Tarasha Season 2 Episode 221


‘I don’t think they moved before they were attacked,’ Henry replied.

Tarasha’s heartbeat increased drastically as she remembered that she left her mother and Chief Gab at the base.

‘And you think something could have happened to them?’ she spoke up again after a moment of looking lost in her standing position.

‘I don’t know, it’s why we’ve got to leave this train right away, before it gets late.’ Henry replied.

Tarasha sniffed in and shook her head, she decided to believe that nothing had happened back at the base. The only way something could have happened was if someone (either Cole or Nicole) had given out the team. But it wasn’t time to ask any more questions.

‘Let’s get out of here,’ she said to Henry and raised up her gun as she walked in the same direction taken by Rex. She stopped at the entrance and looked left and right to ensure that Rex wasn’t lurking around somewhere.

‘How do we get out of this location?’ Henry asked as he looked out of the train. They were in a village where they saw no car or bikes to snatch.

‘This village has got to have a link to the main road, we’d get there first and get a car to leave.’ Tarasha replied him.

Henry’s eyes widened. ‘We need to get off quickly, the police would try to come here through the main route.’


Elvis Richards still sitting in his disguised form at the backseat of the vehicle, did not know where the vehicle was headed for but remained mute and untroubled. The only thing he knew about the men All that kept him going in the vehicle without complaining was his trust that Rex had a good plan.

He was dozing off when his phone rang and disturbed his sleep, he picked it up and was surprised to see who the caller was. It was Rex. He felt some joy inside him. Rex had told him that he was not going to call or speak to him until after he made sure Tarasha was dead.

‘Hey Rex, I’m sure you’ve finally killed her.’

‘No man, damn it. Your calls are being monitored, they’re tracking us and getting all of our moves through your phone call. It’s dragging us back.’

‘But how is that possible?’ Elvis Richards asked.

‘I’m sure they built an app that has the capacity to grab your voice and that of your callers and store them. They can’t grab mine because of the security locks on my network.’

‘That’s strange,’ Elvis Richards heaved a sigh. ‘But is Samantha Osman dead?’

‘She isn’t dead,’ he replied, mentioning his words slowly. ‘She’s got some company and she’s tough. It’ll take me a lot more time to kill her without the right weapons and you’d be caught if I take all that time here, you’re already being tracked by someone else in her team.’

‘So what do I do?’ Elvis Richards sounded somewhat disappointed.

‘Right after this call, turn off your phone and throw it out through the window.’


‘Yeah, do as I say, else you’d get located and killed before I get there.’ he emphasized strongly.

Elvis Richards heaved a sigh of frustration.

‘Get it done immediately man, I’ve got to apply some first aid to my injuries and I’ll join you there as soon as I can.’


Specialist Hospital, Lagos.

‘My last wish is to see that man dead, once and for all.’ the Chief said in a shaky voice in the hospital bed.

Three other men were in the hospital ward with him, one sitting on a chair and the two others standing at different positions. The man had been transferred that morning to the specialist Hospital from Abuja. Known to be an healthy old man before, his health status had suddenly changed weeks ago and had continued to deteriorate after he heard the death of his kids.

‘I think I can give your men all the details they need to bring her down in two days, it now depends on them,’ the man sitting said.

The old Chief turned his head towards Eric, as if to ask if he could trust them to deliver this time around.

‘What details do you have for us?’ Eric asked the NIS chairman.

‘Elvis Richards doesn’t know I work for Chief, he contacted me early yesterday and asked me to provide him men who could keep top secrets information, I provided him twelve of them and I believe he wants them to work with the Assassin he hired.’

‘So how does that help us?’

‘It can help you if you have knowledge about XXS Security numbers, Victoria can assist you on it, you’d be able to track my men and get their locations.’

Carl and Eric stared at each other for a second, trying to get the logic behind the man’s offer.

‘The XXS Security System is what you use to track your men?’ Eric asked.

‘Yes,’ the chairman replied.

‘So you think it’ll lead us to Samantha Osman since she’s tracking them closely?’ Carl put in.

‘Yeah, since Samantha Osman is tracking and following their moves, you would run into her if you also follow their moves and you’ll also get Elvis Richards killed that way.’

‘I’m not concerned about having Samantha Osman dead anymore, I’m an old dying man and my life can’t get any worse, there’s nothing she can do to me. I only want Elvis Richards dead now and I beg you,’ Chief Afeez paused and looked at the NIS Chairman directly. ‘I beg you to work with them directly.’

Carl and Eric glanced at each other again. What their employer now wanted was the life of Elvis Richards only, but they saw it as a good record to make to be the assassins that brought down the notorious Samantha Osman. Right in their minds, they decided to take it as their personal challenge which they would accomplish together with the one they were being paid for.


