Tarasha Season 2 Episode 192


Date: June 2, 2031
Time: 03:00AM
Location: Abuja.

‘Are you guys efficient at all?’ the Chief blasted Carl and Eric who were standing before him. He was seated on a chair in the room, his hands on his knees and his lips fidgeting as he spoke. ‘It’s days after my three children were killed and you haven’t found their killers yet, I should have just left everything for the police which I have command over here to handle. Tell me, why am I spending so much money on you if you can’t yield results?’

There was silence for a minute. Anger was written all over Carl and Eric’s face. The Chief had invited them over and sneak them into his ward at the hospital at midnight, only for him to be laying blames on them for the death of his children who they were never responsible for protecting.

‘Are you guys dumb, can’t you explain yourselves?’

Carl took out his gun angrily and pointed it to the man’s forehead. The four security operatives with them in the room also brought out their guns and pointed at Carl in defense.

‘I’ll kill you old man and I’ll kill the rest of the men here without struggles,’ Carl warned in serious tone.

Eric grabbed his arm and signalled with his eyes for him to be calm. Carl shook his head, he looked at the man’s face again and then looked at Eric’s, Eric had a look on his face telling him to relax and allow him handle the situation. Carl lowered his gun. The security officials around also lowered theirs after some seconds.

The Chief stared blankly at Carl. He didn’t expect Carl to respond in such a way but he wasn’t scared of the gun either. All he wanted was to speak some sense into Carl and Eric’s head and make them yield results for him.

His children’s death had come as a big blow to him. He was at the hospital after a brief sickness when he heard about the assassination of his first son, he had thought that was all and he wasn’t told about the death of the two others immediately, he got to find out through the news. At the same time he also read about the Vice President and the DNA tests and he was so sure that the three children were his even though Mrs Elvis had always lied to him during her lifetime that Elvis Richards was the father of all the kids. That way, he knew Elvis Richards was already aware of his adulterous relationship with his wife and was the one who killed his children in a bid to take his revenge. He was mad at Elvis Richards but he wasn’t in a hurry to manifest his answer or lay a claim on those kids. He was going to teach Elvis Richards a bitter lesson.

‘Chief, we never had the responsibility of protecting your children, so we don’t wanna hear complaints about them whenever we are with you,’ Eric began to talk. ‘We told you we have plans set in place and we are bringing down Samantha Osman certainly.’

‘It’s taking too much time,’ the Chief said. ‘I’m sure she’s not done with me yet, even after taking my children she’s coming back for me.’

‘Do you still hold the belief that she is sponsored by your friend Chief Elvis Richards?’ Eric asked.

‘I’m not sure any longer,’ the man replied. ‘You confirmed seeing the property of one of her men there. Whether she works for him or not, I’m sure he killed my children. I’ll teach Elvis Richards a lesson but I need to get Samantha out of the way first.’

‘What about the Inspector General Of Police? Eric asked.

‘Rikau?’ Chief Afeez Abdulkadr let out a faint evil smile. ‘That guy is gone, I don’t he’d ever get out of the hospital. Make your work faster, find me Samantha Osman, then we deal with Elvis Richards.’


Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.

Time: 7:23AM

Tarasha was in the middle of her early morning work out sessions when she noticed Henry walking towards her. He got to her side and stopped. She paused to take a look at him.

‘Tara, have you listened to the news this morning?’ Henry asked.

Tarasha rolled down the machine and raised her brows at him. ‘We only watch the night news together, why are you asking me such a question this morning?’ Tarasha asked him, wondering why he was panicking so much.

Henry took in a deep breath to calm his nerves. He stood still without saying anything for a minute.

‘Why don’t you just tell me what you need to say instead of standing and staring at me like that?’

‘What did you do to the Inspector General?’

Tarasha squinted at him, wondering if the Inspector General had been attacked by someone else already.

‘What did you put in the intravenous fluid that you used on him?’

Tarasha concealed a smile, she looked away briefly and took in a breath. She knew Henry must have seen in the news that morning that the Inspector General had developed a new illness, that was the news she was expecting before she could proceed with her work against the Vice President.

‘What kind of question is that? Was I wicked to put enough solution to keep him alive until he was discovered?’ Tarasha replied him. She found herself still trying not to offend him by making him believe she had nothing to do with the Inspector General’s state contrary to her decision not to consider whatever he said.

