Tarasha Season 2 Episode 91


‘I wish I could just go with a communication device of any kind,’ Lizzy spoke aloud, seated some distance behind Dave who was working on a computer system.

‘The only thing you can go with is a recorder, so that I can hear your conversation but there’s no way you’ll be able to hear me talk to you without him knowing. Even if there was a transparent coloured earpiece, he would still know from your movements.’ Dave replied.

‘What exact information do you think I can get from him?’

‘I think you should just get to know yourselves for now, it’ll be difficult to get anything from him today.’

‘I know but you should also remember that we’ve not got all the time.’

‘Well, what I really need to know from him is who his boss really is, her mission and her sponsor.’

‘We can never get those information from him, he’s never going to tell us.’

‘Yes, but he’s still our key to her.’

‘How do we use the key then?’

‘First,’ he paused to check the time on his wristwatch. ‘It’s 5:48pm already, he would be calling you very soon. From that, we can get where he comes from – their base.’

‘Getting his base is just a step out of several steps.’

‘Yes, I know.’ he said and got up from his seat. He turned towards her and squatted right in front of her, placing both hands on the armrests. ‘Lizzy, the rest lies in your hands. How can you make him fall completely for you and trust you?’

She stared at him speechlessly for a while. ‘Why do we need him to fall for me?’ she asked with a slight frown.

‘If that happens, he’s going to get comfortable with you and eventually careless, then we can extract a lot of information from him. Information on how to get into their base successfully when we finally need to.’

‘But I don’t want to dip my hands too far in this case, it might disturb my involvement in the cases I’m involved in.’

‘Hmm,’ Dave sighed thoughtfully and rose up. He walked slowly to the window and opened the curtain. ‘I don’t really know how else to do this, the only option I’ve got apart from this is to follow the Chairman’s order.’

‘And are you really considering that?’

‘What other option do I have?’ Dave turned back towards her, his fingers still on the burglary proof metals.

There was silence for some econds.

‘You have a lady in your team, don’t you?’

‘Yes,’ he chuckled briefly and shifted his stare to the ground. ‘But she’s on the chairman’s side already, anyone who isn’t either loses his job or gets demoted.’

‘But you can’t just get demoted or fired without a reasonable cause,’ she stared at him with her eyebrows gathered together.

‘It’s starts with taking the case off your hands first, then they’ll find a cause to fire or demote you. You know how easy it is to be set up at the NIS especially those of us that has worked and works as Undercovers.’

‘But you can’t just give in yet, this case is top notch and solving it will not just make news in Nigeria, it will be worthy of news all over the world.’

‘It’s not even about making news, I believe that solving this case will reveal a lot of secrets that could alter the destiny of the country for good. But what other option do I have when the ones who sent me are willing to pay me to be dishonest in the job they gave me?’ he asked, now staring at her face. ‘I’ve got no one on my team who thinks like I do.’

‘Alright,’ Lizzy took in a breath and rose to her feet. ‘Let’s see how far I can go, I’m not sure I can go too far.’

Dave raised his eyebrow, ‘I don’t think you have to go too far but I think your little input will make a huge difference. So do you agree to continue with me?’

‘Ermm… Let me say I’ll continue until there’s need for me to pull out,’ she replied.

‘Oh! Thanks,’ he said with a brief smile. He began to walk towards her with his hands stretched out for an handshake. He would have given her a hug but the atmosphere felt too ‘official’ for that.

‘Hold on,’ she said with a hand up and palm faced towards him. He halted. ‘You said you wanted him to fall completely for me but we started on a wrong note already, it might be difficult to get him to like me at all.’

‘It’s your job, I believe you can do it.’ Dave said and slowly put his hands in his pockets. ‘But what makes you think it’ll be difficult for him to like you, if he doesn’t like you yet, why then has he asked you out?’

‘I displayed my body to him and that’s what he wants, he wants to sleep with me.’ she said with a sorry look on her face.

Dave folded his arms. ‘I don’t know why I believe otherwise, he’s a crook that shouldn’t have time for girls, if he wanted to get down with you, he would have just offered you money and told you the hotel he wants you to meet him.’

