As I walked down the lonely street, the words of my late mother resonated in my head, i wanted to stay strong, i didn’t want to cry for it would have been a shame for anyone to see me cry, she had done her best to put me on the right path but I had dismissed her warnings and sayings with a shrug of the shoulder and several careless responses.She was old and rusty, what did she know about youth, about this present generation, why wouldn’t she let me free, i was fifteen, did she think i was stupid, i knew exactly what i was doing, she was going to come to me when i achieved what i wanted, i was special, i was different, the girls in the town couldn’t compare themselves to me, who else could be like me, none.  Here I was today, a homeless pregnant sixteen year old, I had fallen in love with a fake gentleman, he had told me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and I had believed him for I was vain. I had foolishly abandoned my mother on her sick bed in pursuit of money, sex and drugs. I thought I was smart, why else would an older rich good looking man want me, apparently I was dumber than I thought for in his hands, I was just a play toy. Where is he now? Heck if I know.