Tarasha Episode 25


Benny sauntered into the kitchen after waiting patiently for over thirty minutes Tarasha left. He wondered what Aisha was cooking that was taking so long to be ready. He was amazed when he entered the kitchen and found her doing nothing, he looked over to the cookers to see if anything was being prepared but there was nothing on the cookers and electric stove. He wanted to slam on Aisha but was repelled by the worried look on her face. He needed not to ask what was wrong with her, Cole had been in the same sober mood since Tarasha left. He had worries too but his desire for food was stronger that moment. He pitied Aisha more; she was definitely going to get killed by the men outside, Tarasha had warned that she shouldn’t be assisted in any way.

‘I’ll prepare something now, it should be done in the next twenty minutes’ Aisha finally said something to calm his nerves. She walked towards the refrigerator and brought out some containers of frozen food.

‘How are you going to do it?’ He asked with a tone of concern. She shrugged,

‘I’ll call Don and plead with him to withdraw his boys’

‘But the boss wants you to drop them’ Benny said. He wondered in his heart why she hadn’t break up the relationship with Don. He had known since the day Don had released her; one of his favorite s-x machines to work with Tarasha, Don had other plans.

‘How can I drop those guys?’ She looked Benny in the face in a confused manner. ‘They are trained guys, I’m just an ordinary cook who knows how to use guns’

‘You’re not an ordinary cook, we’ve received a lot of tutoring in few days that we worked with Tarasha’ Benny tried to encourage, ‘if you could handle the pilot’s sister very well, I think you can do this also’

‘Maybe she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore’ Cole’s voice cut in, he walked into the kitchen to meet their stares.

‘The guys left already’


‘Yea’ Cole continued, ‘I’m suspecting that they followed after the Boss’

‘Does the Boss know about that?’ Benny looked alarmed.

‘I believe she does’ Cole replied indifferently, ‘I tried to call her but she didn’t answer the call’

‘That might be dangerous, what if she doesn’t know’ Benny continued frightfully.

‘I’m sure she knows and she won’t let them go scot free’ Cole said with a note of confidence.

‘Aisha is lucky’


After driving for almost an hour without being able to get rid of her trailers, Tarasha began to think of an alternative way. She could have finished them off if not for the broad daylight. The option left was to escape their trail or make them lose sight of her. She knew that they were aware that she had also seen them, so she drove on carefully, always trying to take note if any other person or group had joined them.

At last she got the chance required, they got to a busy roundabout and the traffic light ordered for them to halt but Tarasha defiled the order. She crazily sped off, swerving to escape being hit by a coming trailer. The blue car driver followed after foolishly but couldn’t avoid colliding with the trailer and causing a catastrophe. The trailer’s driver who had already gotten confused by the way Tarasha drive recklessly tried to bring it to a quick halt to avoid an accident but the blue car that followed the mini van tan impatiently under the trailer. The car and its occupants were crushed under the big vehicle.


Tarasha got to her residence five hours later. It took her so long because she couldn’t drive back straight; she was sure that the police were tracing her van with the security cameras, so she had to go and pass through an undeveloped community where the cameras were not functioning and change the van. Even the new van could not be traced to her residence because all cameras several kilometres to her place had been deactivated by her.

Her gate opened automatically when the van got in front. A thought struck her mind as she parked the van, she needed another place for Cole, Benny and Aisha to stay. Maybe it wasn’t Aisha’s fault after all, she thought. She recalled that she didn’t kill the first two guys that were brought by Chief Gab to work with her. They obviously still knew the place, so the place was never hidden before. Trailing her also proved the fact that the spies came for her and were not really interested in what was happening in the house.

‘They have to move from there’ she said to herself as she got out of the car +++++++++++++


Several police Hyundai sonata vehicles drove out of the Muritala Mohammed airport escorting the newly arrived Robin Kahn and his two team members. Robin Khan sat in the black jeep with the Inspector General while his two men were seated with the commissioner of police in the other car following behind the jeep. Inspector James and his team were also in one of the Hyundai Sonatas. Inspector James had shook hands with the man, welcoming him to Nigeria. The man looked strict and disciplined to James, he hoped in his mind that the man would be an easy person to work with.

Benny was also at the airport, he came to book a flight. Of course, he was traveling to no where; he had only come to checkout his target but he was only able to catch a glimpse of the man. That was enough though, the view he got sent shivers down his spine. The man was a tall man of about 6ft, heavily built and muscular.

Benny quietly made his way to return to the office, thinking of two options in his heart; either to run away from Lagos to a far village where Tarasha and no one else would be able to locate him or come up with a game plan that help him fulfill his task. If he wanted to go by the latter, then he had to come up with something very intelligent. He thought of Aisha’s luck as he drove in the old model Mercedes Benz. Tarasha had helped her settle the problem she caused with her hands and said she no longer had a task to worry about except if another set of spies return.

His phone rang out loud at he drove back to the house, he checked the screen and found out that it was his boss calling. He quickly looked for a space and parked to call her back.

‘Boss’ he said as his call was answered.

‘Where are you Benny?’Tarasha’s voice came through.


