Son Of The Orb. Episode 6


His invisible wings materialised from behind. They were
silver colored, they made him invisible. Not even infrared
glasses could detect him.
He flown in the sky for a couple of minutes then
descended into a big cave.
The cave was guarded by an army of sesians and
possessed humans. The cave was popularly known as
Doza palace. It was made of sapphire and jasper. Its
inside was beyond human imagination it was very
beautiful and attractive. Its wall were glistening. Boreas’
wings disappeared. He became visible. He walked to a
big crystal throne were his boss, Doza was seated.
Doza: he was wearing a crown made of emperial steel.
The crown was golden it had ten stars on it. Where have
you been, boreas?
Boreas: he bent down in respect. Master! The sesian
gloomy scroll is in the human planet. I found it!
Doza: smile# where is it?
Boreas: i don’t have it my lord.
Doza: he tweaked his fingers. A deadly viper appeared.
Don’t return without the scroll. Go now!!! He yelled, the
viper bit boreas on his chin.
Boreas: he winced but quickly hid his pain. As your
lordship wish. He rose to his feet. He replied. His wings
appeared again, he took a flight out.
I jogged the flight of stairs and soon arrived my room. I
withdrew the scroll from my jean pocket with shaky
hands. I was scared my hands would glow again but no
such thing happened, much to my relieve. I drew open
the window curtains to read clearly what was written on
the scroll. The writtings weren’t clear just a bunch of old
hazy pen downs. Perhaps the room is too dark. I tip toed
to the living room. Dad was readimg news paper with his
back facing me. I chuckled silently. And continued tip
toeing. Just then i heard clanging sounds i frooze almost
immediately. My right leg was on the floor and the left
hanging in the air. I peeped the kitchen mum was
washing dishes. Soon i was outside the house. I sat on
father’s truck under a large sycamore tree.
Boreas: he leaned on a wall, closing his eyes he breath in
deeply. In a flash he transformed into a beautiful twenty-
one years old lady.
He looked at the sky, it was all blue. He focused harder
then heaved a sigh of relieve. He could see red sesian
rays transcending from the sky to the ground. He grinned
devilishly. And began tracing the cradle of the rays.
My hands glowed with green light, i wasn’t frightened this
time around. I really was determined to unravel the
mystery behind the glowing scroll.
Just then i heard a sweet feminine voice from behind.
Lady: hi smile#
me: hey! I’m Ethan.
Lady: name is phiona. I’m kinda new around here.
Me: yeah. You don’t look familiar. Did you just move in
or are you just a tourist?
Lady: smile# both…. whats that scroll in your hand? Can i
see it?