‘But he was discovered with a new disease this morning, the doctors say they couldn’t trace the sickness to nothing else but the liquid in that drip bag.’

‘Do you believe what the media says, didn’t they report that the hospital could not tell what liquid was in the drip bag? How come they are tracing the sickness to the liquid they don’t know?’ Tarasha questioned. Wiping the sweat on her body with a towel, she got up from the bench and removed the palm protectors on her hands. She then proceeded out of the gym. Henry followed her.

‘Then how did he develop that kind of illness which he didn’t have before the encounter with you?’ Henry asked, following her as she walked away.

She didn’t reply him but he kept on troubling her and followed into the room. She walked straight to the wardrobe while he stopped close to the entrance.

‘Tara, if you can’t give me an explanation, then it means that you are responsible for whatever happens to the man.’

She still did not reply him but continued to take off her clothes. She stripped to her pant and bra. She cleaned her neck again with the hand towel.

‘Tara, please give me a reply,’ Henry said as he proceeded towards her.

Tarasha froze partially for a moment, she stopped all was doing and turned her face sideway, counting his steps as he came closer to her.

‘Tara, I’m not…’ Henry was trying to say something when Tarasha grabbed him suddenly by the neck and pushed him to the wall.

Henry was shocked. She tightened her grip on his neck gradually and her other hand pushed his chest to the wall. He couldn’t move an inch or push her away, she was way stronger than she looked. He saw the look in her eyes, it was like a fiery furnace ready to consume whatever came in contact with it.

Tarasha’s heart was filled with rage and she felt like choking out life from him but she was able to control herself. She released her grip on his neck and took a step backward and turned her back to him. ‘I’ll pull out your oesophagus next time you talk to me about this.’

Henry fell on his knees and began to cough profusely. His eyes were watery, his neck was engulfed in pains and he could still feel the tightness of her grip on his throat.

‘That damn man raped me, killed my parents and destroyed my family, he deserves more than what he’s getting.’ she said with tears in her eyes as she turned back to him.

Henry managed to get to his feet, he now felt sorry for her. He moved closer to her and held her hands, she tried to wriggle free but he managed to keep her palms in his. He was still trying to balance himself well by taking in deep breaths.

‘I’m sorry Tara, but I’m not concerned with what happens to that man. I’m only concerned about you,’ Henry said in a soft voice. ‘I don’t want you turning into the same heartless people that those men are.’

Tarasha pushed him and turned away. He almost fell but he supported himself by the wall and managed to stay on his feet. He proceeded back to her immediately and turned her to himself.

‘Stop this Henry, enough of the talks…’ Tarasha tried to warn him but she couldn’t complete her sentence as he covered her mouth with his in a fierce kiss. His hand was wrapped around her waist and he pressed her body to his tightly and their lips intertwined.

She found her hands going under his shirt and her fingers pressed his well formed chest and her thumbs touching his nipples. They gradually moved closer to the bed and slowly climbed with Tarasha on top. She ripped off his shirt quickly and flung it away. Their lips met each other’s hungrily again and the kiss continued for a minute until Tarasha suddenly broke away. She raised her head up and looked towards the door like she was expecting someone. She looked at him again, he didn’t seem to have recovered fully from the strangling encounter. Some seconds after, someone knocked on the door.

She climbed off Henry’s body and rolled out of the bed. She flashed a look at the wall clock in the room as she proceeded towards the bathroom. The knock sounded again.

‘Cole, I’ll join you in the control room in five minutes,’ she said before entering the bathroom.


Location: President Emeka’s living room, Aso Rock, Abuja.
Time: 8:25AM

‘Chief Elvis, I would advise you as a brother to quit the presidential race,’ President Emeka was saying to his Vice. ‘The party members are not happy with the way you’ve constantly been in the news, and now you’re being heavily investigated by the police, it might be difficult for you to even win the primaries and that would be a disgrace to you.’

‘Thank you sir,’ Elvis Richards replied. ‘But I still think there’s enough time to redeem my image. I don’t want to step down, if I do I would be giving the enemies easy victory and that’s what they want. All these false news going round against me are been pushed by the enemies to disqualify me from becoming President.’

‘You don’t seem to understand, there’s no one backing you anymore, even Chief has said you can never win the coming election.’

