Tarasha Episode 48


Henry remained sitting, waiting patiently for Tarasha’s return. He glanced at his wristwatch, it was over thirty minutes. He took a look around the hall to see if he will spot her anywhere but he didn’t. He had to take out his phone as the presentations were already looking boring to him because he was watching alone. For a minute after he took out the phone, the phone underwent what seemed like endless vibrations and beeping as different notifications dropped in. He smiled, his phone had located the four hidden cameras in the hall and was showing them their location.

He looked at the locations provided by the app on his phone to confirm the accuracy. It was accurate as usual. Maybe, he could connect to their servers and find out Tarasha’s location. A thought came into his mind. He waved it off. That would mean hacking into their systems and he hadn’t been given permission to do so, therefore, it would be illegal.

His mind drifted back again to what happened at the house before they left for the party. He could remember the sweetness of her lips, how he wished he could go further then and how she cut it short by breaking away. He also remembered how the driver had cut the second chance short too. He smiled to himself. He began to fantasize about her body, his eyes pictured her thighs that were revealed under the short gown. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he pictured himself holding her figure eight waist and taking off her clothes gently.

‘Hey! Young man’ someone broke him away from his thoughts. His eyes popped open quickly and he found Jubril Lawal standing in front of him. It seemed like the man had been trying to get his attention for a long time.

‘Good evening sir. Happy birthday’ Henry quickly got up and greeted with a smile.

‘Thank you young man’ Jubril replied back with a smile. ‘Where’s the young lady you were seated with?’

‘Sh… She went with a friend to the exhibition’ Henry stammered as he spoke.

‘The exhibition?’ Jubril squinted. He took a look at the bodyguard who was with him and whispered. ‘I thought the exhibition ended a long time’ The guy nodded in confirmation.

‘Yes, she went there’ Henry replied, ignoring what he heard Jubril whisper.

‘Why didn’t you go with her?’ Jubril asked.

‘I don’t have a partner’s card’ Henry smiled. Jubril frowned.

‘You don’t need a partner’s card to be part of the exhibition. You can participate as long as you have an invite to this banquet’ Henry just stared in confusion, not knowing what to say. ‘Alright, tell her to see me once she returns’ Jubril said and made way to leave the table.

‘I’ll do that sir’


Benny straightened up himself and made way to leave the restroom without disguising as the blind man. He had to find out who was watching him first. He paused and looked around as he walked out through the door. He saw several people hanging around, it was hard to select anyone as the suspect. He began to walk slowly, still watching carefully in the process. He noticed a man in the security uniform who was previously engrossed with his phone look up as he began moving. That was his prime suspect. He was sure the man was the one watching him. But why? He couldn’t figure out any reasonable reason. Was it that the security officials had began to suspect he and Tarasha’s movement? He wiped his face and continued, proceeding to the spot where he and Tarasha had gone their separate ways.


‘Dare!’ Evelyn screamed happily and jumped on his body. Dare was flabbergasted. He wasn’t expecting her to smile at him, talk more of a tight embrace. He could feel her rub her frontal region on him, his manhood shivered. His brain began to divert from his main purpose. Just then, a lady hissed and pushed Tarasha away from the entrance, rushing to the restroom. Tarasha reasoned out that she was really pressed and was the first person to knock the door before Dare showed up.

A man dressed in different kind of security uniform was standing with Dare. One could tell that he worked with the cameras security with the logo on his shirt.

‘Why did you have to lock the main door?’ The man directed his question to Tarasha angrily.

‘It’s okay’ Dare was the one who hushed him.

‘I’m sorry’ Tarasha said, she touched the Bluetooth device on her ear. ‘I’m not used to this system and the music playing from my device also did not let me hear the knocking quickly’ The guy turned his face to Dare as if he was waiting for orders.

‘Go back to the security room, tell your boss that I’ll be with him in some minutes.’ The guy turned and left after giving Tarasha another bad look.

‘Oh!’ Tarasha engaged Dare in another deep hug again, this time she added a peck on his lips. Dare who was a womanizer and s-x addict himself quickly fell for the trick.

‘Can we go somewhere we can stay alone?’ Tarasha asked softly. Dare nodded.

‘Yes, there are free rooms around’. He took Tarasha’s hand in his and began to lead the way. They passed through the entrance of the event hall where Benny was standing and some other guests were still socializing. Benny and Tarasha’s eyes met and communicated. Benny understood what she told him with her eyes; to be patient and wait for the next order.


‘Blade, what’s up?’ Audu asked impatiently as Blade walked into the security room.

‘Where’s the girl?’ Afo added, stretching his neck from his seat to see if anyone was coming behind Blade.

‘I don’t know what’s wrong with Dare’ Blade complained bitterly, unbuttoning his security uniform as he sank into the seat next to Audu. ‘It seemed he’s changed his mind about the girl again’

‘What?’ Afo exclaimed. He got up from his seat and turned back to face Blade.

