Tarasha Season 2 Episode 169



Moans and groans of pleasure filled the atmosphere as the two adults’ bodies grinded against each other, the man on top and the woman below with her legs widely spread and knees raised up. The moment of pleasure continued until both partners finally came to a climax.

Victor rolled away from her body and laid beside her, both taking in breaths slowly as possible. The room was now silent, the moaning and groaning sounds had completely seized like they never existed. Both of them stared blankly at the ceiling without uttering any words to each other.

For Victor, he had just had a memorable moment he had been longing for for weeks. His love for her had grown and he wished that he could just get married to her immediately and have this moments of pleasure whenever he wanted.

For Patricia, her feelings were mixed. She enjoyed every bit of the sex, but she wasn’t sure if she enjoyed it because it was boisterous and she had not had it for a long time or if it was because it was with Cole.

‘Pat,’ Cole called, almost in whispers.

‘Victor,’ Patricia called back in a soft voice.

‘I don’t feel like leaving here tonight,’ Victor said and turned sideways to her.

She also turned and began to rub his head with her hand. ‘If you decide to stay, I’m all yours tonight.’

Victor shook his head with his eyes closed, ‘I have some work to do.’

She took her hands off him and turned away. ‘You still have work to do after being away for so long,’ she said in a pained voice.

‘I’m sorry dear, but I promise to make it up to you.’ Victor replied, turning her body back to him.

‘It’s okay, I’ve heard you,’ she said without meaning it from her heart.

‘Are you sure it’s okay?’ Victor asked.

‘Yes, it is.’ She replied. She put her hand on his head again, ‘Tell me more about your work and your trip to Lagos.’

Victor’s heart skipped a beat. His mind was too occupied with thoughts and the excitement of meeting her that he forgot to think about what to tell her if she asked the question.

He forced on a smile, ‘I went to Lagos to clear some goods from the port and we had some troubles with the custom officers which is yet to be resolved.’

‘What kind of goods if I may ask?’ Patricia asked.

‘Cars,’ Victor replied.

‘So you deal in cars too?’

‘Yes, that’s what I major in.’ Victor replied with pride.

‘Your specialization?’ Patricia said in a questioning tone. She sat up and rested her back against the headboard, Victor joined her. ‘I thought you said you deal in electronics and electrical products.’

‘Oh!’ Cole exclaimed, his mouth was left agape for some seconds. ‘I thought I told you I dealt with cars too.’

‘No, you never mentioned cars. You said you dealt strictly with electronics,’ she said with her eyebrows raised.

Cole sighed, he shook his head and closed his eyes. ‘Maybe it skipped my mind, but I truly thought I told you.’

‘Well, it’s okay.’ Patricia shrugged. ‘How long have you started the importation of cars?’

‘Its actually an arm of AA’s group of companies which I was given charge of. It’s one of the main reasons I moved in with Kimberly Alex.’

‘For how long have you been in charge?’

‘About two years now.’

‘That means you started electronics before it?’

‘Yes, I did. The reason I called cars and vehicles importation my specialization is because I get more money there, you know that vehicles are being produced in Nigeria now, so if one has to deal with importation, one has to import the scarce ones here. So that’s what I do, the vehicles I bring in are usually very expensive ones.’

‘Hmmm…’ Patricia shrugged, she didn’t know what question to ask next. ‘So you still would be returning to Lagos tomorrow?’

‘Yes, I would.’

Patricia sighed.

‘Don’t worry dear, I’ll be back as soon as I can.’

‘Yes, I know you’d be back as soon as you can but your soon is always a long time.’

‘Come on Pat, I’m trying my best. You know I just have to sort out business.’ Victor said in a pleading tone, pulling her close to himself.

‘I know but I’ve been so lonely since you left. And to think that this would keep happening every time you have a delivery in the country, it breaks my heart.’

‘No, it won’t always be like this.’ Victor said as he turned her face to him. ‘It’s not every time we do have problems clearing the goods, and I won’t always be directly in charge, I plan on employing someone to oversee things for me and reduce the workload.’

He pulled her closer and made her rest her head on his chest. ‘Don’t worry, we would always have time to be together.’

They remained in silence for a while, both of them enjoying the comfort of each other’s embrace and warmth.

Victor got lost in thoughts. He had told so many lies to her that he even hadn’t even been able to keep tracks on the lies. If he planned to spend his future with her, then he had to find a way to purify himself of the lies. The other option was to confess to her about the previous lies and lie about something else which he make true in future. But for him to purify himself of the already told lies, he would need to truly go into the importation of electronics and cars. The big problem he had was his identity, how could he change his real name to Victor and even if he did, the authorities would still be able to trace his source, there was no way he could own or run a legal entity with the records he had, he thought.

