Tarasha Episode 23


20/12/2030 *5am*

The name Samantha Osman was spreading all over the country as the name of a criminal. The police had no choice than to declare an unknown person wanted. It was not even known if Samantha Osman was the culprit’s real name, all that they knew was that it was the name she used in carrying out her atrocities. Ordinarily it sounds funny that a name without a face should be declared wanted and the Nigerian Government were furious when the news first broke out to the world. But to their surprise, other countries like USA, Russia, Korea and England began to come forth with their own confessions of the same cases. The only difference was that theirs did not involve really high profile citizens.

The Nigerian police had also linked up the Health minister’s and the Rivers State governor’s murder cases. Evidences available proved that it was the same person who carried out the job; the reason for the killings nor the person behind them was yet unknown. The evidences which linked up the cases included the name ‘Samantha Osman’ and traces of an unknown substance found in the survivors’ bodies used to induce sleep and unconsciousness in them.

‘You guys did the River State Job?’ Don looked into Aisha’s face as he asked. Both of them laid on the bed stark naked except for the blanket which covered their bodies. Don caressed Aisha’s face, wiping her hair off her eyes as he waited for an answer.

‘You’ve asked that before’ she answered him bluntly.

‘You didn’t answer me’ Don said again.

‘I did’ she retorted

‘You didn’t tell me the truth honey’ he said softly.

‘What other truth do you want me to tell you?’ she questioned

‘Okay, if you didn’t do that job. Where were you throughout the whole period of the incident?’

‘I told you before that the Boss does not allow us go out at will’ she spoke angrily and got up from the bed, she walked to the wardrobe and brought out a towel which she wrapped around her body and headed for the bathroom.

‘Did she also tell you to switch off your phones?’ Don continued adamantly as he sat up. Aisha paused and turned back, giving him a cold stare.

‘What exactly is the matter? Why are you questioning me like a police officer?’ He stood up from the bed and walked towards her. He stopped in front of her and stared right into her eyes as he spoke,

‘when did you start lying to me? I thought we were lovers’

‘What do you want me to tell you? Frame up stories to please you?’ The argument was already turning to a heated one.

‘You’re already framing up stories, have you forgotten that I have your phone connected to my computer? Your location as at last week was Rivers State, so stop lying’ he gave her a cold stare. That got her easily, she gave up her angry look and changed her look into one of someone that had been caught red-handed.

‘What exactly do you need all these information for?’ her voice was calmer now

‘I don’t need them for anything’ he said as he walked away angrily from her. ‘I just need you to be honest with me’

‘I’m sorry’ she pleaded and followed after him. ‘Its just that I don’t want any troubles with the Boss’

‘Troubles? For telling me the truth? Did you do the job or not?’ he asked again, his back still turned against her.

‘Yes we did’ she confessed. ‘We were in Rivers State all through last week’

‘Then why were you lying to me?’ His tone was softer.

‘I’m sorry’ she said and wrapped her hands round his neck. He turned and pulled of the towel from her body, he pushed her to the bed and they went another round of s-x.

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‘Good morning Cole’ Tarasha’s voice came through as Cole picked the call.

‘Good morning Boss’ Cole replied. It was his first time of hearing her voice since they returned to Lagos. She sounded rejuvenated to him.

‘How are you doing Cole?’ She asked.

‘Fine Boss, you?’

‘Good, how about your colleagues?’

‘They’re fine also’

‘Hope you guys have been enjoying your short break, we may have to do another job very soon?’

‘Of course yes, we are well rested’

‘Alright Cole, don’t you think that you need better security in the office?’

‘Huh’ Cole didn’t understand the question.

‘You might soon start to get unwanted visitors there, you might need to secure the office more’ Tarasha expatiated

‘Unwanted visitors?’ Cole argued, ‘I don’t think anyone would try us here’

‘But you guys are already inviting them’ Tarasha retorted

‘How?’ Cole seemed confused

‘Haven’t you been going out?

’ Yes, we have but…’ Tarasha cuts in,

‘Yes, none of you has brought anyone there but you’ve drawn attention to the office unknowingly. Tell the others that you need more security and get them prepared for anything’

‘Okay’ Cole’s voice sounded a little bit scared, he was confused as to why Tarasha was advising them to get ready for any attack. Maybe she had seen something dangerous.

‘Benny’ Cole called as he dropped the phone call, he headed for Benny’s room. Aisha was on the way bringing a tray with plates of spaghetti and chicken. ‘We need to talk,wait for us in the sitting room’ Cole said to Aisha before going ahead to get Benny.

‘What’s it about?’ Aisha asked impatiently as Benny and Cole walked back into the sitting room. Cole made sure everyone was seated before he began to talk,

‘which of us here brought anyone into this house?’ he asked question that got a reply of surprise stares. ‘The Boss called today, that’s why I’m asking’ he added when they remained mute. Benny and Aisha looked at each other’s face,

‘No one knows this place through me’ Benny said

‘Neither through me also’ Aisha added

‘Are you sure that nobody has ever traced you here without you knowing?’ Cole asked again

‘Yes , no one’ was the reply he got

‘The boss says we need more security here’ Cole squinted as he talked. ‘We need to be careful from henceforth, she hinted that we may be attacked soon’

‘How? No one knows here’ Benny put in. Cole raised his brow and gave him a suspicious look,

‘are you sure that you never brought any of your girls in here while we were away?’ The question didn’t meet Benny well, he got up angrily.

‘Are you crazy? How can you say that?’

‘Why shouldn’t I say so?’ Cole replied him in the same tone. ‘Everybody here knows that you’re so fond of girls and they can make you do anything

‘You’re a dog’ Benny cursed and brought out his gun angrily, he pointed it at Cole.

‘Hey guys!’ Aisha stepped in. ‘Don’t do this please’ she said, motioning Benny to drop his gun. ‘We don’t need to fight over this, let’s just take the Boss’s advice and be more careful’ Benny returned the gun into his pocket and stormed out of the house, leaving Cole and Aisha to stare at themselves silently. …

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to be continued