Tales From The Asylum – He Got Married On Our Weekend Vacation But It Wasn’t To Me


She thought she owned his heart until he stole her sanity

Her newly adopted bubbly nature was greatly inspired by the love they both shared and referring to her old gloomy personality, the fact was just undeniable.

Six (6) years down the line, they were still going harder and stronger than before. At this point, some members of both families and friends were aware of their relationship and everyone thought that they were both sorted for life…I mean who wouldn’t want his/her relationship to be the center of attention? they had it all figured out; at least that’s what we thought.

It all turned sour for Agyeiwaa one weekend at Aburi when Ricky took her on a surprise vacation. She imagined all the things they would be doing later that night as he had promised nothing beneath awesome. “Babe, what time do you get off work tonight?” he asked, “I’m already packed up for our vacation; you know, the traffic in Accra gets crazier on Fridays and we wouldn’t want to miss our private dinner for two at the hotel and…” she cuts in, “save your breath for my kisses later hun. Hahaha! I’m way ahead of you. Pick me up at 6pm at the security post opposite my office can’t wait to see you.”With that being said and all the “I love yous” exchanged, Agyeiwaa quickly rushed through her assignments at the office and made it in time for their trip.

Upon arrival at the hotel, they both took a shower together and made love while at it. According to her, it was the most intense sexual encounter they’ve ever had; Ricky took the time to explore her body giving her multiple orgasms. After dinner, they had “sex” for dessert and then drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms…felt like heaven on earth!

She woke up the next morning and Ricky was nowhere to be found. He had only left a note beside her which read “Didn’t want to wake you hun. I had a family emergency and had to rush back home. Will be back in a bit. I love you.” The content, though brief, had Agyeiwaa panicking. She reached out for her phone in attempt to call Ricky but to no avail. She tried calling the few friends and family she knew but none returned her calls.

Her sister and other cousins called in to share a rumor she had heard about her beau and a secret wedding. She brushed them all off with a laugh and called them cheap gossips. To her, Ricky was extremely faithful to what they had and would never jeopardize their happiness; besides they were on a vacation together.

At about 10pm, Ricky was back at the hotel and rendered an apology for keeping her waiting. She noticed the change in his demeanor but didn’t bother to quiz him as she wasn’t prepared to handle a full blown argument that night. He took a shower and went under sheets with her… again!

They packed out after breakfast the next morning and made way for the capital as Ricky had “another emergency” to attend to before noon. Upon arrival at her house, Agyeiwaa recalled the “cheap gossip” she had heard. She expected him to laugh it off with her but instead he confessed that he rushed to Accra the previous day because he had a wedding to attend…and who was the groom? Richard Nana Fredua Agyemang, Wow! She stood fixed in her spot as Ricky proved his claim with pictorial evidence. She asked amidst tears, “You drove me out of Accra for a getaway only because you didn’t want me to find out or disrupt your wedding? Ricky we’ve been together for seven long years and this is how you chose to repay me? What did I ever do to deserve this Nana? Tell me, what? I gave you my heart, my love, my body and time. I have never been with any other man but you. Where did I go wrong?” Ricky went down on one knee and apologized for wasting her time but it was all just useless. She picked up her bags and headed for her gate…Ricky just drove off.

In less than 24 hours, neighbors spotted her talking to herself on the streets blinded by tears; the next minute, she started stripping and yelling at an invisible figure. That is how she ended up at the Pantang mental hospital for years.

Agyeiwaa was discharged in 2009 but after nine (9) years, she can’t seem to get over what she calls the greatest misfortune of her life.