Tarasha Season 2 Episode 203


Flashback – An hour earlier
Location: International Airport, Lagos.
Time: 2pm

‘Thanks for your cooperation, Agent Gray,’ Dakolo said with a smile as he offered a handshake to the white security officer.

The white man took his hand in his firmly and smiled back, ‘Please do the right thing Agent Dakolo, and let us be glad we did this for you.’

‘I won’t disappoint you, I promise.’ Dakolo replied, meaning his words with his whole heart.

They released each others’ hands and Agent Gray went ahead to shake hands with James who was standing beside Dakolo.

‘Agent James, nice meeting you.’ Gray said.

‘Same here sir,’ James replied.

‘I’m glad you’re with Dakolo helping to fight the rot in your security system, I wish you both well.’

‘Thank you sir,’ James replied with a smile. He felt guilty as he remembered his promise to himself years ago not to ever be one of the corrupt officers but his change had been drastic when it became about saving his father’s life.

Agent Gray stepped aside and signaled to two other foreign officers who were standing behind him with Madam Henrietta in the middle. She had been disguised by the officers, dressed in a black hijab and a white long sleeve gown. One of the officers beside her spoke some words to her and she raised up her head and looked at the two Nigerian officers, then she walked slowly to them.

‘Thanks once again, Agent Gray.’ Dakolo said with smiles to the officer again and both made salute signs before turning opposite ways. ‘This way madam,’ Agent Dakolo said to the woman as James led the way. Dakolo walked behind her as she followed James.

They got to the car park area of the airport and James got into the driver’s side of the car while Dakolo opened the door for the woman to sit at the back and joined her there.

Twenty minutes after they got out of the airport facility to the road, Agent James took notice of a vehicle that had been trailing them from the airport and brought it to the attention of Inspector Dakolo.

‘Sir, haven’t you noticed that red car following us?’ James asked, flashing a look at Dakolo.

A frown appeared on Dakolo’s face and he turned back to look. He saw the red car behind, even though there was a black jeep in between them.

‘I noticed it at the airport and it has been following from a far distance for a while,’ James said to Dakolo who was still staring as if to confirm if the car was really following them.

‘Are you very sure?’ Dakolo asked and turned his face to the front. He looked at the woman sitting by his side with accusing eyes.

‘They’ve been taking every direction we take, I don’t think it’s just a coincidence.’ James said.

Dakolo turned to look again for some minutes. ‘Just keep moving and let’s watch them for some more minutes.’

‘Hmm,’ James said with a sigh. ‘Sir, remember I have to stop at the petrol station. The officer who brought the car did not fill it.’

‘Oh sh*t!’ Dakolo cursed under his breath. He remembered the young officer had asked to fill it but he himself had asked the young man not to worry. He took out his pistol and placed it on his knee, holding it down with his hand.

‘Okay, go into the filling station and let’s watch them.’

James turned on the traffic indicator, there was already a filling station in sight. He switched to the slow lane at the first opportunity he got. He took a glance at his side mirror after some seconds and noticed that the red car had also joined them on the slow lane. Dakolo also noticed, and he set his gun properly in his hand in readiness for an attack.

They turned into the filling station and drove to the free fuel dispenser. As they stopped the car before the stand, they looked back and noticed the red car also driving in. Dakolo quickly stepped out of the car with his gun hidden by the side and watched as the car drove to another fuel stand.

To their surprise, a gentle looking man stepped out of the car to talk to the attendant at the fuel stand. A young lady with dark eye goggles on was seated at the passenger’s side of the red car. Dakolo waited to observe properly and concluded that the people in the red car were just ordinary people.

‘How much fuel sir?’ the fuel attendant was asking James who wasn’t paying attention to her but had his gaze also fixed on the red car.

‘Sell five thousand naira,’ James replied the attendant. As the attendant turned to input the commands to the fuel pump, James heard a loud groan from behind. He turned back to see someone slamming Dakolo’s head to the top of the car. He quickly picked his gun and stepped out of the car but someone grabbed his neck from behind, pulled him and slammed his face into the fuel dispenser.

The attendant was terribly scared and the fuel pump nozzle dropped from her hand.

The man from the red car opened the door at the side the disguised woman was sitting and ordered her with a gun to get out of the car.


‘Here I am baby,’ a voice sounded from behind the opened door and a shadow could be seen formed on the ground. Rex walked in through the door, pointing a gun at her.