Fear gripped Elvis Richard’s heart as he heard Chief being mentioned. He knew the Chief that was being talked about; the same cruel Chief who slept with his wife. Even though he hated the Chief with all his might, he couldn’t but admit that the Chief was unarguably the oldest man who still had a say in the politics of the nation, with many political aspirants always seeking for his approval.

Elvis Richards didn’t expect the Chief to support him anymore even though he held the belief that the man would not know about his involvement in the death of the children.

‘I don’t think it matters, Chief Afeez is just one man. He can’t stop all others from supporting me,’ Elvis Richards said stubbornly even though he knew he lied.

President Emeka shrugged. ‘Well, if you decide to go ahead, I wish you well but I have to tell you now that you don’t have my support.’

Elvis Richards flashed a quick look at the President, surprised that the man could say that straight to his face.

‘I just wish that after the investigations are done, we’d find none of the accusations against you true. If we do, I’m sure you know they’ll be no soft landing for you. The international community is involved in this already,’ President Emeka said.

Elvis Richards remained quiet. He felt threatened by the president’s words but he refused to be afraid, he was sure he would find his way out of the situation.


Location : Lagos

Now clad in a white shredded jean trouser and a navy blue top, Tarasha sat in front of the main computer system watching some video clips and renaming them. The full Inspector General’s confession video was close to two hours and she had cut it into four different parts of about twenty five minutes each which she planned to upload on different days and had created a new YouTube channel for the purpose.

She minimized the video clips folder and switched to the running chrome browser, she had already opened some websites on different tabs on which she read different blog accounts on the new development on the Inspector General’s health.

The liquid she had passed into his body through the intravenous fluid mechanism contained the virus of a deadly disease which begins to manifest few days after the virus enters into the blood. The liquid was prepared in such a way that when it enters into the blood, it becomes one with it and could not be cleaned by taking any other liquid or medicine to wash the blood. For the virus to be taken out of the body system, the blood of that person had to be drained completely to the last drop.

She closed the tabs on the browser until she was left with only two tabs, she typed in the admin URL to her blog on the first tab and typed in the website of her email service provider on the second.

She switched to the first and entered her log in details before switching back to the second, the email was logged in already. She had new messages. She quickly scrolled to the email that caught her attention more, a reply from the Nefary Queen in the US. She clicked on it and it loaded fully in two seconds.

The mobile device hasn’t been claimed by anyone yet and would be transferred soon to the lost item store. There are very little chances that she’d ever return to get it

Tarasha could not give an instant reply, she wondered what else to do to track her mother. Stephanie claimed not to know the woman’s residence in the white man’s nation, and the woman may never go back to claim the device just like the queen suggested, she probably never knew where the device fell off. It would mean Tara had to do more than just tracking from Nigeria if she ever wanted to see her mother again. She would have to travel to the US herself, and that could only be after the mission was complete.

‘Cole, has she called again?’ Tarasha suddenly turned to Cole who has been seated with her in the room busy with a different computer system.

Cole turned to her, wondering who she was talking about.

‘Patricia,’ Tarasha clarified after seeing his confusion.

‘No, she hasn’t.’

‘You should call her this afternoon,’ Tarasha said.

‘Okay…’ Cole replied in a low voice, with a not too confident tone. He wondered what she was trying to do.

‘We need to take care of that flop now, soon we’d be going after the Vice President and it could affect us if we don’t take care of her first.’

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3 Hours Later
Location: Vice President’s Quarters, Aso Rock.

‘James, how far have you gone with your plans?’ Elvis Richards asked his faithful son.

‘So far so good, I’m still trying to clear your name first. We’ve gotten a man who would take responsibilities for the death of the doctors. He would claim that he was sent by Samantha Osman.’ James replied.

Elvis Richards smiled at the brilliance of James. He was glad James was now on his side. He remembered the James used to be on the side of Justice and truth but it had all changed within a short time, James was now covering up his sins instead of letting them open.

James on the other hand was only determined to see Chief Elvis Richards go unpunished, if that could be the only payment he could give to the man who was cheated by life and by his beloved trusted wife.

‘Sir, what’s the relationship between you and Madam Henrietta?’ James asked. He had a file in his hands and in the file were pictures of the Vice President and Madam Henrietta walking out of an aircraft.

‘That lady…’ the Vice President took in a breath. ‘To be honest, she was my side chick. I met her for the first time while I was still working in the police force, it was in a brothel. I started visiting there regularly when I saw her there, just to sleep with her but she left the place after some time and I didn’t see her again until some years after, then she was working for Lewis Andrew George’s family and was running the IJMB program.’

