask that?………… know I can’t do that…..I’ve never killed anyone………she’s not going to tell anyone………ok ok!!!…….whatever you say.


According to the phone call, Sedi has been ordered to kill Afia, who ordered her and will she be able to do it? Keep reading The Biggest Secret for your answers…..