‘She gave him a seductive hug and he lost his senses’ Blade stated. ‘I could see the bulge formed on his trouser. They should be on the way to a secret place now’ Audu stopped listening to Afo and Blade and turned to the computer set in front of him. He click on an app icon which processed and then showed the cameras clips in the usual DVD selection mode. His eyes did the searching quick, he spotted the clip capturing them and clicked on it. They were at the back of the hall, chatting with Jubril Lawal. Audu quickly got up from his seat and straightened his shirt.

‘Where are you heading to?’ Afo asked him.

‘To talk some sense into Dare’s head’ Audu spoke without pausing, be barge out of the room. Afo and Blade moved their focus to the computer screen and watched Jubril speaking with Dare and Evelyn who were holding hands.


‘Hey, see who we’ve got hanging out here’ Jubril Lawal approached them smiling.

‘Dad’ Dare paused.

‘Good evening sir. Congratulations’ Tarasha greeted, taking his handshake.

‘Thanks Miss Evelyn’ Jubril smiled. ‘I can see you both are off to somewhere, I stop you but make sure we meet and talk in the next thirty minutes. The party won’t span for long’ Jubril said and walked away to meet another guest who was waiting for him.

Tarasha and Dare smiled at each other as they made way to continue. Dare’s smile was of one who was itching to sleep with his new catch while Tarasha, a fatigue person eager to get rid of her trouble. Another guy in security uniform bumped into them as they took two more steps.

‘Dare, can we see?’ He said and without waiting pulled Dare away to a reasonable distance. Tarasha smiled, she knew what was going on. She knew they would attempt an attack at the party and she was prepared for them. She glanced at her wristwatch, her expected package should be delivered in no less than one minute time. She looked around for any sign of the deliverer, there was none yet.

‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ Audu spoke angrily, but making sure his voice was lowered. ‘You’re disrupting our plans, That girl has dangerous plans, I tell you. Do you want to say you believe that she doesn’t suspect you were behind the abduction?’ Audu asked and paused to wait for a reply. He got none except for a pity look on Dare’s face. ‘How come is she acting like she’s hungry for you?’ Dare scratched his head. The hardness formed under his trouser had begun to decline. He suddenly remembered that he was going to lead Evelyn into their trap before she gave him a hug. He looked back and his eyes met with Evelyn’s, she gave him another seductive smile. But he waved it off this time and turned back to Audu.

‘You’re going to go back to her now and pretend as if nothing happened’ Audu continued, raising his eyebrow. He took a glance at Tarasha who had stopped a server and was serving herself from the champagne bottle on the tray.

‘Bring her to us, we’re waiting’ Audu concluded and walked away, in the same direction he was headed for before he met them. He was going to take another route back to the security room. Dare cleared his throat and tried to put on a smile as he turned back. He hurried back to Tarasha who was drinking from a champagne glass and discussing with the server.

‘Care for a cup?’ Tarasha asked him.

‘No, thanks’ he refused with a smile as he sized the bum of the lady in the short server’s gown with his eyes.

‘We better start going now’ Tarasha placed back the glass cup on the tray and winked at the server as she followed Dare. She could notice even though he tried to cover up that his countenance had changed.


‘Yeah, good. I trust Audu’ Afo said with a smile as he watched Audu speaking with Dare on the screen. ‘I hope he’ll be able to talk some sense into Mr Dare’ Blade added.

‘I’m sure he would’ Afo reassured.

‘Let’s believe so’ Blade said. They stared back at the screen. Audu had finished talking with Dare and was walking away. Dare paused and took a deep breath before turning back and walking to Evelyn. Evelyn was taking a drink and discussing with the server. The server turned and took her leave after Dare dismissed her. Dare and Evelyn began proceeded further.

‘Audu, what’s up’ Afo spoke into his phone.

‘Dare is on his way there with her, I’m also returning now’ Audu replied back.

‘Okay’ Afo said and ended the conversation.

‘They’re coming here, let’s get ready’ Afo said to Blade. Blade nodded without moving, it seemed like he was lost in thought. ‘Did you hear me?’ Afo stared at him.

‘That drinks server…’ Blade muttered, audible enough for Afo to hear in the silent room.

‘Yes, what about her?’

‘Did you see the face gesture the girl made to her before she left?’ Blade asked, moving closer to the computer, he held the mouse.

‘I didn’t see anything’ Afo said and put down the gun he was trying to load. He moved closer to the desktop again. Blade was rewinding the tapes.

‘Here’ Blade pointed at the screen. ‘Can you see her face’ Blade paused at the point where Tarasha made an eye signal to the girl who took the champagne tray away.

‘Can you take it back a little bit more?’ Afo requested with a serious look on his face. Blade rewinding very slowly, making the tape play in slow motion. It returned to the point where Audu dragged Dare away from Evelyn and she stood alone. Soon, she smiled and the server appeared in her front, they began to talk in low tones. The server could be seen exchanging a small purse with Evelyn. Evelyn tucked in the purse into the purse she was holding before.

‘D–n!’ Afo slammed his hand on table. It was clear now, the server came to hand over not just a champagne wine but a weapon to Evelyn. ‘That girl is not ordinary, she has got her plans and we must stop her’ Afo said, rushing back to continue loading his gun.

‘Find out where she is now. I need to warn Dare and Audu’ Afo picked his phone and dialed. …

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To be continued