Tarasha Season 2 Episode 147


You might feel a little disappointed with this episode but it is this short because I had to delete some parts. Lack of time and pressure to update is causing me to make a lot of mistakes and mix up a lot of things, so before I get confused with everything, I have to take a break to rearrange the story.

I’ve made a lot of errors in the recent updates. For example, it wasn’t in the initial plan for the Vice President to travel with Madam Henrietta, they were supposed to meet in Abuja first (and discover that the document the VP needs from her has been taken away from the Madam’s house) and then travel separately and also meet in Lagos where Steph would see them. But due to the pressure to drop an update, I wrote it anyway and only realized when I was proofreading. And I didn’t even plan for Tarasha to be at Igbede at this point, so many things are supposed to have happened in between. So, I’ll shift the next update to Tuesday night so I can have some time to rearrange and that automatically moves the update days to Tuesdays and Saturdays.

BTW, the story is very close to the end, making mistakes at this point would spoil the whole thing.



Cole leaned against a wall in the darkness to listen carefully. He had heard Tarasha’s voice from his earpiece but his fast walking steps had not let him pick the words she said.

‘Cole, where are you?’ the voice came again. She seemed to have repeated the question as she didn’t get an answer the first time.

‘Boss, behind the fence at the back.’

‘Have you seen anything yet?’

‘The whole place is dark, even the backyard of the compound is not lightened.’ Cole replied.

‘And you see no shadows at all?’

‘Yeah, not a single one.’

‘Now, that’s strange.’

‘Really strange boss.’

Tarasha on the other side was sitting on the concrete footing of an electric pole on an elevated land and looking at the targeted house from there. All she could see was darkness like Cole had reported and she wondered why. She knew Rex should be expecting her. She tapped a button on a device hidden under her cloth to switch the communication link from Cole to Henry.

‘Henry, are you there?’

‘Yes, I am. Where are you?’

‘Just listen to me, in three minutes time, Chief Gab would be making a call, I want you to track the destination of the call and provide me the accurate details of the location.’

‘Okay Tara, I got you.’

She then disconnected her communication device temporarily and took out her phone. She dialed Chief Gab’s number and waited for him to answer.

‘Hello Chief, I want you to call Chief Nonso Abel again, and tell him we’re closer now.’


In the dark room, only Rex’s face could be seen due to the light from the computer screen reflecting on his face. He had three pistols on the table, one at the left hand side and the other two at the right hand.

He was expecting Tarasha and he knew she knew he was waiting for her. He had alarms set up for him to know the exact moment the gate of the fence was touched or when someone tries to climb over the fence from any side. His major weapon was the darkness which he ensured was around the building. It was the easiest way for a member of the Nefary Clan to kill its opponents especially if there was a gun and no hand battle was required. The darkness however posed some disadvantages to him. He was trying to monitor the surroundings with the security cameras but he couldn’t see what was going on in some dark places. He was however confident that the alarm set up would make up for the darkness. He had also put lasers to ensure that there would be no turning back once he notices a person entering the gate. He set up triggers of the laser at the grip of the gate where the person going out would unavoidably touch. The doors of the building were electrical doors and could only be opened from the outside. Once a person walks in through the door, there would be no going back because there was no way to open the door except someone else from outside opened it.

He rested his back in the chair and closed his eyes, trying to rest while he waited for any of the alarm go off. The ringing tone of a phone distracted his rest. He sat up and stretched his hand to get the phone. It was Chief Nonso’s phone.

He took the phone and stared at the screen carefully, Chief Gab was calling again. He knew there was something up his opponent sleeves for Chief Gab’s call to come in a second time. His finger hovered around the green button for a while before he finally answered. He placed the phone close to his ear and listened.

‘Chief Nonso, how far? Hope you’re still fine?’ the voice sounded.

There was a pause. The caller seemed to be waiting for an answer.

‘Be patient, I’m sure she’s very close to you already.’ the caller continued when no answer was coming forth. ‘In a few minutes, it’ll all be over.’