‘That’s not too late, he could still do it.’

‘I don’t think he…’ the ringtone of a phone cut Dave short. Both of them looked at each other’s face for a second and then at the table where the phone was ringing the next second. ‘Don’t answer it yet,’ Dave said as he rushed back to the computer system.

Lizzy walked to the table and picked up the phone, the number displayed had no name attached but there was only one person she had given the number of the sim in the phone. While the phone was still ringing, she swiped down the notification bar to check if the data connection was on, wondering why the Reveal Caller application was not displaying the registered name of the caller.

‘There’s no caller name displayed,’ she said aloud after confirming that it was connected a source of data. The phone stopped ringing.

‘Is the data connection of that phone on?’ Dave paused briefly to ask.

‘It’s connected to your hotspot.’

The phone began to ring again. Dave typed in some more commands with the keyboard and ended with the enter key. ‘You can answer it now.’

Lizzy took two back steps before answering the call. ‘Hello.’

‘Hi Patricia, Good evening.’

‘Good… evening,’ she replied, making hesitation sound in her voice. ‘Who’s on the line please?’

‘It’s Victor,’ the voice replied. ‘I received the foodstuffs supply on behalf of Alexander Kimberly today.’

‘Oh! Victor,’ she sounded surprised.

‘I promised to take you out tonight, remember?’

‘Oh yes, but… I’m kind of busy right now,’ she replied, making it sound as if she had forgotten about the outing before.

‘Come on, what are you doing? It’s just past six now, it would be okay if you can round up in few minutes time.’

‘No, it might take a little bit longer. I’m actually cooking.’



‘But I promised to take you out for dinner already,’ the voice sounded disappointed. ‘Or do you want me to join you for dinner at your place?’

‘Oh no, my parents would not like that.’

‘I see… So how do we do it?’

‘Maybe I should call you when I’m ready,’ she suggested.

‘Okay, that would be nice. I’ll be waiting for your call,’ he said.

‘Okay.’ she replied and the call ended.

She met a frown on Dave’s face as she got to his table. He had his back rested and his hands folded with this eyes staring up.

‘Top security in their building,’ he said and sat up on noticing her by his side.

‘You could not determine the location?’

‘Yes, I couldn’t. The building is protected, the map is displaying a location not in the country or even Africa.’ he stopped and tapped the keyboard to confirm the location displayed. ‘It’s Russia.’

‘Russia? How possible is that?’

‘It’s not possible that he’s speaking to you from Russia but it could mean that the configuration they use for the ultimate server in the building was set up in Russia.’

‘That’s crazy, we have to take another step then.’ she said and pulled a seat to sit beside him.

‘I think you should get dressed now,’ he said. ‘Put on something sexy to keep him asking for more,’ he added with a smile.

‘Asking for more what?’ She bit her lips. ‘I thought you wanted him to fall for me now.’

‘Yes, Ermm…’ he scratched his head. ‘I thought dressing in a sexy way will help you achieve that.’

‘That’s not important at all, it’ll only make him want to take me to bed the more. And the special thing about this is that he’s a well trained assasin, I don’t think we can hold him down, send him crazy or get him addicted to me with good sex.’

‘I can assure you that most male assassins love to sleep with women a lot and some of them can’t go a day without it.’

‘But do you know that as crazy as they are for se*x, some shoot dead the ladies they sleep with immediately after everything and go for another girl the next day?’ she asked and Dave couldn’t give an answer. ‘The thing is that they love se*x but never get attached to the girls. They only see them as tools and nothing more.’

‘Well, I don’t have anything to say about this anymore. It’s your specialization, you know how you do it and I trust you to handle it well,’ he shrugged.

‘Since you’ll be watching and listening, you have to read us in between the lines. I’ll call this a well calculated risk, he could try to kill me if he notices anything.’

‘Okay, just do your job.’ Dave said and got up. ‘When you’re ready to go, I need you to tell me. You’ll call him twice, one to inform him that you’re ready and then will we’ll give him a space of some minutes to get out of the building he is in and then you call him again. The whole street or area can’t be protected even if the building is protected.’

