Tears On My Pillow Episode 3


I woke up early, went to take a bath and cleaned myself up. I wore a jean and a loose body top. My blood flow had reduced. I felt a little weak but wasn’t going to let anyone suspect a thing. so I started cleaning up the house, uncle Chilufya greeted me with a smile as he walked to the dinning table. I had already prepared a sandwich and cut Apple fruits and a glass of juice just like he liked it for breakfast.

“Hey, so are you ready for exams next term?” He asked biting on his food.

“yes uncle” I responded dusting the TV in the sitting room.

“we are starting 3 weeks after opening.”

“Oh great then. I know you are hard working, so please make me and your aunty proud” he said.

“sure Uncle” I smiled at him.He surely was a good man.

“I didn’t see you at super last night. where were you?” For a second I ignored his question and swallowed hard before answering..

” hm. I went to take back a book to my friend in the police camp. I found them group studying so I joined in.” I lied feeling sweat all over my body.

” oh yeah?, that’s good, group studies are good they help a lot” uncle responded. I made a small cross in my head thanking God he bought my story.

“So what do you need for school?” He asked before walking out.

“fees and money for grocery and transport” I answered

” ok let me come back.”

“thank you Uncle ” I nodded handing him his car keys and briefcase.

I went on with my work. Aunty walked out a few minutes later. Without greeting me she went direct to the table had her breakfast and headed out. I ran to her

“aunty Nelly, what should I cook for lunch?”

” Who cares?” she responded.

“just prepare roasted chicken for me and my husband for supper, your lunch is none of my concern” she said without even looking at me.

” ok aunty good day” I said walking back inside.

“Hey come back here !” she called out.I froze in my steps

“what now?” I thought to myself as I quickly went to her.

” you know when you have something up your sleeves you become all jittery and guilty, next time you decide to go see your friends make sure I the owner of the house is aware. This is my house and not yours you hear?” She scolded me. Well at least i had expected the worst that was Almost nothing.

” Sorry aunty” I murmured looking down.

“Open the gate stupid!” she shouted as she got in her car. I ran and opened the gate and watched her drive away. Thank God that’s all I got for that morning.

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I rushed inside quickly cleaned up the plates from the dinning table and removed the chicken from the fridge. I had my breakfast as quickly as possible, I had somewhere to go. Immediately Mapalo’s(aunty Nelly’s 2nd baby) Nanny came in, I told her I had to see someone and I quickly rushed out.

I stood some few meters away from the Mwapes farm and watched the activities around the farm house. I was there for almost 30 minutes when I saw Mrs Mwape and her husband drive in. I bent a little and gazed closely at the back seat of the Prado as they drove through the gate. I saw Mrs Mwape holding my baby, my heart skipped. I ran to the back yard and jumped over the wire fence.

I had to hear what was going on. I sneaked close to the sitting room window.

Mrs Mwape sat down with a sigh Grace in her hands. I noticed the husband had plastics full of baby clothes. The plastics were labelled Jets.

” wow!” so they even went to the city to buy the baby clothes?” I whispered in my mind comforted. Mr Mwape turned to face the window I quickly ducked, squatting below the window. I heard them talking,

” so it’s done, it seems God has given us a baby.”

“mmmh, I don’t know sweety” answered Mr Mwape.

“The police said we keep her until they try finding the mother”

” but Honey, if she wanted to be found she wouldn’t have left the baby in the night and leave that note. Let’s just keep her, just look how her beautiful eyes are shinning. I love her my husband. I can’t let anything bad happen to her” pleaded Mrs Mwape.

I couldn’t help shed a tear. The urge to go in and grab back my baby was so strong I had to pinch myself to avoid doing so. I peeped again and saw a maid bring a feeding bottle hand it to her Boss who gave it to Grace lovingly.

I smiled seeing little movements in the shawl around her and Mrs Mwape smiled as she fed Grace.

Soon after, i heard foot steps the workers where heading my direction. I quickly stormed out and ran back as I came.

I sighed with relief when I was outside the fence.

“oh God, I didn’t know living without my baby was going to be this hard”

I bit my lower lip in anguish and sat outside the fence for another 30 minutes before heading back to the main township.

Story continues…