Just when I was about to enter a commercial vehicle, I felt light-weighted. Then I became conscious of my wallet. I started hitting all 4 pockets on my trousers over and over again. I repeated the action for about 4/5 times if my memory serves me right but couldn’t feel my wallet. 
Now wait for the funniest scene: 
Even though my wallet is as big as a lady’s purse, frustration got me checking inside my shoes just to be sure I had really lost this wallet. 
At that point, I knew what happened in 2012 was about to happen again. In 2012, I chanced upon somebody I knew miraculously. Oh yes, this was the 3rd time I’m losing my wallet containing cash, IDs and ATM cards. 
Do you know how I got home yesterday?  Mobile money services saved me. I walked for a while in the rain before I got a merchant. I had gotten wet like a motherless duckling. After the transaction, I needed someone to talk to – someone to cheer me up. I called Mykel Okyere, my Nkansah Lil Wayne in a different housing. Lolx… Myk never disappoints. 30min into the conversation, he got me laughing. After the call, I had forgotten about my calamity. 
I got home,  took my bathe, watched TV for a while then my sensory cells transmitted back into my mind, the worry I taught I had gotten over. I couldn’t stop mourning my wallet. I couldn’t!  I just couldn’t help it. I fell asleep by force. 10:00pm. They earliest I’ve ever slept since Senior High School, when I used to hear SS 1s and 2s LIGHTS OUT!!!
Miracle Initiated 
I call this chapter “Miracle Initiated” because the process was initiated in heaven and it took manifestation on earth this morning. 
I went to bed early – yes I did but didn’t sleep much. I told you it was the 3rd time losing my wallet, right? 
Well, on the first occasion, I attributed it to karma because I refused to search harder for the owner of a phone I found. So I felt it was a punishment. You reap what you sow, don’t you? Since then I vowed to look for and return to the owner even the least penny I come across. And I have been doing that for a number of years now. I can boast of the beans seller who over balanced me, which I returned.  Troski mates who forgot to take their monies on a number of occasions. Lest I forget, the phones and wallets I found and returned them to their respective owners. In spite of all these sancticity, people don’t return mine oo. I lost my phone four months ago, I called my number and the lady who answered told me in twi “So it’s yours, eh? Well, now it’s mine oo. I found it” and she hanged up on me. Again, two weeks after I moved into my new house, I got robbed of my laptop, iPhone and my extravagant wrist watch. I painfully forgot to take my change from a mate who also intentionally failed to prompt me when I alighted. 
So while I reminisced on all these past events, I decided to track my wallet this time. First point(as if I had any other),  was to trace all the commercial vehicles I boarded yesterday. Sounds impossible, huh? I know right but I wanted to give it a try- starting from Madina station. In the troski on my way to Madina, I received a text asking me if I had lost my wallet. Interesting,huh? The text was from a contact unsaved on my phone so I assumed it was a stranger. After exchanging a couple of messages, I realized it was somebody I am familiar with.
Apparently, a good samaritan woman had called this young man, whose complimentary card, I had in my wallet. An old school mate of mine. The lady after carefully searching not ransacking the wallet, found the card and called the number on it to inform him of her discovery of the wallet in a troski. 
So fast forward, he(Augustine Effah Danson) sent me the lady’s contact and I called. She directed me to her location and lo and behold, I have my wallet back! I gave her an undisclosed handsome reward, asked God to bless her and parted ways. 
Sow a thought, reap an act;
Sow an act, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character ;
Sow a character, reap a brand;
So a brand, reap a legacy;
Sow a legacy, reap a destiny.
The End…