Stigma episode 10 Final


The letter For her husband reads:
” My Husband, please find it in your heart to forgive me, I’m about to face the consequence of my actions, I’m about to end everything, but please forgive me, I didn’t mean to hurt you or to deceive you, even before you came into my life, I regretted the reckless lifestyle I lived, because the stigma of my past kept haunting me, everywhere. please take care of our daughter and I’m sorry that our love story ended like this, I couldn’t live without you”

Natasha sat on her bed crying, she brought out a bottle containing sleeping pills, she counted 100 pills, she was about to swallow half of the pills in the bottle, when a familiar voice said , “Natasha please don’t do this”, she quickly wiped her tears, she didn’t hear when the person opened the door and walked right into the room, She was engulfed with sorrow.

The sight of the person inside her room almost gave her a heart attack, she didn’t know when she screamed “ Francis, My love, you are back!”. Francis got hold of Natasha’s note that she left on the reading table, he was crying bitterly and he wondered what would have happened if he didn’t return that day and at the right time, he quickly hugged Natasha so tight and wept like a child.

“What were you thinking, what would have happened to me or to our daughter if your suicide attempt was successful, you should have known that I will return to you because I love you so much” Francis said tearfully

The sight of Francis, standing in front of Natasha, brought unexplainable joy and relief to her, that she didn’t even know when she started crying. It’s been more than three month since Francis angrily left the house without telling her or anyone where he was going to. Natasha was mute as francis stood in front of her.

she had so many things to say to him but she didn’t know how to start, Francis and Natasha hugged each other and cried in each other’s shoulder till Francis got hold of himself and he then tried to console Natasha.

First he took a deep breath and said “I know you hide the truth not because you want to be deceptive but rather because you are scared of losing me, but you know i truly love you and nothing would have changed if you would have told me about your past, Everyone has a past they aren’t proud of, so this is yours and it’s so sad you choose to hide yours from me even when Ben threatened you, I was so hurt that’s why I left, but I never stopped loving you even for a second, I went for therapy so I can heal and then return home but I thank God that I returned when you needed me the most because I will have not forgiven myself if anything bad happened to you, I love you so much my wife and I’m so very proud of you”

To the degree that you can bear with someone’s fault and frailties is the depth of your love for them.
The capacity of love is not determined by feelings but by it’s ability to FORGIVE, FORGET and FORGE AHEAD in the face of every crisis and challenge.

True love will ALWAYS FIND A WAY to forgive hurts, overlook differences and forge ahead after every storm.
Love your spouse unconditionally. 

The End.

Story by Christabel Ogbogu-Nwoko

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