Rex remained in silence, his fingers working on the mouse of the computer in front of him.

‘Hello, Hello…’

The line went dead.

Rex dropped the phone back immediately. He wondered what was taking Samantha so long to attack but he knew that if she was really close like the Chief said, it was only a matter of minutes before she tried to attack and he was confident it wouldn’t take him time to finish her up in the darkness, not knowing she was aware that he was from the Tiger Clan and that she knew of their darkness tool.

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‘Still in the same location Tara,’Henry’s voice sounded through the earpiece.

‘Has the call ended already?’ Tarasha replied.

‘Yes, it has.’


She fixed her gaze towards the building from where she was. It was still dark and there were no signs of anyone outside or in the house. She was however sure that Chief Nonso would have been moved from the place or would be used as bait for them.

She stared at the darkness for about five minutes more and there were still no signs of any forthcoming change. She knew there would be no other option than to go closer to the place instead of waiting, but as she made the move to rise up, something in her memory flashed through her mind. She could hear groans in her head, groans of her mentor queen on the night she fought with the assassin from the Tiger Clan. She remembered that the Queen was helpless in the darkness and was almost killed that night. It occurred to her that Rex must have a similar plan and it would be dangerous to move closer into the darkness.

‘Tara, Tara!’ Henry’s voice sounded suddenly in her earpiece.

‘Yes, speak up Henry.’ She replied.

‘I think we’ve got some visitors.’


‘Are you sure this is the right thing?’ Stephanie asked Dave, staring at him as he slowed down the vehicle.

They both had their faces partially covered with NIS masks. Dave was seated at the driver’s side and only Stephanie was in the car with him, however there were two SSS vehicles in front of them.

The SSS vehicles in front of them contained five officers each. Dave had called the NIS chairman and told him of his suspicions about Samantha Osman’s location and the Chairman in turn had ordered the SSS office in Lagos to provide support for him.

‘What are you not sure about?’ Dave asked Stephanie.

‘Everything, I mean everything we’re doing.’ She gaped. ‘Just look at me, is this right? I’m putting on the NIS mask without being an agent, won’t I be in trouble for this?’

‘No Steph, the only person who can get into trouble for this is me.’ Dave replied confidently. ‘Just follow the instructions I give to you and we’d be fine.’

Stephanie let out a gasp and shook her head tiredly, Dave was still repeating the same thing he had been saying to her.

‘But don’t you think Samantha Osman would believe we betrayed her?’

‘Years ago when I picked the NIS sign up form, I swore allegiance to the agency and my allegiance remain to them. I was so stupid to have sent her the location from the start.’

Stephanie stared at Dave in surprise, ‘I don’t understand you, how can you make such a turnaround in few hours?’

Dave shook his head. ‘You can’t understand me. The law knows no emotions or sympathy; it treats you like a criminal once you’re one.’

Stephanie sighed. ‘We should have never sent the location then, I don’t feel too good about this.’

‘She betrayed first,’ Dave said defensively. ‘She told me we would meet tomorrow morning, only for her to tell me that she’s on her way to the location.’

‘So that’s why you want to double cross her?’

‘No,’ Dave shook his head with his lips folded in. ‘I don’t have any business with her, the SSS is just here to save Chief Nonso Abel.’

Stephanie sighed. ‘I shouldn’t have come with you.’

‘Yea, you have the choice to return if you want to.’

‘Yes, I’m going back,’ Stephanie said and tried to take off the mask.

‘Don’t take that off yet until you’re out of this place.’ Dave warned and she stopped immediately. ‘I’ll drop once we get close to the location and you’d drive the car back to the hotel.’


‘Cole, we have to retreat now.’ Cole heard Tarasha’s voice sound in his ears.

‘Going back to the lodge?’ he asked.

‘Yea, the Vice President won’t be coming here like we expect. SSS officers are already around. I think the Agent tricked us,’ she replied.

‘Okay, where do we meet?’

‘Connect to Henry, he would send you his location.’