Suicidal Episode 6


In the late afternoon Doctor Josh Aboagye and a nurse came to attend to Julie.

She took her medication, and then the doctor assured her that the specialist had arrived but was making some rounds to check on some surgery cases, and would see her soon.

Julie dozed off, and when she came awake suddenly she found herself staring at a grim-faced man in the white tunic doctors wore.

He was sitting on a chair beside her bed, looking at her grimly.

And Julie’s heart gave a mighty kick with panic because she knew this man!

He was Doctor Twumasi Dei, a man who, six years ago, had sworn to kill her!

He was a tall slender man with thick grey hair and an aquiline nose. A pair of gold-rimmed glasses were perched on the bridge of his nose.

His eyes were sharp orbs of hatred that peered at her as he sat in the chair, relaxed and filled with sinister intentions.

Julie stared at the doctor with sheer terror.

She tried to prop herself up, but she found to her horror that she could not move. She tried to scream, but again she couldn’t even move her tongue! Her jaws were heavy and painful, as if a thousand tons of weight was pressing against them.

He smiled at her, and it was a very cruel smile indeed.

“I injected you with a special drug, Julie,” Doctor Dei said gently as he held up an empty hypodermic syringe. “It has paralyzed the rest of your limbs and rendered you incapable of speech, so you can’t scream. No one can save you. It is now just you and me. Now, look at this…”

He held up another syringe, and it was filled with a clear liquid.

“Do you know what this is, Julie?” he asked quietly, and smiled that smile of death again. “Ah, but you wouldn’t know, would you? This is Cokatis Atusalit, a special blend of medicine I manufactured myself. It is a lethal dose that will kill you within ten minutes, slowly and painfully tearing up your insides. The beauty of this drug is that it doesn’t show up in an autopsy, see. It will leave no trace at all, and so your death would be passed on as unexplained, perhaps because you were so stressed.”

Julie wanted to scream, she wanted to struggle…yes, she wanted to do a thousand things, but she could not move! She was helpless in the hands of Doctor Twumasi Dei, the father of Barima Kona Dei…

Julie had met Barima at the university, and they had had a three-year affair. She hadn’t really loved Barima, no. He had been a charismatic guy, a sort of iconic figure, the boy almost all the girls wanted to date.

Handsome, rich and articulate, he had been a sort of heartbreaker, dating several girls at the same time. The thrill to conquer him had propelled Julie forward, and conquer him she had.

Within a few months she had him eating out of her hands, and dotting on her, so much in love that he had been reformed enough to ditch all his other girls and stick only to Julie.

Although she had agreed to marry him, she had really not been that into him. He had invited her one vacation to his home to meet his father and his step-mother. His mother was long dead, and he was an only child. That was the first time Julie had met the distinguished and much-celebrated physician, Doctor Twumasi Dei.

The doctor had welcomed Julie warmly, and been happy that a woman as beautiful as her was going to marry his son.

Barima’s step-mother, however, had been a tad cold toward Julie.

It was after that weekend that she summoned the courage to end things with Barima. She didn’t want to hurt him too much, and she was sure that might have happened if she continued to let him live with the hope that she was the woman he was going to marry.

Julie’s interest in him had waned gradually until she got to a point where she wanted an excuse to dump him, but he had become so loving and so faithful that he hadn’t presented any excuse for her to leave.

In the end she had been forced to be brutal by telling him she really didn’t love him, and wanted to call it quits. He had screamed and wept and thrown a terrible tantrum, begging her to accept him back, but her mind had been made up.

She had hoped that he would settle down during the vacation, had fun during the Christmas, and be strong and able to move on again when the university re-opened.

But Barima Kona Dei had taken the easiest way out: he had committed suicide!

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It had almost killed Julie!

She had wept for several months, filled with unbearable guilt, wishing she had simply carried on with him. His father had been inconsolable, and he had prevented Julie from attending the funeral.

Later, in one horrible telephone conversation with Julie, Doctor Twumasi Dei had promised to kill her in revenge for losing his only son…

Julie had not taken it seriously.

She had rather empathised with him, convinced that his utterances had been the expression of pain by a grieving father!

That had been almost six years ago, and she had never heard of him…until now!

And here he was, sitting beside her, and planning to murder her!

Julie was in absolute terror now!

What was this horrible man doing in her ward? What did he plan to do to her?

Doctor Twumasi Dei leaned back and smiled laconically.

“Ah, you might be wondering what I’m doing here, Julie,” he said softly. “I’m the spinal cord specialist Josh Aboagye told you about. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know you are the wicked woman who killed my only son, my beloved Barima!”

At the mention of his son’s name, Doctor Twumasi Dei removed his glasses and covered his face with his hand, and he began to weep pathetically.

“Such a wonderful boy, my son!” he cried painfully. “His only sin was to love you, and you played with his heart, and broke it to smithereens! He was my reason for living, and after his death my only reason for living was to get you, and kill you! Now, look at how fate has brought you to me! I now have you absolutely in my grasp, Julie!”

He looked at Julie with absolute hatred now.

Julie found tears falling down the sides of her face as she stared helplessly at him. She tried to tell him how sorry she was, and how terrible life had been for her after Barima took his life, but she could not utter a word because of the horrible injection he had administered on her!

“I’ve waited a lifetime for a day like this, Julie,” he said in a voice that was now frozen with the depths of his hatred. “When Josh called me and told me about you, I was over the moon. You don’t deserve to live, Julie. I’m going to inject you with this deadly drug, and then sit back and enjoy your slow death.”

Terror gripped Julie as she lay helplessly watching this wicked man getting ready to murder her!

Doctor Twumasi Dei picked up the hypodermic syringe, and stared at Julie balefully.

“Josh told me you were suicidal, and wanted to die!” he said with a cruel smile as he swabbed a portion of Julie’s arm. “Well, your wish to die just collided with my wish to kill you…it seems both of us got what we wished for, Julie!”

As Julie watched, helpless and screaming inwardly, Dr. Twumasi Dei leaned forward and slowly pushed the needle into her arm, and then he slowly – with evil and murderous intents – depressed the plunger, pushing the deadly drug into Julie!

He sat back and carefully put all the syringes into the pocket of his white tunic.

“I’ve locked the ward, and shut all the windows, Julie,” he said softly. “We are alone here, no disturbances. I’ll just sit back in my seat and watch you till your heart breaks up and die!”

Julie wept bitterly!

She was so furious, so scared and so much in agony!

She couldn’t move or twitch, and only moaning sounds came from her throat as she felt an unbearable heat on her face, as if someone had poured blazing coals of fire on her face!

Julie tried to scream!

She was burning up! Dear Lord, she was dying!

Dr. Twumasi Dei sat in his seat and watched her with a reverential expression of pure bliss on his face.

He was enjoying the spectacle of Julie’s death!

As Julie burned up with the poisonous effect ravaging her body, she saw for the first time that there was another man in the room with them!

She had not seen or heard the door opening! There had been no movement whatsoever!

It seemed as if the stranger just appeared in the room!

To be continued