‘So what else is between you guys?’

‘Nothing more, we’re more like friends right now and she called me after a long time recently. I invited her to join me for a flight from here down to Lagos.’ Elvis Richards replied.

‘Isn’t it connected to the case between you and Lewis Andrew George?’

‘No, that case has been long forgotten.’

‘And do you know anything about her disappearance?’

‘No, I don’t have anything to do with her and that daughter of Lewis.’

There was silence for close to a minute.

‘Inspector Dakolo is in charge of the missing persons’ case of Stephanie George and Mrs Henrietta. He found out through his investigations that the woman is now in the US. She was taken out of Nigeria with a hidden identity but she made the mistake of purchasing something with her former credit card. She’s been spotted in the US already.’

‘Well, that’s proof positive I know nothing about her disappearance.’

‘Inspector Dakolo is trying to find out the connection between you two and that was the reason he called me yesterday.’

‘But how did he find out she made use of her credit card?’

‘He contacted the US security who had the credit card details before and he was alerted when she used it.’

‘Hmm, that guy is intelligent.’ Elvis Richards commented.

‘Yes, I worked under him for sometime.’ James said.

There was silence for another minute.

‘James, I hope your siblings are well protected.’ the Vice President asked.

James raised a brow, ‘You mean your other kids?’

The Vice President nodded.

‘Yes, they’re fine. I ordered them not to move around too much and they’re also being watched by the police.’

‘Good,’ Elvis Richards took in a breath.

‘I’ve got to go now Dad, I’ll see you later.’ James said as he got up on his feet.


Location: Ikeja, Lagos
Time: 3:45pm

Carl and Eric are back from their trip to Abuja and had returned to their job. They had a goal of finding Samantha Osman and were doing it in two major ways, trying to get to get through Henry and through Cole. The latter channel seemed to have closed since Tomi was rescued but they still decided to keep trying. They were sure however that getting her through Henry would work, it could only take some time.

‘Guys, guess what?’ Lizzy beckoned to them from where she was. She got up from her seat with her phone in her hand.

The guys turned to her from their seats.

‘Victor is calling,’ she announced, staring at her phone with delight.

‘Calm down, let’s track it.’ Eric said as he quickly turned to his system.

The phone stopped ringing and it began a second time.

‘Now, you can answer.’ Eric said to Lizzy after opening the tracking app.

Lizzy answered the call and raised the phone with her left hand to her ear. She didn’t say anything and did not hear anything for some seconds.

‘Hello Patricia, how are you?’ Victor’s voice suddenly came through when she was almost thinking he wasn’t going to speak.

Her heart melted at the sound of his voice and she had a strange feeling overwhelm her, she turned her back to the men to prevent them from seeing the expression on her face.

‘I…I…’ she stammered for a while and let out a cough before she was finally able to articulate. ‘I’m fine.’

‘Been a while, I’ve been busy.’

‘Ermm… I’ve… Been busy too,’ she replied, still with stammering lips.

‘Are you still in Lagos?’

She was about to reply when Carl appeared in front of her and sat on her table, staring at her face directly. ‘Yes, I’m still in Lagos.’ she suddenly found her voice back.

‘When can we see?’

‘We can’t see Victor, I’ve wronged you and I don’t think I can ever forgive myself. I don’t know whatever you’re involved in but I’ve been used to get to you, I don’t think I can face you anymore.’

‘It’s okay, where can we see?’

‘You still want to see me?’

‘Yes Patricia, I’ve not stopped loving you.’

‘Can we meet at ICM?’

‘Okay, ICM. Is this evening okay?’

‘Yes, it’s okay.’

‘Alright, by 6pm.’

‘Okay, 6pm.’

The call ended and Lizzy turned back immediately. Carl also returned to his seat.

‘You act very well, I could feel the emotion in your voice.’ Eric teased.

‘ICM is an open place and they would like the idea of meeting there,’ Carl cut in.

‘Yes, but we need to refix our plan. I don’t think he’d be coming alone,’ Lizzy said.

‘You won’t be going alone either,’ Eric replied her.

‘She’s right, we still need to refix,’ Carl said. He then turned straight to Lizzy, ‘Make some calls, we need your men now.’

‘Good plan, we should have more numbers.’ Eric said.

To be continued


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