It started beautifully on the path of friendship because it was the song they wanted to sing,
The text they wanted to write, but as the little flattering words moved into your head through the ears.
Day in and day out she never had the courage to share his songs
She never had the courage to read his books
She never had the courage to print out his text
Mother Africa when will you taste your fruits
When will you give out the good things you have for your children,
People are dying in poverty.
But I know from my youth in the 1957 that our ancestors proclaimed independence
Why should we live in pains?
Why should we suffer?
Although I haven’t eaten, (but) I have a bitter taste already
When will I know the taste of honey through our study?
Always comparing myself to be an England
But what have I achieved, the unscrupulous treatment from my mirror, since the time and the writing era of Kobina Sekyi
When the lords of our lands will realize it
When will the dignitaries of our cultural realize it
They should advance our local culture which is the one I know.
They should advance our local culture which is the one the people know.
Because our beginning was the dust and so our ending should always be into the dust,
We are just save for the breath of life from the above.
But even when we are free in the night, the day will be a mess
Mother please we need to get a peaceful queen for our land, a Freda in our land and how wonderful it will be since we won’t be like that forever ,but we know…
Day in a day out as the world will go to an end, we will also move our chapter from sadness to happiness as the new world begins.

Written and Inspired by Asamoah Christiana Junior