There was a way! An idea struck his mind. He could find and go into the criminal and crime records of him which the security authorities had and erase everything and even put a clean record for him. But that was an almost impossible task because he didn’t even know where to start from and he didn’t know how many security bodies had his records and how he could find them.



The knock sounded again and Dave just stood there and stared at the door. He wondered who it could be. He had told the attendant who brought in his dinner that he wanted to rest after she took out the plates and wasn’t expecting her to return soon.

It suddenly occurred to him that he could have been traced. But how? He asked himself. It was more than an hour ago since he got into the room and no one had come looking for him immediately. He tried to recall if there were signs of anyone following him while he drove to the hotel but he couldn’t see anything.

The knock sounded the third time and Dave knew he had to do something quick. He walked noiselessly as he could to the door and stood behind it to look through the peephole, he saw a lady dressed in the cleaners’ uniform. Instead of feeling relieved, he felt more afraid and he himself couldn’t believe that he was so scared.

In most of the hotels he had patronized, the cleaners did not come during the day, they only came early in the mornings and in some few ones during the evening. He stepped back and stood beside the table. He opened his bag and took out a gun, he put it in his back pocket and proceeded back to the door.

Before he got to the door, there was another knock. He still didn’t reply, he stood behind the door and looked into the peephole. He tried to see if he knew the face of the lady standing outside but she didn’t look like someone he knew. After some seconds, the cleaner stepped back and was about to move on. He could see some cleaning materials in her hands.

He opened the door and stepped out, she was already walking away.

‘Yes, what can I do for you?’ he asked as he closed the door.

She turned back. ‘Good evening sir, I’m supposed to be cleaning your room this evening.’

‘The room is not dirty,’ Dave replied.

‘Okay, what about the toilet sir?’

‘It’s clean too.’

‘Okay then, I’ll be on my way to the next room.’ The cleaner said and turned away.

Dave walked back into the room and shut the door. He let out a deep breath as he walked back to the table and placed his gun on the table, he pulled out the chair and sank into it tiredly. After a few minutes of sitting idly and staring blankly at the ceiling, he finally took out his laptop and tapped the boot button.

He connected the laptop to the internet and opened the browser immediately after the booting process was completed. Soon, he logged into his blog admin portal and began to write a new post. He titled it ‘Vice President Elvis Richards kidnapped Dr Ekwueme’.

He wrote only a few words in the main post on how the Vice President had worked with Dr Ekwueme in time past and had a lot of secrets in the doctor’s hands. He wrote that the Vice President must have kidnapped the Doctor out of fear knowing that the doctor could provide proofs to some of the accusations Samantha Osman made against him. He wrote it in a suggestive tone, hoping that the Vice President would come out with a statement of denial and also reveal more details to him unconsciously.

After composing the new post, he scheduled it for 8am the next morning. He decided to go through the content of the post once again and edit the places he needed to.

All the bulbs in his room suddenly began to go off one after the other, the air conditioner also stopped working. He turned and looked around to see what was going on, he turned to the window which curtain was opened and saw that the lights outside the building had gone off too. It appeared that the hotel had run out of power. Dave chuckled as it brought back memories of some years past to him when the country had epileptic power supply.

He continued proofreading his draft, hoping that the hotel would rectify the power outage in few minutes. Just as he finished proofreading and clicked on ‘Save changes’, he began to hear some noises from the door side. He stared towards the place but couldn’t tell what was going on. Before he could get up, the door opened and something was thrown in. He turned quickly to get his gun on the table but as he held the gun and attempted to proceed to the door. His eyes began to feel peppery and his knees weak, a gas had filled the room.

The lights came back on and the room brightened immediately. Dave was already on the floor and the gun had fallen from his hand. His whole body had suddenly become paralyzed except for his head. He heard the sound of the door closing and he raised his gaze. The Lady cleaner he had seen earlier was already in his room. She had rolled a big container in which looked more like a big waste bin but was used for moving clothes which hotel clients had asked to be taken to the laundry. This time, she had gloves worn to cover her fingers and a nose cover protecting her nose from the poisonous gas. She rolled the container closer and stopped beside him.

She squatted in front of him and stared into his eyes. She let out a wicked smile before getting up. She took out a syringe from her pocket which contained the poisonous liquid meant to kill Dave. She moved two steps and squatted again, she turned his body around and then held up his right hand, looking for the right vein to insert the syringe into.

to be continued