Son Of The Orb Episode 1


Katarina drove as fast as she could, the eerie feelings
accompanied by the cold night was getting into her, she
great phobia for darkness, especially when she was
Her truck was d–n too slow, what do you expect from a
behind the clock inherited farm truck?
She was just returning from a bone-paining delivery trip,
delivered corns to three wholesellers in the city. Spencer
couldn’t go with her, he was a
bit under the weather. Spencer and katarina Ross were
farmers. They depend on the little income their inherited
farmland could fetch. She kept humming Michael
Jackson’s ”blame it on the
boogie” playing from her truck’s stereo.
A strong, wild wind weilded from the west, it was so
strong such that it threw her truck off the road. The truck
landed in a ditch, it was supported by the two right tires,
as avalanche of smoke find its way through the smoke
Katarina fought her way out of the truck, surprisingly, she
had no
scratch on her skin, that was somewhat a relieve, she
hate seeing blood! As if that wasn’t weird enough, she
saw an
oval shaped crystal just a
few metres from her foot.
The crystal enclosed a little baby who was crying,
perhaps for his dear life.
She made to run away, but a strange voice halted her.
Her eyes searched the area but no one was in sight.
”katarina” the voice called again, this time she got
”who the hell are you?”
the voice laughed hysterically. ”i have chosen you to
nurture my
child, Dashiell. He is the answer to all your questions, and
the saviour of humanity”
the voice sounded like the gush of many waters, it
reverbrated like
summer thunder.
”wh….who are you?
Katarina asked in a shaky voice.
”don’t let anyone, except spencer know about his
identity..” was the
reply she got. The oval crystal guarding the baby
transformed into a long scroll, she picked the scroll up,
she’ve never seen such
a write up in her whole life!
She couldn’t understand even a word. She rolled it back
and tucked it in her back pocket. She was so scared but
looking at the
helpless cute baby, who smiled at her as his cute eyes
glittered like a bright star in the night sky. Katherine
need not hear the voice again to know he was special,
while she starred at him, she
felt herself having this special connection with the baby.
She stood there smiling back at the baby for a while,
seemed normal about this kid.
But she really couldnt keep him, no one wants to leave
with a strangebaby.
She shut her eyes tightly and turned to leave when he
began to
cry like he was hurt. She just couldnt take it anymore she
rushed back to him. Taking him up in her arms and
those beautiful smiles of his returned like he has been
given just the kind of lolly he always wanted.
Katherine: smiling# the only thing that went right
today is you ethan!.