He watched as Tarasha quickly grabbed the lady at her front and turned her face to him, placing the gun to her head. He smiled evilly to himself and made a scornful look. As if she had a change of mind, he saw as she hit her hostage at the back of the head with the butt of the gun.

Lizzy fell to the ground unconsciously and Tarasha pointed her gun at Rex just like his was pointed at her.

They stared into each others’ eyes for a moment silently. Rex changed the focus of his gun for a moment and fired a shot at someone behind Tarasha. Tarasha did not bother looking back, she knew it was only madam Christiana who was sitting behind her. She stepped forward over Lizzy’s body and raised her second hand to hold the gun.

Rex also stepped forward, his gun still raised and held tightly in his hands. He kept his gaze on Tarasha’s hands just like she kept hers. He wasn’t sure he was going to pull the trigger yet even if he had the opportunity, he needed to make sure the remaining videos would not be uploaded by anyone else after her death

‘You made the mistake of not killing me when you had the opportunity and I’d make you suffer for that,’ Rex said, even as he brainstormed to find the best way to get her without killing her.

Tarasha kept a careful gaze on his hand and observed every of his movement. She believed he was trying to distract her with his words, the first person who got distracted amongst the both of them would probably get the bullet first into his body. And if they both remained undistracted, the two options were either having their bullets into each other’s body or putting down the gun to settle the fight in another way.
She knew it was an almost impossible task if she tried to take down all the asassins all alone without backup. What she had come to do was to get Patricia in order to be sure of who she and the other two guys that escaped from the last encounter were working for. She was sure if being capable to defeat them all if it had only been the two other guys and normal security officers with them. But with Rex who she knew matched her speed and strength, her best option was to leave the place, she already had her escape planned well before she set out.

Rex took a step forward and watched as she also took a step forward closing the distance in between them to four metres. He noticed she had the same type of earpiece he had in his ear and located her mouthpiece hanging at the tip of the cloth on her neck.

‘Hello boss…’ Tarasha heard Henry’s voice sound in his earpiece but she could not turn on her mouthpiece to respond to him. ‘Hello boss,’ Henry called again.

‘Can we make this faster?’ Tarasha offered, signaling that they should drop their weapons and use their fists. It would also make it easier for her to get close to the door.

Rex understood and signified his approval with a nod and both of them lowered their guns slowly. They squatted and dropped it on the floor at the same time and also rose up together. They both took steps forward closer to each other and drew up their fists for a battle.

‘How are you going to upload the remaining videos after I beat you up tonight?’ Rex taunted as they both circled around each other.

‘It’s none of your f****** business,’ Tarasha replied and threw the first blow which Rex dodged easily.

‘You have to try harder to get to me,’ Rex said with an evil smile.

‘Tara, is everything okay?’ Tarasha heard Henry’s voice faintly just after Rex spoke.

She threw another blow to his left chin which he blocked with his hand, she followed with a quick one to his belly and he blocked with his second arm but swiftly she sent him a headbutt on his chest and didn’t miss. He staggered back a bit and massaged his chest gently with his palm, his evil smile appeared on his face again. He realized she wasn’t ready to enjoy the fight and noticed the hastiness.

‘Better trial,’ he said as he raised up his fist again. As he moved closer to her to continue the fight. They heard sounds of gunshots coming through the door which made both of them go different directions and take cover behind tables.

Tarasha pulled out another gun and held it ready in her squatting position behind the wooden shelf. She took a peep to see if she could locate Rex. She knew the object she was hiding behind wasn’t enough to secure her from being hit by a bullet and she needed to leave there as soon as she could. She glanced towards the left and saw the door again. She had taken note of the kind of lock it had immediately she entered into the room.

‘Omotara, I know you’re busy right but I hope you can hear me. Cole called from the base some minutes ago, he discovered that Madam Henrietta is back into the country and is in the hands of Stainless. He wanted me to tell you of his decisions to lock off all connections to her from the base,’ Henry’s voice came through the speaker again.

Tarasha wasn’t paying so much attention until she heard madam Henrietta being mentioned. She turned on her mouthpiece quickly. ‘Who the hell is Stainless?’

Rex had also taken out his gun and was pointing it towards the door. He was hiding behind a one seater sofa which had a laptop placed on the seat. He watched as Eric stepped in with a gun in his hand. Eric stood by the wall at the end and fired some shots sporadically.

