Stigma episode 4


The next day, Natasha was at work when Francis called her to enquire if she was okay.

“Hello My Love, how is your day going ?” He asked,

” good and yours?” She asked,

“Mine is good too” he replied,

“My love, I’m thinking we should throw our engagement party tomorrow and let’s get married on the 4th day of next month” he added. Natasha who was surprised and excited agreed, she asked Francis to come pick her up at the close of work, so they could discuss and plan better

“See you soon baby and have a nice day, we will talk better when we met tonight” Francis said and ended the call.

Throughout that day at work, Natasha was overwhelmed with happiness that she forgot all about her decision to inform Francis about her dirty past life. She kept thinking of what to wear to their engagement party, she decided on ordering a new dress online. She also invited few of her close friends and colleagues for the party, they sounded so happy over the phone and surprised, they congratulated her.

“We will be there”They promised.
Natasha quickly informed her siblings and they were so happy that she would be getting married soon.

At the close of work, Francis came to pick Natasha from her place of work as they planned, Francis looked exhausted, he was busy all day making preparations for their upcoming engagement party, Natasha was so happy when she learned that Francis took care of all the arrangements for thier engagement party and that he even got her a beautiful green dress for thier party.

“oh my love, thank you, you are such a darling, you take good care of me more than I take care of myself, I love you”Natasha said excitedly 

The next day which was the day for the engagement party finally came, The engagement party took place in the finest and most classical hotel in the city. Francis and Natasha made sure to look thier best cause it was their engagement party after all. They danced for a while and had lots of fun while at their party and all their friends and family congratulated them and showered them with good wishes.

It was time to leave but Francis insisted they talk for a while so they took a walk around the beautiful hotel and Natasha decided to cease the opportunity to tell Francis about her dirty past.

“Have you imagine waking up next to me everyday?” Francis asked as they strolled,

“Yes I have, so many times” she replied,

“My Love, I can’t wait to hold you and to have you in my life everyday as my wife” he said further. Natasha was mute for a while and finally said

“Do you really want me in your life as your wife?, cause I don’t deserve you or to be your wife, There are things you don’t know about me and I’m scared…” Natasha said calmly

“what’s up baby, don’t be scared, being my wife doesn’t mean you won’t have your own space and time again, I know I’m not perfect but I promise, you will never regret marrying me” Francis who did not understand what Natasha was trying so hard to say, entered sharply, he didn’t give Natasha space to speak any further, He was too happy to notice that he had interrupted Natasha from revealing her reckless past life and secrets to him. Natasha became mute, few minutes later, They hugged and cuddled each other and They talked about alot of other things and finally they ended on the topic of love making. Francis tried to get her opinion on sex before marriage and she told him it was a sin and that she has been celibate for many years now.

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Francis was impressed with her and respected her the more, while Natasha panicked a bit but she didn’t let it show,

“I can’t wait to make love to you,
I have never been in a sexless relationship before, you have always turned me down whenever I requested for sex but because I love you and I don’t want us to defile our bed before marriage and I want to always make you happy, I guess you will do what will make me happy too, when we get married” Francis said laughing softly

“When we are officially married, we will make love everyday and every time to make up for all the times you turned me down” Natasha smiled nervously.

A month later, Francis and Natasha got married, As newly weds they flew to Dubai for their honeymoon. Their marriage was also beautiful as they were deeply in love with each other. Francis always spoiled her with expensive gifts and they always supported each other. Francis also treated Natasha’s siblings nicely and they love Francis as much as they love their eldest sister.

Natasha fell pregnant almost immediately, She resigned from her job as an accountant, before she agreed to resign from her job, her husband placed her on a monthly payment in form of salary, All through the pregnancy she was well taken care of by her loving husband Francis, her siblings and her in-laws and months later, she gave birth to a baby girl, Francis named their first child Nicole.

Francis was so happy to see and to hold his first child in his arms. Francis”s parents, The most trending, wealthiest aged couple in the country, Mr and Mrs Thompson were glad too that their only son had given them a grand daughter, they showered their son, their daughter Inlaw with expensive gifts and for baby Nicole, their grand daughter, they acquired properties and assets on her name.

To Be Continued