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‘Rex, are you so sure about this?’ the Vice President asked with a tone of doubt. The Inspector General was seated at the same end with him and they were all in a secret room at the Inspector General’s quarters.

‘Yes, I am. You already made the decision with the board, do you want to reverse it?’ Rex asked, looking straight at the Inspector General.

‘It could still be reversed if it will not fetch any good thing. I can’t seem to forget what happened a month ago.’ Chief Rikau replied.

‘You got shot and almost killed because of your carelessness, both of you.’ Rex replied, taking glances at the both men.

‘I don’t want to talk about that anymore,’ the Vice President raised his hand in anger. ‘That’s gone and should be forgotten,’ he added, turning to the Inspector General. ‘Now we should focus on the next plan. Rex gave the idea and we’ve started the implementation already, we announced it last week and everybody including them should have heard by now. If Rex thinks it would work, I believe it would.’

‘Yea, it’s the only way I know we could trap her now.’ Rex joined in.

‘That girl and her team are intelligent, don’t you think they’ll detect any foul?’ Chief Rikau questioned Rex.

Rex let out a brief chuckle which sounded devilish. He placed his gaze on Chief Rikau for almost a minute, thinking about the man’s words. It was the most meaningful question the man had ever asked since he began to work with them and Rex wondered if the wounds he got had made him more intelligent.

‘I thought about that already,’ Rex finally replied. ‘But it’s not a direct trap for her, someone has to fall first before pulling her in.’

‘I don’t understand,’ Chief Rikau frowned.

‘You don’t really need to understand…’

‘I need to understand,’ Chief Rikau cut in. ‘I’m the one to explain to the world if anything goes wrong.’

Rex was silent for a moment. ‘In Nigeria, isn’t there a law against detention of people for so long?’

‘No one has been detained here, only her movements were restrained.’ the man argued.

‘What’s the difference in this context? Since the movements have been retained, have you made any reasonable headway in the case?’

The Inspector General remained silent.

‘Let me handle this and Samantha Osman would walk right into our hands.’


‘When are you returning when you leave tomorrow?’ Henry asked Tarasha who was sitting in the living room and listening to the network news at six. He dropped the tablet device in his hands on the three seater before sitting beside it.

‘I’m not planning to stay there more than twenty four hours,’ she replied, taking a look at him as he sat on the chair. She noticed he just had a change in hairstyle and had shaven his beards.

‘So that means you’ll be back by next tomorrow?’

‘Yes, I should.’

‘Alright, I guess I should just leave this till you return.’

‘What’s it? Why don’t you say it now?’

‘It’s nothing big, I told you sometime ago that I needed to find a way to see my parents and calm them.’

‘So have you found the way?’

‘Well, I’m just going to visit them and explain things to them.’

‘I hope you know you have to go there disguised.’

‘Yes, I do.’

‘When are you planning to go?’

‘I thought of planning that with Cole, I was going to discuss it with him tonight.’



‘Cole’s out already and won’t be back until midnight.’

‘You sent him.’

‘No, he went to the club.’

‘Oh well, I’ll discuss it with him tomorrow then and we’ll get back to you but I believe it’ll be this week?’

‘Huh? You’re going to see your parents this week?’


‘Then it has to be your Dad alone.’

‘No the both of them, in fact my mum is the one I need to see.’

‘How are you going to do that?’

‘I found out she’s going home this week.’

‘Then you can’t see her this week except you do it on her journey home.’

‘I don’t understand you.’

‘Don’t you think the officers would be expecting your visit?’


‘They’ll expect that you visit her if you’re still around and would stick around to wait for you.’

‘That’s true.’

‘Choose another day, you could get into trouble if you make it next week.’


Cole drove down the road silently, glancing at his phone from time to time and wondering if he was going to ever receive the call from Patricia. He couldn’t go back home as he already requested permission to club all night. The previous plan he made was to take Patricia for dinner at a restaurant and then talk her into spending the night in a hotel with him but speaking with her minutes ago had changed his plan totally.