Eric eyes wandered about the room and Rex knew he was soon going to discover his hiding place. He thought of showing himself to him and manipulating him to help get Tarasha but things changed before he could make any conclusion. They suddenly began gunshots in his direction, hitting the sofa and flying past above it. He peeped quickly to check and it wasn’t Eric shooting but Tarasha. She had gotten up from her hiding place and was heading towards the second exit close to her as she shot towards him and at Eric. Rex also got up from his hiding place and joined Eric to shoot at Tarasha but she was quick to open the door and get out.

Rex stepped out from behind the chair and tried to go after her but Eric stopped him.

‘What the hell are you doing here Tiger?’ Eric asked in a surprised tone, pointing his gun at Rex. Rex stopped and raised his hands, he turned to look at Eric who was now pointing a gun at him as he walked forward. The bullets in his gun had finished and he didn’t want to take the risk of having Eric shoot at him. He was sure Eric would not kill him due to the oath of allegiance to every member sworn by all in the Vilary clan but there was still a possibility of Eric shooting him in the leg or hands.

‘I need to go after her man,’ Rex said with a calm voice.

Eric walked passed him but kept his gun pointed at him. ‘You’re staying the hell here while I go after her.’

Rex watched as Eric walked pass him to the door without facing forward fully. He wondered why Tarasha had run out. He had thought she had come ready and willing to face him.

Eric opened the door and entered into the room it led to, he ran towards the exit in pursuit of Tarasha.

Rex turned and quickly walked back to pick the gun he had dropped on the floor, then he also picked Tarasha’s gun before heading towards the exit. He stopped as he got to the exit and tried to open the door but noticed it was locked from the other side by Eric. He stopped and turned on his mouthpiece.

‘Hey Stainless, are you trying to say something?’ he asked. He had been hearing Stainless voice in his earphone but was unable to reply.

‘Yes boss, we’ve got the woman but she doesn’t know their location and the details from the phone shop is not working.’

‘Keep her, we could get some other good information from her.’ Rex replied.

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‘What the f*** is happening in there?’ Carl asked Eric as Eric stepped out from the back exit of the building.

‘Did you see a girl on white pass here now?’ Eric asked, ignoring his question.

‘I saw a girl putting on a volleyball Jersey run past some seconds ago,’ Carl replied.

‘What the f***! That’s Samantha Osman, I met her in there with the other Tiger.’ Eric said before continuing his chase. He left Carl wondering what to do. He had seen the girl pass but she looked more like one of the casual girls seen around the place, he was expecting to see her on black like they had seen in the footage.


15 minutes later

Henry kicked on the engine of the car and drove into the road, he moved on a high speed until he got to the gate of the Park and slowed down. At the same time, Tarasha walked out of the gate hurriedly, now putting on a black singlet with a backpack strapped to her back. She entered into the backseat of the car and Henry sped off immediately. Mr Matthew still seated at the front of the car glanced at her.

‘How did it go?’ Henry adjusted the rearview mirror to enable him see Tarasha at the back. She was still busy arranging some things in the backpack.

‘Good,’ she replied impatiently.

Henry raised a brow. ‘Did you get to Patricia?’

‘No, I did nothing to her.’ Tarasha replied calmly, she appeared to be deep in thoughts.

Henry took a quick glance back. ‘Nothing? Why?’

‘I already confirmed who she is working for?’

‘The Vice President?’

‘Yes, that’s what we needed to confirm.’

‘Well, I don’t think so. We should have kidnapped her to hear more from her,’ Henry sighed.

‘We don’t need to kidnap her anymore, Rex is with them. We’re sure now that all the attacks we had on us are from the same source – Elvis Richards.’

‘I don’t understand, why didn’t you take Patricia if you had the opportunity to. Wouldn’t it have reduced the number of people we have to bother about? Or did Rex stop you?’

‘Our sole mission is not about Rex or Patricia, our sole target is Elvis Richards, we’d take care of the rest with him.’

Henry did not understand but he didn’t bother to ask anymore questions. He continued driving silently until she spoke again.

‘Has Cole been able to locate them now?’

‘He didn’t say that when he called back, we’d get to the base soon. We don’t need to worry.’

‘No, we’ve got a lot of worry to do.’ Tarasha replied.

‘I mean Cole said Madam Henrietta can’t lead them to us in anyway, so we are not in trouble for her capture.’

Tarasha sighed loudly without replying his words. Henry looked into the mirror but couldn’t see her face well, he took a quick glance back and saw her looking down, her face very moody.

To be continued