”Okay, drive straight to Relix Guesthouse , Plot 343 Adefile Street Lagos’ she said in a rush.

‘Eh?’ He couldn’t make out what she said.

‘Relix guesthouse, Plot 343 Adefile street, Lekki’ Cole’s voice sounded, correcting Tarasha’s wrong pronunciation of the Nigerian words. ‘Call my number when you’re almost there’

‘Okay’ the call ended. Benny started the car engine at once and drove off. +++++++++++++++++


Robin Kahn was a man who wasted no time, he settled immediately into the office provided for him in the Police headquarters and already began to ask for reports on the cases. His team members were also given different offices at his left and right sides, they could see and easily get in touch with each other very well as only transparent glass walls demarcated their office rooms.

James secretly gave the man a searching look as his report was been scrutinized. He wasn’t expecting that the progress report would be called for so soon as the IG had told him earlier that nothing much would be done that week since what was left was a day to the end of the year. Robin had declined the IG’s offer to take him to a place of relaxation for the day, so that he could be well rested before the new year when the investigations would start properly.

‘The new year celebration may hinder our work, let’s begin properly immediately every celebration is over’ the IG had hinted. Robin was a focused man and would have none of that, he refused the advice and decided to start work immediately. The IG did not push further, not wanting to be seen as a lazy bone, he agreed that the work should begin immediately.

‘Where’s the Doctor that met with the Samantha ?’ Robin raised his hardened face as he looked at James for answers.

‘He’s in his residence under close watch by the EFCC, he has a case with them’ James answered.

‘The EFCC, that is Economic Financial…’

‘Economic financial crimes commission’ James completed it for him.

‘Okay’ the man said as he returned his focus back to the computer. There was silence for another one minute. ‘Where’s the video recording device you found in the pharmacy?’

‘It’s with the computer team’ James replied, he wondered if the Man would ever stop asking questions which answers have been provided already in the report.

‘I need to see it now’ He demanded

‘I can get it now’ James replied him, getting up from his seat.

‘Wait!’ Robin stopped him, raising his hand. He punched some buttons on his wristwatch and spoke into it, staring through the transparent goes wall at his junior in the office by his left. James could not make out what the man said but he looked towards the direction the man was looking and saw the junior agent get up from his seat, looking at their direction as he walked out of the office.

The junior agent, a black american, Greg by name joined them in the office in few seconds. He greeted James with a nod and focused his gaze at his boss, waiting for order.

‘Follow this inspector’ the order came, ‘get a bug from him and find out where it directs to’

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‘Over here’ Cole waved his hand at Benny who was approaching in the Benz. He stood at the front of a black gate of a big duplex. Cole entered the compound and opened the gate for Benny to drive in. Benny came out of the car immediately after parking and approached Cole, he had lot of questions in his heart.

‘We’re staying here for a while’ Cole said before Benny could speak.

‘What happened to…’

‘Don’t worry man, it’s not time for questions’ Cole cut in, tapping Benny on the shoulder. ‘We have lot of work to do together now’

‘Like?’ Benny followed slowly behind Cole into the duplex.

‘I spotted you at the airport today’ Cole said.


‘I was monitoring the officer in charge of the health minister’s case’

‘How does that concern the airport?’

‘The same officer is going to work with Robin’ Cole answered, he paused and turned to face Benny. ‘Our targets are working together, we can also work together to fight them’ Benny stared at Cole for a little while, considering his suggestion. He used a handkerchief to clean his face. Cole was still waiting for his response.

‘What’s the plan?’ Benny asked.


Jubril Lawal, well known man in the country for his great fight against terrorism and crime during 2016 – 2020 when he served as the inspector general of the nation under the government of Retired General Mubarak Baruwa was now a retired man enjoying his rest in the country’s capital, Abuja. He did lots of charity works in the country which made him earn the respect of everyone in the country and even country leaders in and outside of Africa. His fight against corruption during his tenure also helped in giving him a good image, he was on the good book of everyone in the country except for Chief Gab.

‘How long will it take you to take him down for me?’ Chief Gab asked Tarasha who was having a live video chat with him.

‘I don’t know who the man is yet, I can’t say for now’ Tarasha replied him, she was print on a black mask to hide her face from the Chief.

‘Well, I hope to meet you in person before you commence this job’ Chief Gab requested.

‘Why do you want to meet me?’ Tarasha inquired.

‘Is there anything wrong with meeting you?’ The man asked with a frustrated tone. ‘How can I not know who is working for me, are you planning to kill me one day?’ Tarasha have a hysterical laugh,

‘so you’re scared of death?’ She asked mockingly. He remained quiet. ‘I don’t just kill people Chief, I kill people only when I’m sent or its necessary that I do’

‘Then let’s meet, or are you scared?’ Tarasha laughed out again,

‘you’re the one that should be scared Chief, seeing my face would only expose you to more danger’

‘What danger?’

‘Okay Chief, time up!’ Tarasha said, reaching for the mouse with her hand. ‘I don’t do chit chatting’

‘I…’ The video chat was ended before the Chief could say another word. She removed the mask from her face and placed in on the table. ‘Jubril Lawal’ she typed into her search engine. …

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to be continued