Sedi opened the door and looked at the young lady standing in front of her. She looked ugly, dirty face, very dirty, disheveled hair, tattered clothes….one of the slippers she wore was torn.

“My dear, what happened to you?” As soon as she opened her mouth, tears started flowing down her cheeks. “Oh dear….do you understand English?”Sedi asked the lady who nodded.

“Pass through the backdoor and come in, I just mopped the hall”. Afia nodded and went to the back. When she entered, Sedi led her straight to the bathroom and stayed outside the bathroom door to make sure she wasn’t dealing with a ghost or something.

Afia stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Sedi sent her to the spare room and brought her lotion, a new pair of undies and a long dress.

She left her and went to sit in the hall. In about fifteen minutes, Afia stepped into the hall and smiled at Sedi.

She looked at her surprisingly. “what a shower can do” they both laughed. “thank you madam for your hospitality, I really needed that, my past few days have been the toughest in my life and I come from faraway, I need a place to live, I need to find a job”.

Sedi looked at her, she looked like a sincere person, she wasn’t a happy woman, her husband was always on one trip after another so she needed company.

“I’m really sorry I didn’t ask your name, mine is Sedi….Sedinam Quayson, and you……?”

She noticed Afia hesitate, she didn’t seem to want to mention her name.

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“My dear, i don’t think you have any reason to mistrust me, I let you into my home though I don’t know you, the least you can do is trust me.

“I’m really sorry, forgive me, my name is Afia….Oppong”. They smiled at each other.

“ Where are you from, can you tell me a bit about yourself”. Afia looked at her strangely.

The past few days had been the worst in her whole life that she had lost her trust in everyone.

Somehow she felt she was safe with this lady though she wasn’t ready to tell her a single percent of what was going on with her.

“erhmm, like I said, my name is Afia Oppong, I just came back from Nigeria but due to some personal problems, I found myself homeless, I need to find a place to stay and some work to do, I’ll be leaving now, thank you for your hospitality.

“you’re welcome dear” she said and smiled as Afia walked towards the door.

“Afia, erhmm, I think you can live here, in the guest room, my husband won’t mind, he’s away from home practically every time, I don’t even see much of him, I get really bored”.

Afia turned to look at her and smiled. “thank you dear but I don’t want to impose on your generosity, if I stay here, what will I do, I can’t live off you?”

Sedi rose and walked towards her. “I have a friend who needs an assistant in his office, I can recommend you”.

She looked at Sedi for a while and slumped to her knees, I can’t thank you enough , you just saved my life”.

Sedi giggled. “No, I just made a friend”. They both laughed and walked back to the couch.

“How do I buy clothes and everything I need?”  Sedi laughed again.

“You don’t have a problem dear, my husband is a rich man, everything will be fine, stop complaining, we’ll go shopping tomorrow”.Afia looked at her and smiled.

Later that night, Afia entered the bedroom after a shower, she threw her towel on the bed when suddenly the door burst open and Sedi rushed in.

“ Guess what, my husband…..” She froze and looked at Afia’s naked body. The lusty look in her eyes shocked Afia as she grabbed her towel and covered her body.

“erhmm….i’m sorry, I should….i should have knocked, we’ll talk when you come to the hall, I’m sorry”

She rushed out and closed the door behind her. Afia stood in shock, what had just happened?

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