He had learnt that she was still living with her parents and was sure it’ll be quite difficult to convince her to spend the night with him, and she also sounded over the phone like someone who wasn’t used to night outings and that got him surprise because the impression she had given him about herself with all her seductive moves was that she was no different from a runs girl.

He decided that if he got no call from her, he was going to eat somewhere and then spend the rest of the evening at a club and his night in a hotel with a prostitute.

The call he had been hoping for finally came in, earlier than he thought it would. He quickly searched for a space by the road side and pulled over. By the time he held the phone, it had stopped ringing, he dialed back her number.

‘Hey Patricia,’ he said into the phone.

‘Hi, should I meet you around that car park now?’

‘Yes, you can. And you can also tell me your address so that I can come there for you.’

‘Oh! Don’t bother about that, I’ll just meet you at the park.’ she said.

‘Okay, no problem.’ he said and the call ended. He put the phone back beside him and took in a deep breath, he wondered if he was really going through the stress of taking her out just for se*x or if he was beginning to like her. He didn’t know what it was.

Earlier that day, he was irritated by her moves and just wanted to teach her a good lesson by having a violent sex session with her but now it was all different, he craved more than the sex, he craved her presence and attention. If it was only sex, he could choose to go to a brothel where he would have several options of girls with different assets and some more even endowed than she was.

He realized that he was attracted to her in the first place because of her sexiness but now, something different was attracting him and whatever it was, he was determined to find out.

He took a quick glance at his wristwatch to check the time, it was ten minutes to seven. Then he looked at the side mirror before turning on the trafficator to signal to coming cars his plan to move into the road.

Not too long after he got on the road, his phone began to ring again. He glanced at the screen and it was her number calling again. He looked around the road to see if there were any traffic officials on the road who would stop him for disobeying by answering a call while driving. He found none but still decided to stop somewhere before answering the call.

‘What’s up Patricia?’ he said into the phone.

‘I just wanted to find out if you are close by already, I don’t want to stay waiting for long.’ she replied.

‘I’ll get there in eight minutes time,’ Cole answered.



‘The guy already left the house before you called the first time,’ Dave said to Lizzy who just ended the call with Victor. He was still dressed the same way he was but Lizzy had freshened up and worn a new dress – a slim fitted gown which stopped just on her knees but was split on the right side, revealing her right knee up to the thigh. She also arranged her hair in a new fashion and was still busy with her makeup tools.

‘So what we got is the wrong location?’ she asked.

‘Yes, we heard sounds of cars on both occasions. I think he left home when he called the first time.’ Dave said with a tired look.

‘We didn’t think about that,’ she said with a light smile. ‘You can’t predict criminals sometimes, especially those that work with top level intelligent organizations such as this.’



Cole felt the cold wind blow on his body as he rested his bum against the boot of the car. He looked up quickly as he felt something cold touch his hand – a drop of rain, there were no signs of rain in the clouds. He closed his eyes and took in a breath of the cold air rushing against his skin.

‘Hi,’ a voice sounded right in front of him and he opened his eyes quickly. And there was the most beautiful person he had ever seen standing at his front, even the darkness of the night couldn’t hide her beauty. The reflection of light from the car wash and other buildings some distance away helped to reveal her perfect figure and the shadow formed beside her revealed the same beautiful shape and elegance.

His heart throbbed for joy as his eyes scanned her body from head to toe. Everything about her was mind blowing and even the smile on her face was angelic. He stretched out his hand towards to receive her. His eyes scanning her body again as she walked elegantly towards him.

He imagined how it would feel like touching the sexy thigh he could see through the split skirt and how it would be when his hands moved from her thighs to the middle region and his fingers touched the strings around her waists.

He quickly shook off his lustful thoughts with a smile as her fingers touched his, he moved her hand gently to his lips and placed a light kiss on the back of her palm.

‘I’ve never seen one as beautiful as you are,’ he confessed, pulling her into a warn embrace. He didn’t feel like letting her go, he wished to remain under her influence with the scent of her perfume fighting air for space in his nostrils and her breasts touching his chest with her chin on his shoulders.

To be continued