The train having been stopped for over thirty minutes, had most of the passengers already weary of waiting and being forced to stay indoor. All the doors had been locked five minutes after the train stopped and it was announced that nobody was allowed to get off the train. The passengers wondered why they were stuck in the unknown village and what was really happening. A few of them had found out from the train driver that it was an order sent from the train station. He had also told them that the cause for the first stop was to check some parts of the train which seemed not to be working well.

Dakolo and Dave were able to get to the train before the arrival of the police. The track was inaccessible by vehicles, so they had to park their vehicle some distance away from the place and run to the train.

‘Police Inspector Dakolo here, please open up.’ Dakolo shouted as he banged the door of the train. He raised up his Identity card and soon train guard opened and allowed him in. Dave followed afterwards.

‘Are you sure nobody has gone off this train according to the instructions?’ Dakolo asked the train guard.

‘I’m not sure, I haven’t seen any but some of the passengers claimed that there were three people, a lady and a man in a fist battle and another gunman who was with the lady. We can’t find them anywhere on the train, some claimed to see them leave.’

‘Is there any other thing that has happened here?’ Dave asked the man.

‘Yes, it started in one of the toilets and then spread to the VIP section, there are some dead bodies there.’

‘Can you take me to that toilet first?’ Dave asked.

Dakolo looked up, wondering why Dave was taking the lead while he was there but Dave didn’t look concerned, he followed immediately as the train guard led them. They soon got to the toilet and found the dead body of the first man laying by the side of the water closet.

‘This was the first dead body we discovered before calling the police, some eyewitnesses said a lady killed him.’ the train guard explained.

‘Can I see one of the eyewitnesses?’ Dave asked.

The train guard stepped out to call on an eyewitness. Dave took a moment to look at the dead body properly, he took out his protection gloves and put them on before bending to check some things on the body of the dead man.

He picked out a card from the chest pocket of the man and raised it up. He recognized the card, it was the property of the SSS and particularly owned by a NIS agent.

‘This is an identity card for the SSS agency, I’m not sure which of their subsection this is,’ Dakolo said as he observed the identity card with Dave.

‘This man is a secret agent,’ Dave said. ‘He works in the NIS.’

Dakolo flashed a quick look at him, wondering how he knew the details about the man’s job in the SSS, he came up with the assumption that it was due to his job as an investigative journalist.

So many thoughts ran through Dave’s mind but he decided to believe that the man on the floor was an agent of the NIS who was in the team in charge of the Samantha Osman’s case or Elvis Richards case.

The train guard returned with an eyewitness but Dave was no longer interested in talking to the eyewitness, he was more interested in the NIS Identity card. He turned to Inspector Dakolo, ‘Please Inspector, find out what he knows.’

He stepped out into the coach and took out his phone. He opened the contact and searched out Lizzy’s number. He had not called her for a long time, but he really needed her help at that moment. He dialed the number and placed it on speaker phone as it began to ring.

‘Hello, who’s on the line?’

Dave had a strange feeling on hearing her voice again. He drew in a deep breath before taking it off loud speaker and placing it close to his ear.

‘Lizzy, it’s Dave. Where are you?’

‘Dave? Dave James?’ she asked in a surprise tone.

‘Yes, Dave James.’ he replied.

There was silence for close to one minute and Dave was the next to speak again.

‘Lizzy, where are you? I need your help right now,’ Dave said.

‘I’m in Abuja at the office, what can I do for you?’ her voice sounded calm, Dave could sense the feeling of guilt in the voice.

‘I have the identity card of a NIS agent here, he was found dead. I want you to check what assignment he was on,’ Dave replied.

‘Please send me his tag number,’ she replied.

‘It’s 5684TGY, his name is Balogun Enoch,’ Dave answered.

‘Okay, I’ll check and get back to you as soon as possible, please call out his tag number again.’

Dave called out the tag number a second time before ending the call. He turned to join Dakolo and the train guard but they were already coming towards him.

‘The same woman who killed the man in the toilet is responsible for killing the other people on the VIP coach and was the same caught fighting with another man,’ Dakolo said to James as he proceeded forward with the train guard leading him. They walked past James and continued walking.

‘Where are we headed for?’ Dave asked, following them slowly.

‘We’re going to the VIP section,’ Dakolo answered him.

Dave increased his steps and joined them, he could see the eyes of the seated passengers looking at them.

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10 minutes later

They were in the room where the fight between Tarasha and the four men took place. Dave was checking the bodies of the dead men, he had found two other men with NIS Identity cards. He was now checking another dead body which wasn’t of a NIS agent. Immediately, he turned over the body, he recognized him as Stainless.

