Tarasha Season 2 Episode 152

Tarasha flashed a glance at his face and looked around as if to check if he was referring to someone else. She noticed his face was slightly disguised and that he also used his face cap to ensure that his eyes were not seen. ‘Excuse me, are you talking to me?’ she asked him with a frown. Rex maintained his composure; he kept looking straight and didn’t turn to look at her face. ‘No Jokes Samantha, let’s have a talk.’ Tarasha stared at him for a while and then hissed. She turned back and tried to walk away but he held her by the arm. ‘You have few hours to comply before Chief Nonso is killed,’ he said in a threatening tone, mispronouncing the name ‘Nonso’ like he always did. ‘Come on, leave me alone. Who the hell are you?’ Tarasha screamed out loud and wriggled her hand off his grip. Rex stood and watched as she walked away. He didn’t bother to follow because he knew that so many people were looking at him now and he didn’t want to cause a scene. He turned back and took out his phone. He opened the email application and located his previous conversation with her, the same one where he had notified her of Chief Nonso’s kidnap. ‘It’s less than ten hours to the death of Chief Nonso,’ he typed in and sent it to her as a reminder. _____ Tarasha’s brain continued to work as she sat back on a seat far from where Rex had met her. She could still see him from there, behind the other seated guests under the canopy, still standing and looking in her direction. She had seen him when he took out his phone and used it, she didn’t know what he did with it but was sure it was something that had to do with her. After forty five seconds of sitting, an idea struck her mind. She clicked her communication device button and switched the connection to Cole. ‘Hey Cole, Rex is here and he’s taken some steps already, we need to change plans.’ she said calmly into the mouthpiece. There was a sigh from Cole’s end. ‘So boss, what’s the change in plan?” ‘I would have loved you to stay if he wouldn’t recognize you, but we both need to leave here now.’ ‘So, should I exit this place?’ ‘No, I think he’s got plans for me. He would be watching. We need to get him distracted first.’ ‘How do we do that?’ ‘He should have a gun with him right now, you’re a part of the security officials. Find a way to get the other men’s attention to him.’ Cole pondered for a while on Tarasha’s words. He looked around and located the positions of the other security officers. ‘Boss, where exactly is he now?’ Cole said into his mouthpiece after a short moment of silence. ‘He’s standing behind, under the canopy at the middle.’ He paused for a moment and looked towards the direction, he couldn’t see Rex yet because of the height of the place he was standing on. He began to move towards the stairs of the balcony to get a good view. ‘Don’t!’ he stopped as he heard Tarasha say to him in a warning tone. ‘Step back, where are you going to?’ Cole took his time to step back carefully and looked around to see if none of the other security officers noticed his movements. ‘I want to take a walk down and locate his position,’ Cole answered Tarasha’s question. ‘Come on, you can’t do that now. He has his eyes on me and he’s watching out for what I’ll do, he’d identify you once he sees you walking by and looking at his direction. Just stay there and let me be your eyes.’ ‘Okay boss…’ Cole sounded somewhat lost. ‘But I don’t really know what to do to get the other men’s attention to him.’ There was silence for more than half a minute, then Tarasha spoke again. ‘I’ll be moving towards the ladies, you’ll see him if he follows me, then you report him to the others for suspicious movement, also tell them that he tried to harass a lady under the former canopy he was standing.’ ‘Okay boss,’ Cole said and relaxed in his standing position. He watched Tara as she stood up after some seconds and walked out of the gathering with her handbag. Kindly Like Our Facebook Page PobsOnline.com For More Amazing Stories ____ Rex knew she was up to something. He had placed his gaze on her and noticed she was communicating to someone while sitting down and now that she had gotten up, he knew she had him in plans. His eyes followed her as she walked towards the back of the building. He sprung into action quickly. He took out a device from his pocket and spoke some few words into it, instructing Stainless to join him at the back of the building. He touched the gun attached to his belt, he had a silencer with him. An opportunity around the restroom area would be the best opportunity he would get to silence her forever. He couldn’t find her when he turned to the back, he could only see other people walking out of the restroom. As expected, there were separate sections of restroom for ladies and for men. Rex stopped at the middle of both section to think for a while. He took out his communication device from his pocket again, ‘ Have you seen her yet?’ ‘No, nobody with your description has come to the back yet.’ ‘Remain alert,’ he said before ending the connection. He glanced at the back and his eyes met with the only security guard at the restroom area. He looked away and fixed his gaze on a woman coming towards the ladies. Another one stepped out from the restroom at that moment. He waited for the one coming to get to the entrance and then stepped up with her. ‘Hey! That’s for the ladies,’ the security man shouted and rushed in his way but Rex did not stop. The man tried to stop him at the door but Rex grabbed his neck and twisted it sharply and let the body drop on the floor. He was about to push the door open when he heard some voices far behind him. He glanced back and saw four security men already motioning towards him. He wondered what they were doing there at that moment and why they had to come after he had taken down one of the men. He thought of exiting the place and running from them but he changed his mind and proceeded into the ladies. He shut the door behind him and removed the key. The restroom contained three toilets and other facilities. One of the ladies who had come out of the toilet half unclad screamed on seeing him, attracting the attention of the other females. Rex ignored her and proceeded further, taking his gun out as he moved. The woman screamed more on seeing the gun, she rushed to the door and tried to open it but Rex had taken the key with him. He walked past the first toilet where the screaming woman had come out from, he pointed his gun straight at the second one as he approached it. The door opened and a woman poked her head out to see what was going on that was making the third woman scream. The baffled look on her face changed to a look of terror as she saw Rex with the gun. He ignored her and moved to the third toilet. Since Samantha wasn’t in the first and second, the next place she could be was the third one. A gunshot sound and screams from the women behind distracted him but he wasn’t distracted for more than two seconds, he knew that the men outside were already trying to open the door and he had to act faster than they were. He kicked open the third door with his foot and met the place empty. His eyes moved up from the water closet and stopped at the window. He noticed that the glass there had been taken off and the bolts and nuts of the window were on the floor. He also saw a ladies bag on the floor and a cloth the same color of the top Samantha was putting on. Phew! He whistled as he turned back angrily. She was gone so quick. She must have changed her disguise for Stainless not to have seen her. ‘F**k Stainless!’ he cursed in his mind as he climbed up the water closet. As placed his hands carefully on apron of the destroyed window, he suddenly realized that he may have been the fooled person, maybe Samantha was the woman who came out of the restroom and walked past his side, after changing her disguise. He heard a second gunshot, he knew the door wouldn’t survive the third one. He supported his weight on his elbows and squeezed himself out through the window. The officers rushed into the restroom with their guns and one of the women pointed the third toilet door to them. They allowed the women leave the place safely. One of the officers proceeded into the third toilet and quickly noticed that the window had been destroyed. He climbed up the water closet and attempted to climb through the window but he screamed out in pain as he placed his hands on the window apron. ____ Henry kept looking around for signs of Cole a minute after Tarasha had entered back into the car silently. He knew they were not supposed to return without the Vice President according to their plan but he also knew that things didn’t work out as planned at the moment he saw Tarasha coming alone to the pick up point. ‘Where are you Cole?’ Henry turned to look back as he heard Tara’s voice. She was speaking into the mouthpiece of the communication device. ‘I changed my clothes and I’m coming out already,’ Cole’s voice sounded in Tarasha’s earpiece. ‘Just cross and wait at the other side, we’d meet you on the way.’ Tarasha said and ended the connection. ‘Where are we going to pick him?’ Henry asked impatiently. ‘Make a U-turn to the other side, he’d come out to meet us.’ Henry pushed the start button of the car and drove away after putting on his seatbelt. ‘So Tara, what happened?’ Henry said inquisitively, looking at her face through the rear view mirror. ‘Plans have changed, the target fell sick and won’t be able to leave the hospital for now.’ she replied him. ‘How long is he staying in the hospital?: Henry asked. ‘I don’t have an idea.’ ‘That means the illness must be serious, for it to caused the event to stop.’ ‘I don’t know how serious it is, but I know we have to leave here now.’ Tarasha replied, deliberately avoiding talking about Rex appearance. The reason for her inefficient planning returned to her mind. Suddenly, she felt the need to know her real mother again and to know whether she had siblings or not and even if possible to know who her father was. ______ 1 hour later The search for Rex continued outside the hospital while the treatment of the Vice President continued inside. Rex was able to escape the men because he found the security officer’s clothes that Cole had abandoned and had worn it to disguise. __In The Hospital__ ‘Agent James, your father’s PCV is low. We’d need to put him on treatment to see if it’ll rise, but if it doesn’t, he’ll need blood transfusion.’ The doctor said, facing Agent James. They were still in the hospital ward, Agent James was seated while the Doctor stood beside the bed. ‘What’s PCV?’ James asked the doctor. ‘PCV is the volume percentage of red blood cells in the body. It’s low for your Dad, I hope treatment works, so that he doesn’t need transfusion.’ ‘Is there any problem with transfusion?’ James asked. ‘No, there’s no problem once we get someone’s blood that matches with his.’ ‘My genotype is AA, I hope it’ll work.’ ‘Well, it’s not about that alone. We’d have to run some tests first but let’s just hope the treatment for the PCV raises it.’ ___ Dave was still seated with the other guests, his head was bowed and his face buried into his palms. He had been watching out for signs of Samantha Osman for hours and was already weary, he decided to rest a bit. Thoughts of Stephanie filled his mind, he wondered how she was going to go about the case now that she wanted to do it alone. He knew she would find it difficult even with all the evidences he had seen with her. He could only hope and pray that she loses none of the evidences and that she becomes able to keep the evidences in safety until she won the case. To be continued