Tarasha Season 2 Episode 217


‘She…’ the hefty man tried to answer as he moves into another coach but a hand grabbed his neck and pulled him into the aisle and pushed him into the toilet.

Amazed at the strength in the hands of the lady pulling him, he tooks too long to make a counter move and before he could act, she had slammed his back to the wall behind the water closet. He tried to respond quickly with a blow but she dodged it easily, he couldn’t throw another one immediately as he was yet to balance his feet on the ground.

He tried to spread his feet around the water closet but she pulled him by the neck forward and slammed his head to the wall again, then she followed it quickly by a prod into his belly. He felt something more than just her fist touching his belly, something sharp pricked him. He felt his bones going weak and soon couldn’t manage to stay on his feet anymore. As he dropped slowly, he looked at her hand and saw the small knife she had used on him. He was bleeding but not so much to make him feel so weak immediately, he was sure the knife blade had been poisoned by something else.

She helped him set his buttocks on the water closet and rest his back. She raised his head up with her two fingers under his jaw and placed the knife on his neck so close that he could feel the blade already cutting through his skin.

‘You have one last chance to live, just tell me where your boss is.’ Tarasha said to him.

He stared at her face deeply. He was sure she wasn’t going to let him leave even if he lets her know what she wanted.

‘You can go to hell,’ he answered and she replied by sending the knife blade into his throat.

‘Hey Tara, I’ve completely changed the clothes now,’ Tarasha heard Henry’s voice as she walked in through the other coach.

She scratched her nose gently with her palm to cover her mouth as she replied. ‘Locate the conductor who showed you the seat, you need to trick him and get his uniform.’

‘Okay… Boss,’ she could feel some uncertainty in his voice but she was sure that he had the ability to get the job done.

She saw some people staring at her as she walked through the aisle. She knew some of them must have seen a little of how she pulled the man into the toilet. She hurried on notwithstanding, ignoring their looks but still being careful.


Chief Gab raised her head slowly and his eyes met with Madam Henrietta’s. He tried to speak but his mouth was left agape in surprise, she was the last person he expected to see. He couldn’t imagine what she had come to do in there. He slowly rolled out of the small bed which had been set up for him in the room, his movement being restricted by the handcuff used to chain him to the bed. He sat at the only place he could sit, beside the metal headboard where his hand was cuffed to. He looked down and tried to find the other leg of his sandal which had gone under the student sized bed.

By the time he raised his head again, she was standing at the middle with her hands in front and her fingers intertwined. He felt uneasy with the way she stared at him. The overwhelming feeling of guilt returned and he could not look straight into her eyes. He had some explanation to make but he knew there was no way it would cleanse him of the guilt he felt.

Her face reminded him of her as the intelligent young adult who had come to seek for help in his office, after her mother and some village elders had spoken to him about her in the village when he visited the place. She was the brightest amongst the young school leavers in the village at that time and he was sure she would have come out successfully through the University if given the chance. But his lust for women at that time controlled his actions and took away his ability to think, he got more interested in getting under her pants instead of helping her secure a future.

Madam Henrietta could see the guilt on his face but she wasn’t interested in making him feel guilty or getting his apology, what she wanted to do was to find out if Samantha was really what she claimed to be.

‘How did you find her? She finally spoke after minutes of silence.

He raised his head and glanced at her, he knew the only person she could be asking about was Tarasha but he expected her to ask or talk instead about what he did to her years ago or what happened to their daughter.

‘, I’m sorry for all that happened. I know I’m a disappointment to God and man but I truly regret all I did those years…’

‘I’m not interested in knowing how sorry you feel, I just want to know if you’ve confirmed that she truly is the girl I had for you.’ Madam Henrietta replied in disgust.

‘What are you talking about?’ Chief Gab stared at her with his eyes widened.

She realized that he had no idea about what she wanted to know. Maybe Samantha hadn’t told him the way she was told, she concluded. She closed her eyes and stepped back. Her only option was to wait until Samantha returned.

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Elvis Richards fastened his eyes on Rex as he walked back into the coach. His mind had been at unrest since Rex left and for the few minutes which he didn’t heard anything, he kept looking around the coach to see if there was any entrance through which anyone could come in through.

‘Hey man! You’re not supposed to panic,’ Rex said to him with a scolding look.

‘But I don’t know what’s happening, how do I stay calm?’ Elvis Richards asked.

‘Your panic would actually kill you faster if you don’t stop,’ Rex warned in serious tone.

‘Just tell me what’s happening?’

Rex ignored. He got back to his seat and dropped his backpack. He took out two pistols and unloaded them. He brought out another set of pistols and inserted the removed cartridges into them.

‘Looks like we’re going to cause a lot of damage on this train,’ Elvis Richards commented loudly. His heart was full of fear, from the way things were looking, he thought it would have been better to remain in his residence and be treated by the police rather than to be caught on the train trying to run away.

‘I may not use these guns, but that’s if you don’t give me reasons to use them.’ Rex replied him. He got up to his feet and inserted the guns into his pocket.


‘Yes, you.’ Rex replied, he got up and pushed the backpack under the seat. He turned to the man, ‘Samantha is here with just a partner, we have about six men on board to tackle them. You are also disguised and she wouldn’t recognize you if you don’t reveal yourself to her.’

‘Why would I do that? I can’t reveal myself to her.’

‘She doesn’t need you to tell her who you are, she only needs to see you panicking this way and she would know.’

He sighed. ‘But… But how in the world did she know that we’re on this train?’

‘The same way she got to know that you were leaving your residence in Abuja,’ Rex replied and moved closer to the man. ‘She has her way of extracting information from the men you work with and that is why I had to change the plans and even hide some things from James. She could have also found out about the train tickets booked by the immigration officer and she would conduct her search based on that but I’ve changed all that by booking differently. She does not know where you are on this train and if she appears here, she only did by chance. So stay calm, even if she comes here, she wouldn’t recognize you if you don’t reveal yourself. The truth remains that she would not get out of this train alive.’

To be continued