‘I thought this guy should be behind bars, he’s been wanted for a long time and caught some weeks ago.’ Dave said aloud.

Dakolo moved closer to see the face of the person he was talking about. ‘Who’s he?’

‘One of the thugs that were caught few weeks ago after the raid of the police at Samantha Osman’s residence.’ Dave replied. ‘He has previously been accused of many other crimes.’

‘He must have been released by special order,’ Dakolo put in.

Dave got up and was about to move to the next dead body when his phone rang. He took it out and answered it.

‘Lizzy,’ he said into the mouthpiece.

‘Dave, the task and case for that guy is not specified in the records, but the records shows that he and fourteen other men were mobilized for an unspecific task by the Chairman.

‘So how do we know what they were mobilized for?’

‘We can only know if we ask the Chairman himself, I’m very sure it’s not an official assignment.’ Lizzy replied.

‘Thank you Lizzy, I’ll call you later to talk more.’

‘Wait Dave, where have you been?’ Lizzy asked.

Dave had a strange feeling at the sound of her voice. He shook his head gently before clicking the red button.

‘Is there a problem?’ Dakolo asked, after noticing he was absent minded.

‘There’s no problem,’ Dave answered. He dipped his phone into his pocket and took out another device to take pictures.

‘Dave, we have to get out of here now. The police are almost here,’ Dakolo whispered to Dave.

‘The police?’ Dave stared at him, wondering what kind of stupid talk he just made, then he remembered that Dakolo wasn’t the officer in charge of the case and was even on suspension.

‘Dave, we’ve gotta step away, they’re approaching already.’ Dakolo said and then held Dave gently by the arm.

‘We’re not done yet,’ Dave protested. He walked away from the man and went to the next lifeless body.

‘What else do you want to do? You’re doing more than your job already, checking the bodies of the victims is a job for the police.’ Dakolo complained in a strict tone.

Dave looked up, he could sense from the police man’s tone that the man was already getting angry. Dave got up and pulled out a rectangular nylon packet from his back pocket. He opened the packet and pulled out the content.

‘Have this Inspector, you can hide your face with it.’ Dave said as he handed one of the three materials in the pack. He took out one for himself and wrapped the other one into the packet.

Dakolo unwrapped the material quickly and discovered that it was a NIS face mask. He flashed a quick look at Dave and found Dave already putting on the face mask.

He felt a sudden cold rush through his whole body and wondered why he had never thought that Dave could be a secret Agent. He was speechless and couldn’t make any move until he heard the voices of police officers outside the train.



‘Boss, it’s not safe for us to stay here. They might be watching us or might have implanted some things here for us,’ Cole said to Tarasha. He was standing by the driver’s side of the vehicle. Tarasha was standing at the back of the vehicle with her tablet device in her hands while Henry was sitting on a chair at the security stand beside the gate.

‘We need to get some weapons in the store,’ Tarasha said to Cole. She stepped forward and opened the front door of the car, she dropped her device on the seat.

Henry had his earpiece plugged in his ears, his device on his hands and his new application running on it. He had not been able to track Elvis Richards neither was he still getting any of the calls recorded, he knew Rex must have done something to stop his app from fetching the necessary details.

He took off his earpiece from his ears and was about to get up from his seat when a text message entered his phone.

‘Your mother is still alive, you have the opportunity to take her with you today.’ the message read.

He clicked on the reply button. ‘How do I take her home?’

‘I’ll send you the address and you meet us there by two o’clock, okay?’

‘Yes, send the address, I’ll get there as soon as possible but you would have to send me a proof that she’s with you.’

‘What kind of proof do you want?’ the reply came in.

‘Take some pictures with her, first with your two hands held together behind you, the second with you carrying a chair and the third with you holding a shoe.’

‘Cool, will be done in a minute.’

10 minutes later.

‘It’s time to go, Henry,’ Tarasha called out to him as she and Cole returned from the building to the vehicle holding some sets of weapons. Tarasha turned to Cole, ‘We’d need an extra car, call Matthew and Tomi to meet us now.’

‘Where are we going to?’ Henry asked, now walking towards them.

‘We need to get back Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab,’ Tarasha replied him.

Henry stopped some distance away from them and shook his head. ‘I have some other important matters to handle.’

His words met Tarasha as a shock and she looked up quickly. She saw him already turned back and walking away.

‘Henry,’ she called his name. He gave no response but continued walking on.

Tarasha stared thinly at him, hoping he didn’t mean his response to her. Since the base had been discovered that morning, she knew she could no longer trust even her team members. The only person she thought she could trust was Henry, and now Henry was sounding like one no longer interested to work with her.

To be continued