Tear Drop" Episode 6


Elton wondered what Sandra was doing at the court handcuffed.
He waited for her outside the court room. While hearings was going on
he kept on wondering what she could have been arrested for.
Even though he was undercover at the hotel, the position he saw her on the floor was quite questionable. He didn’t really pay attention but somehow he started thinking of it all over again.
He had missed something, he didn’t get what Sandra was trying to communicate to him. Now everything was getting back to him, that made him more curious as to why she has been arrested.
About 45 minutes later, there came Sandra accompanied by the police.
Her case was adjourned, the Judge adjourned it so that the persecutors will gather more substantial evidence, meanwhile Sandra was not granted bail. She was to remain in jail until 2 weeks time when the given date will be due.
Elton was permitted to talk to Sandra just for some few minutes before she was taken back to jail.
“Miss, am sure you don’t recognise me” Elton asked.
” am not so sure” Sandra said
“I was the drunk guy who interrupted you and your guy at the hotel, by the way where is he” he questioned her.
” dead, he is not my guy, he raped me, I tried defending myself,
accidentally, he hit his head on the wooden frame of the bed……” She
narrated everything to Elton.
Instantly Elton believed her, that is unusual of detectives. They don’t
usually come to a conclusion like that but in Elton’s case, he was
falling in love with her.
Her sadness in her eyes made him feel he really needed him. He didn’t fall for her out of pity but this is actually the first time he felt that way.
Its was true love.
To be continued tomorrow morning.
Mr Pobs