Suicidal Episode 2


Julie felt her panic rising by the stiffness of Akwasi Dapaah.

She stopped breathing for a split of time as the fear hammered through her heart, and the agony tore at her.

“Akwasi, how’re my parents?” Julie asked, her heart tearing apart. “Answer me, goddamned you! Answer me, please!”

“Madam, please, take it easy, please!” the elderly nurse said, her face troubled, but Julie slapped her hands aside and struggled into a sitting position as Akwasi turned slowly.

He just looked at Julie, and she saw his jaws working hard, and then she saw the tears slowly trickling down his cheeks.

“No!” Julie screamed, her heart almost jumping out of her chest into her mouth as the grief tore her to shreds. “No, no, no! They’re not dead! Don’t tell me they’re dead! Oh, God! Oh, no!”

“I’m sorry, Julie,” he said finally, his voice shattered. “They didn’t make it. The chauffeur is dead too. God saved only you, for a purpose, I guess!”

“F**k you, you bastard!” she screamed fiercely, totally out of control, her voice anguished. “F**k you, Akwasi, and your f**king stupid beliefs! Saved me for what purpose? Your God should have killed me instead and spared them, yes! I’m the sinner, and I’m the fornicator! I’m the one who doesn’t believe in the bloody existence of your God and His son Jesus Christ! My parents believed in all that crap, and have been Christians all their lives! So if there were lives worth saving for purposes, theirs should’ve been saved! I should be the dead one, you f**king stupid bastard!”

Julie bunched up on the bed and wept bitterly.

The elderly nurse walked up to Akwasi and looked at him with sad eyes.

“Don’t let her get to you, please,” she said gently. “She’s hurting. Please, go to her. I’m going to get a doctor.”She said and walked out quickly.

Akwasi Dapaah took a deep breath, and then he walked toward the beautiful wailing woman on the bed.

“I’m sorry, Julie!” he said, reaching out for her.

Julie looked at him with maddened eyes, and then quite suddenly she slapped him hard across the face with her left hand.

The sound of her hand meeting his face was a horrible one, gratingly violent and undeniably horrific.

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed. “Keep your filthy hands from me, you bastard!”

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For a very brief moment she saw the rage on his face, and the fire burning in his eyes, but it was gone quickly, and he took a step back from her, then he turned toward the door, his hunched shoulders suggesting of a rage he was trying to keep bottled up.

“Akwasi!” she called in her abject grief, and again he stopped and turned sideways toward her.

“Where’s Jake, please?”

“How would I know?” he asked in a tightly angry voice. “He’s your boyfriend. You should call him and ask him.”

She looked at him, her beautiful face shattered with the depths of her grief.

“But how did you know about the accident?” she groaned. “How did you hear, and got here so quickly?”

He smiled grimly.

“I was waiting at the resort,” he said slowly. “I heard the sound of the crash, and we rushed down. So I got there first, and called for an ambulance. We managed to get all of you out of the car before it exploded.”

“You were at the resort?” Julie asked with shock. “It was my birthday surprise to my parents. I invited only my friends! You were not invited!”

He looked at her angrily.

“Yeah, you didn’t invite me, but your father did,” he said softly. “He wanted me to be present too. I refused it, but he wouldn’t listen, and insisted I be there. So I had no option than to go over. I could never say no to your father.”

“My father knew? It was supposed to be a surprise. Anyway, what about Jake?” Julie asked numbly, her heart beating with pain. “Wasn’t he at the resort? He promised me he would be there early.”

“He wasn’t, didn’t see him,” Akwasi said calmly. “Look, don’t worry too much about your parents, okay? Both of them died on the spot, they didn’t suffer much. They’re good Christians too, so I know there’s a good place for their souls.”

“You’re happy, aren’t you?” Julie asked scathingly, her eyes blazing hatred at him. “Yes, you never wanted me to build the resort in the first place, you bastard! Are you happy now? You must be happy, yes, and must be feeling justified right at this moment!”

He raised his hand and pointed a stiff finger at her.

“You make me sick, Juliana Ohenewaa Dotse!” he said with unrestrained bitterness and anger now. “Even now, even at this horrible moment, you still think the world revolves around you! Grow up, Julie!”

The door opened behind him, and an elderly doctor with grey hair entered, and approached Julie quickly.

Akwasi turned away and walked out of the ward.

To be continued