Kafui ‘ s mouth dropped as he stared at Lady, he was confused, hadn’t Lady just sworn to him that she hadn’t said anything?
“Lady…..oh God, Lady, how many days have I known you, what are you up to, since you came here,  have you entered my room?”
Lady looked at him disdainfully as if he was her worst enemy.
He couldn’t understand what was going on, why was Lady doing this to him?
“Can I go now?” Afia asked as she walked to the door.
Kafui ran after her and held her hand
” Afia, you’ve known me for a while now, you know the calibre of person I am, you know I wouldn’t lie to you” Kafui said as he looked into Afia’s eyes.
She pulled away from him and walked to the other side of the room.
“Really,  you’ve never lied to me?” She watched him as he tried to to remember if he had
“I don’t remember ever lying to you….” he said, he was terrified because he knew if he had it would mean he had just lied again.
“I see, do you remember when I asked you if you were living with a woman, what did you tell me? ”
Kafui thought deeply and slumped into the seat, he had lied to her, he remembered clearly.
“Afia,  I’m really sorry, I was avoiding any assumptions you’ll have by knowing I was living with a woman,  I didn’t want to hurt you”.
Afia sat quietly as she looked at Lady then she turned to Kafui.
“So what do we do now, you lied to me and now a woman is saying she’s expecting your child, how do I know if I can trust you?”
“Because you know me, and you know deep within that she is lying”.
Afia looked at him and smiled “promise you’ll never lie to me? ”
Kafui knelt beside her and kissed the back of her hand.  ” I swear, I’ll never lie to you”.
“Aww how cute, finally” Lady said as she and Afia started to laugh, Elom joined in too and Kafui felt lost.
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“Erhmm…..I think I’m lost, what’s going on here?”
Afia hugged him and kissed him on the lips to his surprise.
” Meet Korea,  my best friend from school, married to Elom’s best friend, we had a falling out years back cos of Elom so the new deal was to test any guy who claimed he loved me to be sure he was”.
Kafui stared at them.
“What!!!!” He turned to look at Elom.
“You were in on this?” He asked Elom.
“Of course, I knew you were better than me so you definitely would have passed. ……and you did”.
It took a while for Kafui to accept what was happening.
Kafui woke up and found Elom sitting at the foot of his bed.
“What the hell are you doing there….wait….oh hell, it’s my wedding day” he jumped and started running around whiles Elom laughed at him.
As he looked in the mirror all specked up he thanked God for a dream come true, he was the happiest man alive,  he was going to marry the woman of his dreams
He wouldn’t dare ask God for more, he turned to look at Elom, there were tears in his eyes.
Through it all, he had forgotten that Elom loved Afia too, he walked towards Elom and they hugged.
“Don’t worry brother, I messed up when I had her, she chose you this time, make sure you make her happy”.
“That is my priority” he said as the hugged again.
They stepped out and headed towards the church.
Kafui stood at the altar as he waited for his woman, when she walked in, he felt overwhelmed.
He looked at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walk towards him and prayed silently in his head for he knew the journey had been worth it.
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